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Last updated: 7/26/2017 8:00:17 AM

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Charlotte, NC - USA
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Comment: Cowboy up and be a man...
Music: Dave Matthews, old school metallica, Pantrea,Tater,Bone thuggs,2pac,damn to many to say...I`ll get back to ya on this one..
Hobbies: Hiking, campipng, exploring anything that looks hard to get to..(gets me into trouble a lot, but great fun) bikes and fast cars as well.. i guess you could say I try to live one adventure at a time.
Career: I work for a inernational Advertising firm... Basiclly if you`ve heard of the place they send me there... I love it!!
Goal In Life: To leave something behind worth talking about...
Entertainment: Isn`t that why they made TV/Computers? books???
So many it`s not even funny..
Simpsons other than that I dont have a lot of time...I try to catch it when I can.Family guy is kind of growing on me as well..

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bobjoebilly1996 on 4/24/2008 we have so much in common! i love all that music!!!!!!! Also linkin park, three days grace ect.
MorganRhoads on 3/24/2011 I'm new just exploring the site - Mister Fuzzy Head Keep it Fuzzy Keep it Real -

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Posted in: Teeters Bridge in Mount Pleasant, Nc
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Phoebe Barbie .... What a horrible name...

Posted in: Brown Mountain Lights in Morganton, NC
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Posted in: Brown Mountain Lights in Morganton, NC
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It's pretty cool... It's worth seeing... And there is some pretty gppd camping out there...

Posted in: Bear Creek Church in Columbia, TN
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Motion detecors...In that place/? I've been there a few times... Nothing ever really happened... I parked @ the nieghbors house to the south... Not a really big deal and I spoke with him briefly. He said" People come out all the time..." He thought it was kind of funny... He said he's never seen anything too interesting there and his kids some times play in the front of it... As for the owner it's not owned by a church anymore.. It's owned by the farm house down on the right... REALLY GUYS MOTION DETECORS....!!!! Come on ..... I wish I could say this place was that cool.... 

Posted in: 19th Avenue & Northern in Phoenix, Az
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Just me or did the original posting seem almost ghost storyisc... Very poetic... I'm always a little leary of stories that seem wordy...


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