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Gates of Hell
Elizabethtown, Ky 42701

County: Hardin County
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The "Gates of Hell" is the nickname of a cemetery at the end of St. John Road. It has been rumored over the years to be haunted.

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:04:18 PM  
I have been to this cemetery many times over the years...I dont beleave it is haunted by anything more then sightseeres and teens looking for a thrill.Ive have gone as far as camping out in the woods at the back of the cemetary.Ive never encounterd anything out of the ordnary.This cemetery is old some of the graves date back before the civil war...the name of it is "Hellgate Cemetary" the gate witch was a wraught iron gate was removed in the early 80s. Many of the headstones have been broken by vandels over the years and it is poorly maintaind so it could be a creepy place...but not haunted at least in my opinion.

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the gates were not removed until the late 90's.  I am a resident of Etown and we use to go down there numorous times.

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NOTICE TO EVERYONE: This is private property and anyone caught trespassing, vandilising or parking at this site or surrounding property will be subject to arrest. Law enforcement patrols this area often. Beware.

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f uck off and get over it. generally vandalizing is spelled with a z if u live in the states.

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the person that said that you will get arrested if you are by the cemetery is not telling the truth because the cemetery is owned by someone but they dont care if you look and they cant sayu you cant because it is public

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 4064     7/2/2007 5:03:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I`ve been to the "Gates of Hell" a few times. Each time its different. The first time nothing happened. The second we had a few experiences with whispers and have a few pics of what seems to be a "spirit". The third time we were chased out of there by a few rednecks. If you ask me, Id say something is there. Its either ghosts or by the look on those rednecks faces they have one hell of a marijuana farm growing back there. One thing is for sure, whatever is out there the locals do not want you to find it, notice all the signs posted "No trespassing".


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yes i have been there actualy was there last nigh 10/10/07. i live on St Johns and yes i do beleive its haunted if your quiet u can hear voices and extreme movement it freaked me out when i heard movement and stuff sounding like 2 people havinf a conversation. please come to the "Gate Of Hell" soon.You will hear what im talking about.

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well who owns the property now?? i would like to visit. but want to do it legaly.

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I run the Kentucky Chapter Of the Ghost Research Society from Bardstown. Would like to know more about this cemetery for further Investigation. check out the website www.ghostresearch.org

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I was there last night march 2 2008... nottin rly happen... we walked like few yards but I didn't see notting or heard notting,,, but the whole place was scary... who whould live in a place like dat?

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Last Seen: 3/4/2008 9:47:10 AM  
last weekend me and a couple other friends visited the gates for the first time.  when we arrived we were all excited  and pumped to see what exactly would go on while we were there because of many of the stories we have heard.  we entered the graveyard and went about 20 yards when we started to hear rustling in a single area close to us. the weird thing was there were no vehicles around and no one followed us in, also the wind was not blowing at all either... spooked by this we quickly walked back to my car to rethink everything and after doing so we decided to go back in. once we came back in it started in the same area, then right behind us we heard a conversation of two men talking for us to turn around and see nothing. we decided to keep going on for the rustling only to follow our every movement.

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im going here tonight. 3/24/08 im taking an Ouija Board with me. i hope to get some connection with a spirit just for experimental purposes.

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I have been here twice. Once several months ago, and last night. The first time we went, we were all a little spooked just because it's so far out and there's not a damn thing around. But last night something was very unsettling about it. The first time we managed to get out of the car and hang out for a good while. But last night we all felt like we shouldnt even get out of the car. I dont know what the difference was, but something kept us ALL inside. Maybe it was the fact that after driving 20 miles or whatever down St Johns road, you manage to invent these "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" like stories about creeps coming after you or maybe cause there was something there. Either way, it's fun for a good thrill and a huge dent in your gas tank.. but I dont believe it to be truly haunted.

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Last Seen: 4/21/2008 11:34:29 AM  
Ok so honestly i know the owners of this place! and no its not called "hellgate cemetary" Im not sure how to spell it but its something like "The cridicate (sp) Family Cemetary" You can go on its supposed to be private but they allow anyone on it! if it was private i would be in jail now! am i no! and yes things really do happen there i have the owners telling me stories of this place! 2 Miles behind the cemetary is a vault which holds a witch! Dont believe? fine you dont have to! Yes strange things happen but if your not scared to should check it out! And if there were cops around it all the time who would actually drive about 4-5 miles down a rough and LITTLE street to check it out every hour? NO ONE in their right mind! if you are plannin on going take more then 1 car! Strange things that cant be explained happen to cars alot! 

