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U.S Grant Hotel
326 Broadway
San Diego, Ca 92101

County: San Diego County
GPS: 32.7160680, -117.1615330
WebSite: None

This hotel was built in 1910, and apparently a man walks the hallways of the hotel, and at times goes into the rooms and makes noises.

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I Stayed at this hotel with my girlfriend a month ago. Absolutely gorgeous hotel. I loved staying here. I have researched this hotel a good bit and this is the first I have heard about any kind of paranormal activity there. I didn't experience anything strange during my stay other than drunken wedding goers yelling in the halls in the middle of the night.I'll be staying here again. Maybe there will be some strange happenings next time.

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Several years ago, my husband, two children and I stayed at the Grant Hotel.  My children and I enjoyed roaming the halls of this hotel, and DEFINITELY felt that we were not alone.  Because my husband is, or should I say was, a great skeptic, when it comes to the paranormal, my children and I did not mention what we experienced on our walks through the hotel.  After my children and I left, and my husband stayed for another two nights, for business, he found out what we already knew about the hotel.  You must understand that my husband, who travels quite often, is very careful to be sure that hotel room doors are securely closed and locked at night.  On the last night he was there, he was awakened by a loud "BANG" coming from the sitting room.  Upon awakening, he noticed light, also coming from that area.  He knew that he had turned all the lights off, so he got up to investigate.  When he entered the sitting room, he found the door leading to the hallway to be open, with the "bar lock" placed between the door and the frame.  For the rest of the night, my husband felt that he was not alone in the room.  He could not get out of the room fast enough in the morning and has told us that he will NEVER return to that hotel.  For the record, my children and I would go back in a heartbeat.




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