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Boulder Dam Hotel
1305 Arizona Street
boulder city, Nv 89005

County: Clark County
GPS: 35.9776669, -114.8365680
WebSite: None


Many reports have been filed, claiming that everything from noises to apparitions fill the historic site which is now a full service hotel, restaurant, and historic files office.

The most famous of these apparitions are:
-A former owner
-A child
-An older woman
-An old security gaurd
-3 criminals
-A creature in the basement

On the National Register of Historic Places-

Historic Significance:  Event  
Period of Significance:  1925-1949 
Owner:  Private 
Historic Function:  Domestic 
Historic Sub-function:  Hotel 
Current Function:  Domestic 
Current Sub-function:  Hotel 

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mystic mambo

Last Seen: 9/9/2008 6:55:51 AM  
The hotel is located on Arizona Street. A former owner is supposed to be the resident ghost here.

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Last Seen: 2/27/2016 11:29:58 AM  
Thanks, I was able to track down the actual street address.

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Online Now!  
I went there in March of `06 for the sole purpose of asking staff about any experiences. The one person who would share with me was a wonderful, polite elderly woman ( I think her name was Ruth?) who works in the Boulder Dam Museum in the back of the building. She told me of a couple who had stayed in the hotel and encountered phenomena. She said that the couple had just checked into the room and were admiring the charm of the place when a box of tissues `flew` off of a table. The woman also told me about one of the employees who had an experience in the projection room of the museum. Apparently, she saw an apparition of a shadowy man. Given that I had arrived at the museum close to closing time and couldn`t see everything, she kindly gave me a free credit for next time I visit. maybe She`ll have more stories for me, which I will post here in the future. Also, if anyone decides to check out this hotel, have a drink or two in the bar located in the basement. Supposedly this has been a place of activity. The restraunt directly above called Mateo`s has been an area of activity as well. Not only that but they have EXCELLENT Italian food, so if you don`t experience anything, at least you`ll have a great meal. During the warmer months (hell, which month ISN`T warm out here) they host a jazz-under-the-stars type thing out on the veranda. This place is just an all around interesting and cool place to visit. @Just a warning to those who come here to Vegas and decide to venture the 20 or so minutes to Boulder City: There is absolutely NO gambling allowed there! That means if you`ve brought any jackpot hound friends, leave them on the Strip!

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Online Now!  
I posted an account about a year ago about the hotel and museum. Although nothing strange happened while I was there, I was lucky enough to hear a couple stories. Now, here is my story. My husband and I recently stayed there on Feb. 10th 2007 in room number 217 which is one of only 2 suites. Unfortunately, nothing out of the ordinary (as far as noises, apparitions and what not) happened which I surmised to be of two reasons: I slept with a sage stick next to me all night (Quick! everyone in unison now:"Wuss"!!) and the fact that I didn`t "ask" aloud for any spirit contact which I normally do.(please read my account of my stay at Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff AZ when I did ask for activity and got it). I think the reason why I was so hesitant was due to the fact that I was genuinely afraid. There is just something that makes me feel uneasy about this hotel. Unlike Monte Vista, there is a feeling in this hotel that the spirits there may be malevolent, so I was wary of asking for activity, no matter how humble my intentions were. There is one strange thing that happened. I brought along my `ole trusty Canon AE to shoot some pictures. And again you can call me a Wuss because I was afraid to bring my digital voice recorder! So anyhow, I had 7 shots left on the camera before bringing it to the hotel, and used the remainder mostly shooting the rooms in the suite and the back courtyard. We developed the film the very next day. The creepy and unnerving part? EVERY SINGLE PICTURE UP UNTIL THE SHOTS AT THE HOTEL WERE ABSOLUTELY FINE. I don`t know if this was simple coincidence, camera malfunction...Who knows. Also, the battery for the meter was significantly drained. I suppose one day I will go back and stay (once I gather enough courage!) bring along 2 cameras instead of one, and the digital voice recorder. Oh, and I`ll leave that damn sage stick at home.

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My ghost team has done an investigation at htis location. We collected 5 evps, and about 10 ghost pictures.

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Online Now!  
king sasquatch and I are on a ghost team together. and when we stayed there for a couple night we caught some great evidence such as: EVP`s and pictures. its a really great place to check out if u ever go to the town.

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Last Seen: 10/2/2010 9:54:45 AM  
"Period of Significance: 1925-1949" I thought the hotel wasnt completley built until 1933???? The hotel was originally built with 32 rooms. It wasn't always a hotel. During World War II it housed military, government officiials to the point that the dining room was used for sleeping quarters. also for a short time it was a rest home for the elderly. It was really run down and after a few owners was actually shut down a couple of times. But in 1993 it was purchased privetly by Boulder City residents and restored to have only 22 rooms and back to being used as a hotel

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I work at this hotel and noting really goes on the noise that people hear is the building settling or other people talking the walls here are paper then and you could seriously hear a pen drop. This place is just old making people think that it is haunted but I sure you other then the building settling or the hotel guess talking nothing is different or ghostly about it. It is creepy thou I wont lie but most old places are right  

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I had just moved into town and was looking for Ace Hardware. I walked passed the hotel and decided to ask someone inside for directions. There was a young lady sweeping the lobby and no one else around. I had asked her for directions and she gave me the location with a glowing smile.Her voice was sweet and soft. And her eyes were extremely dark. I had felt something eerie when I left and went in the next day to see if she was working. I asked the person at the front desk if there were any "janitors" or staff that were in their mid 30's with blonde hair. They told me they do not recall anyone I described. This was about 6 years ago.




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