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 45810 ReplyTo# 12086     12/20/2009 6:27:00 AM     Edit          

I am writing a book about haunted places in KY and would love to interview you for my book since you know about the Gates of Hell. My name is Patti Starr and you can reach me at 859-576-5517

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Last Seen: 4/21/2008 11:34:29 AM  
and to add to my last comment! The last time i went i felt like we shouldnt be there i have never had that feeling and ive been there like 5 times! But it smelled like something was rotting and they say if you smell something like that you should get out of there as soon as you can! I had the worst feelin so we decided to leave! And ever since then ive had a bad feeling about going back! Stranger things have been happenin more then usually so idk what it is it just feels as if something new has entered the cemetary and doesnt want anything or anyone new in it!

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I've been to the gates of hell alot of times the last time I went I went with my friends, and they were so scared dont go there drunk, or things will mess with ur head, also the only ghost that are there are the ones wanting to rest in peace but can't so let it be,the dead need rest

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 12505     5/3/2008 11:11:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

yeah, it's true... the gates of hell is just a big story. Everyone goes at some point during high school, and either gets messed with by people, or messes with people. it's way out where theres no cell phone reception, and no one talks about the times they go and nothing happens because they want to freak their friends out. 10 out 10 on the phony scale. -hollywood.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 12821     5/10/2008 10:35:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

My Brother and I went out to the Gates of Hell Cemetery last year in July. I believe that there is something out there for sure. I caught many photo's of orbs, there was a white mist that appeared in front of my brother and I. It was about 4 feet high and about 2 feet in wide. It stayed there for about two minutes then it disappeared.

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My Brother and I went out to the Gates of Hell Cemetery last year in July. I believe that there is something out there for sure. I caught many photo's of orbs, there was a white mist that appeared in front of my brother and I. It was about 4 feet high and about 2 feet in wide. It stayed there for about two minutes then it disappeared. One other strange thing that happened is when we got back into the car right in front of the car was two dogs as we drove off I looked back and the dogs turned and walked back into the cemetery.

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this cemetery is called Kasey cemetery A.k.a. gates of hell me and two friends went there last night on 5/11/08 i had the experience of a lifetime on that road. i didn't find anything unusual at the cemetery but what i seen on the road i would give a lot to have caught it on film. this was the first apperition i have ever seen. and i have never been more scared in my life and i didn't think anything could scare me like that. i was on the dotted lined road before you get to the skinny dirt/gravel road on st.johns. something just appeared n the middle of the road and ran really fast to the side like it was trying to get ou of the road for us. it looked like one giant orb that come together to make the bottom half of a person. and you could see a pair of legs run off the road and then disappear. for all you amature ghost hunters like me, think twice before you go to the next spooky place hunting something you might not want to see. i thought i would be so excited to see a spirit but i was so scared, it's like i wanted to scream but couldn't and my eyes immediately teared up. i probably sound like a wuss but if you've seen anything like that for the first time you'll know what i mean.

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I went out there tonight, 5/12/08. I was actually lost because I missed my road and ended up there by mistake. When I saw the cemetery it was 12:19 am and I thought I would just turn around and look for my road on the way back. While I was turning around it sounded Like something ran into the drivers side of my car. I looked out the window to see if an animal had hit me and there was nothing there. I was so freaked out that I still can't sleep.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 14264     6/20/2008 11:43:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Yeah i went to hells gate cemetary and i believe it is haunted. When we went i brought a fully charged camera and we were taking pictures and when we saw a little boy with scratches all over him we tried to take a picture and the camera emediatly turned off and it freaked us out so bad we left and when we left the camera turned back on and a car followed us

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i went out there with some friends a few years back. as we were driving out there all of our cell phones shut off and the radio in the car stopped working. it wasn't a lack of reception, they just turned off. we were going down the dirt road on the way out there and a tree had fallen into the road so we didn't make it all the way out but as we backed down the road (couldn't turn the car around on the narrow road) the windows fogged up while the inside of the car was cold.

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I am the author of this article. sometimes wierd stuff is repoted, some people experience nothing. I have done both. As for the guy threatening leagal action, i dont think you are the owner. The owner has always let some people back there, if it is you, put up a gate, i will come help. I also am disgusted by the vandals, i witnessed some of the destruction back in 1982. anyone wishing to chat more about this crazy place, e maul me at jrc3ky@hotmail.com

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Last Seen: 9/20/2008 5:29:56 AM  
this article was grabbed by this website from, Haunted Kentucky. That is ok. I dont mind. There is more..... Bethlehem Academy down the road from Helm Cemetery (Gates of Hell) also very wired. I don't say haunted, no one really knows what that means, its just paranormal. lol
write me

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Just wondering why relatives of the deceased buried in 'Gates of Hell' should have to ask permission from some guy that just bought the property to go visit there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 15409     7/15/2008 12:54:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

