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Belle Fourche, SD 57717

County: Butte County
GPS: 44.8993105, -103.7175220


Minnesela was once the county seat of Butte County. It was founded in 1881, and is located three miles from Belle Fourche with which it has a closely entwined history. Minnesela was once a thriving town, until Seth Bullock decided to create the town of Belle Fourche in competition. To this end Bullock offered residents of Minnesela free land in Belle Fourche, resulting in its rapid growth. Further, Minnesela was originally on the proposed route of the Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Valley Railroad, but by offering free land for the line, Bullock ensured it went through Belle Fourche instead, further contributing to the decline of Minnesela. Eventually, Belle Fourche won the election for the county seat after importing citizens from Minnesela, and deprived of any further reason for existing, Minnesela became a ghost town. Now Minnesela has one building still standing.

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