General Guidelines

We were hoping it wouldn't come to this, but thanks to the abuse of the site... we had to write this up.

1. Do not insult or harass our members, doing so will get you warned and possibly banned.

2. You are always welcome to your own opinion however if you are posting your opinion on a article please refain from being rude or unfriendly. Comments should be kept as friendly, helpful, and constructive as possible.

3. Feel free to post articles regarding haunted, strange, or interesting attractions, however, refain from posting ads for your services in our listings, members can create an account and post their info in their profiles or we also have a forum with specific areas made for such things.

4. Matrix and Hapyangel (Owners/Creators of Strangeusa), reserve the right to disallow access to our site for whatever reasons we see fit.

5. If we believe you have been spamming/abusing or ignoring any of these guidelines we will take action by banning you from our site. By IP address, username, email and whatever else we may consider needed.

6. In general, be considerate... If you aren't, you will be banned.

7. You are responsible for your own choices in life, if you are offended by anything here, it is your own fault. YOU chose to come here, YOU clicked the links, no one made you do anything. If you do something, it is your own fault and you agree that the site owners are not responsible in any way shape or form, directly or indirectly.

8. By using our site, you agree that you are over 18 years of age, or that your parent or guardian has reviewed this site in its entirety, and checks it everytime before you access it AND has given you written permission to use this site.

9. This will be updated, and you agree to follow the rules. You further agree to follow by any rules or guidelines thought up by the site owners.

By using this site, you agree to our terms and guidelines.    Copyright 1901 to 2112 all rights, some lefts and 1 up reserved. Occasionally a down too.  If you can read this, your vision is fine.
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