There seems to be lots of speculation about the ownership, rights and privacy issues. I am hoping professionals will investigate thoroughly before this very strange place is completely forbidden. I will be looking into the details as now I am curious myself about ownership and trespassing. I do know that I myself will assist in way upon knowledge of any desecration, vandalism or anything that would violate the rights of the owners of Helm Family Cemetery or the surrounding land owners. JRC3ky

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Last year around Halloween, me and two of my girlfriends decided that since it was too late to go to a haunted house, that we'd go to the Gates of Hell because we wanted to be freaked out I guess. Well,... we got more freaked out than we actually wanted to I guess. On the way out there, a car followed us, so we got spooked and turned in a driveway. The car, which turned out to be a truck, passed us and went toward the skinny road to the cemetary. We waited a few minutes and decided to go anyways. We kept saying that if there were girls there, then we'd stay, but if it was just guys, then we would leave. The truck was there when we pulled up and it was two guys and two girls who were around our ages.. so we stayed. They got out of their truck with flashlights and asked us if we wanted to walk out into the cemetary with them. My friend Jess and I were a little scared to get out, but our friend Raeanne jumped out before we could protest. You could tell that everyone was scared and a little freaked out. Everything was really quiet and I had this really un easy feeling in my stomach. I got chills on the back of my neck,but I think it was just from the hype about the place being really haunted. My cell phone rang and everyone screamed!! It was really funny, but after that I decided to go back to the car. When Jess and I went back to the car, we both got the urge to run and it felt like someone was chasing both of us. Rae stayed in the cemetary with the other group. We rolled up the windows and locked the doors. We just had a really bad feeling, both of us did. When we turned on the headlights, my friend said it looked like someone ran through the lights in the graveyard, but everyone else was farther back. When everybody was ready to leave, we tried to start my cousins car, and by the way, its a brand new honda civic with nothing wrong with it,.. the car wouldn't start at all. all the lights in the dash started doing some really weird things. They looked like they were going sideways and flickering. FREAKED US OUT!!! Thank goodness those other people where there to give us a jump!!! If they weren't, we would have had to walk out in the graveyard to get a signal on the cell phone!!! Anyways, after that, I don't think I can ever bring myself to go back!!! Same thing with Bethleham Academy.. my friend used to rent this little apartment right behind it and we had to sit out front on that big platform and wait for a ride one night, and we both got really freaked out!! Does anybody know about any other haunted places around hardin county?? If so, email me at starduststacy101@aol.com

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Kacey cemetery is said to be haunted, my name is Mat im the founder of KIPS, A paranormal group, i have been there many times, the most recent was with Afterdark investigators, another paranormal group, we have had orbs, voices and pics that are unexplainable. I wouldnt go alone, there is something very paranormal there. If anybody has any questions or need help with the paranormal please email at kipshere4u@yahoo.com

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I've been there once. It was during the day though and it seemed like it took hours to get there but minutes on the way back. As we were heading towards the road leading to the cemetary a cop was pulling out of it. So we pulled into a drive way and waited for him to pass and go out of site. Then we headed down the road and parked in front of the cemetary. We could tell by the trash and black gravel from where they had a fire going that people had been there recently. Let me give you an acurate description of the place. See I had always heard that a cult was using the graveyard for their rituals and sacrifices. I thought it was BS, I mean if so many people know about this place than why would anyone risk doing that stuff there? As you get to the cemetary and park your car you will see a good acre of grown up grass with the tops of the headstones peeking out, the ones people havn't tuned over or broken, and ther will be a path straight up the middle and it ends at three large trees, wich I think play a big role in the history of the cemetary. The land is squared off and the left side goes downhill a bit, but the path doesn't realy end at the trees. On the other side of the three trees is about 30 more feet of graveyard with a few headstones and then the tree line starts that surrounds the cemetary. The path does stop in the middle of the trees but unlike my friends that were with me I noticed that it starts again a few feet behind the line of trees and dissapears into the woods. We would have gone on but the no trespassing signs on the trees stoped us and we didn'nt know if that cop was coming back. But we could tell people had went on because of trash left by people who don't care. We had two video cameras and a digital camera and we started to walk around. It wasn't long before I got this feeling of dread, of utter lonliness. As we walked towards the three trees the feeling got worse, and as I stood in the middle of the trees I heard a faint yell of a woman coming from the the path that goes into the woods. Then my imagination started running wild. I pictured sacrifices of animals even people, and then I get this image in my head that these three trees were used to hang people and they just burried them here because it was close. Some of the stones had unknown written on them and some didn't have anything written at all. Some had beautiful carvings in them, one had the all seeing eye. A few times I could hear a conversation going on out in the woods but I just shruged it off because it was easy to think that the voices were ghosts but to tell a secrete that not many people know, on the right side of the cemetary down through the woods there is a valley and there is houses on the other side of the valley and hills so the voices could be echoing of the hills from those houses. Other than that nothing exciting happened. I guess I will have to go there at night to see anything. (Off subject) I don't know if any body else does this but I can sense when something elctric is on like a tv. I can walk into a house and a tv in the farthest room upstairs can be on and muted, and I can tell you that it is on. If you want to talk about the place e-mail me at stuntsgalore@yahoo.com

