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seven churches
hardup drive
albany, ga 31701

County: Dougherty County
GPS: 31.4725050, -84.2108330

It's all just like churches out in the middle of nowhere I've been out there about five times and every time i go out there i get this strange feeling that something bad is going to happen.  Its a long dirt road, originally w/ 7 churches but you only see 4. People have sited a little girl in a white dress walking down the road and many different ghosts. There have been many sites of pure evil spirits. I have never seen any police out there but it is clearly posted no trespassing.

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Submitted by: garrettrobertson67

Last updated on : 1/11/2010

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i went out there and got scared AND GOT THE HELL OUTTA DODGE.......

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i went out there last night and i was so scared i didnt see nothing but i got this stranger feeling that something was going to happen...and my chest it started to feel really heavy i got the hell on never again

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ive originally never been to the seven chruches but i want to go even though i'll cry, lolxx. but it would be really cool to go out there and see all of the demon spirits i would be yelling I REBUKE THE DEVIL IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I PLEAD HIS BLOOD OVER THIS WHOLE ROAD! lolxx...but man i wanna go i started to cry just from reading the passage thats how scary it sounds and i really wanna go, escpecially around halloween, i want to see the little girl but she dont need to ask me where her mother is because shidd ion know, lolxx.

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i rellly am scared 2 go i have heard all kind of stuff about it

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ya i heard about that place been there dun that do it agin if i could for those of you that are scared you are lame lol the little girl just wonts three im 13 and im not scared of it

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Last Seen: 11/1/2012 7:18:16 AM  

Just some info for everyone. I investigated this area back in 2006. Not sure how much it has changed since. The first church on the left was still in operation and appeared to have a black congregation. The second church on the left was in poor condition. It was 2 buildings connected by a long hallway w/ a cemetery in back and an outdoor baptismal area to the right. Back then, the sign for this church still existed. While we were investigating it was destroyed. I will never forget what it read:

Weldon Springs Missionary Baptist Church - Founded 1867 by Reverend C.T. James

The oldest section of the church is closest to the concrete baptismal, while the newer chapel section, w/ bright red carpet, was constucted sometime in the mid-1970's.

Just a little known fact: if you take the first dirt road to the right there will be a Civil War era cemetery in the woods on the left. Hard to find at night, so you must scout it out during the day. If you continue down this road, it will lead to a clearing where you will see fields and a giant windmill. Continue on and you will come to a Governor's Mansion. Happy exploring, ya'll!


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Hey if any one knows any history about this place, will you please email me at shadowgamer109@gmail.com. I am looking to resolve the mystery of this place. I want facts not myths and legends. I want to finish this story. I'm going to get all the facts first: who started the churches, why it burnt down, why the police are all over this place. Then I will make my trip out. I will decide if this is real or fake. My thoughts are leaning towards the fake side. I will pick up the bible, read it, examine it, and finally carry it out the door. I will return it after 20 feet out the door. I will "look" for this little girl In white an I will talk to her. I will touch her, and I will return her home as most likely she is a little girl from around the neighborhood. I will set this story straight once and for all.Also, if you live in the neighborhood please email me. I want to get an account from you about the history and the facts.

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I have been out there several times, but I only ever find the first church. Where are the rest of the churches and how do I get there? Be as detailed as possible




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