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Another story, one night me and two buddies decide to go into this abandoned school that was our old elementary school and I had always wanted to know what was down that stair case or behind that door. So I found out. I went down the stair case, and saw where they keep the water heaters and all of the other mechanical stuff they used to run the school. We were just about to go back up the stairs when as I was turning the flash light I see this huge wooden door. It was weird cause it was like something you see in a dungeon. It even had that metal latch that you slide to lock or unlock. We opened the door and at first it was silent but as we opened it further it creeked. We shined our flash lights into the doorway and all we saw was a concrete room with no windows and a single chair sitting in the middle of the room. Yeah I know spooky huh?! Well it got worst as we walk into the room I got this deep lonly feeling. I mean deep feeling. Even though my friends were practicly atached to me, I felt more alone than I have ever felt, kinda like last man on earth lonly. I was about to sugest we get out of the there when the door creeked. I didn't have to say anything cause we where already back upstairs before we knew it. Then we started hearing things, not from downstairs but from on the floor we were on and the second floor, like walking and water fountains running and the sound chalk makes when a teacher is writing on the black board. Yeah we high tailed it out of there, would love to go back but not by myself and can't get them to go back. If you want to know more about this school and other abandoned schools here in and around hardin county e-mail me at stuntsgalore@yahoo.com

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Last Seen: 9/20/2008 5:29:56 AM  

I have just spoke with family member of the Kasey family. I have permission to go there from the family and from the owner of the surrounding lands. I have been informed that ANY visitors past dark will be prosecuted for trespassing. Any one caught littering, vandelizing or trespassing will be prosecuted. They are watching. A gate is being put up to keep non-family out of the cemetary. if you are a researcher and interested in this place please contact me, jrc3ky@hotmail.com do not attempt to go out there by yourself, please. Thank you all.



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Last Seen: 9/20/2008 5:29:56 AM  
P.S. I have daytime photos of Kaset Cemetary.

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yea i know a family member also and he said on the weekends other family mebers take turns watching over it more so around halloween and they do have guns

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Last Seen: 9/20/2008 5:29:56 AM  

Yes!!!! Do Not Go Out Here without permission.


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Last Seen: 9/20/2008 5:29:56 AM  
Gates of Hell - 04 Pictures, Images and Photos

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I have never been ghost hunting. I had no idea cemetaries closed! Can anyone tell me how to get permission to visit (and take pictures of course!)? Any information regarding that would be greatly appreciated. My email is Dobby82@yahoo.com. Thank you

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Last Seen: 9/19/2008 5:24:22 PM  

to let everyone know gates of hell is owned by the city of brandenburg.  the grave yard is public property and you are allowed to go on the property.  i am with the louisville paranormal legion.   all you have to do is call the brandenburg historical society and they will give you permission.  the reason its not tookin care of is because they have the prisoners come out twice a year to do some work there!  if anyone tells you that you cant go back there there full of crap.   yes dont go alone always with a group and take protection back there.  the land around the property is private aslong as you stay on the road or stay in the fenced in area of the grave yard. 

any questions name is mike 8219540


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The stories say witches got hung out there, as did blacks. The stories also say not to park over a grave because your battery will die. Go alone, it's creepy, but nothing happens there. I go there at least twice a month to freak out my friends who haven't been there. For the longest time it was over grown and the road leading back to it would bottom your car out, but now it's freshly mowed and the road has been paved. I don't know who owns it, but they don't care if you're back there. It's not haunted, take it from someone who's there about every other weekend. It's just a peaceful place to hang out and half the time make new friends with other night owls that have the idea to be there. wanna hang out there ? name's mandy. email me. got2luvme_101@hotmail.com

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Last Seen: 9/20/2008 5:29:56 AM  
No! Call the Hardin County Clerks Office. This is a FAMILY owned graveyard, NOT a public cemetary. Check it or try your luck. jrc3ky

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I was recently to Kasey Cemetary aka "Hell's Gate". There is nothing scary about this place except that it is so isolated. It is haunting to the fact that it is poorly kept and has been allowed to be vandalized. I noted that most if not all the headstones had been knocked over, busted in half, or had something removed from them. The area that the cemetary stands on is overgrown except for the very back of the cemetary . There is no gate or remnants of a gate. The fencing around the back of the cemetary is barbwire,oh and if any one is concerned it has been torn up. It is trully horrifying to see a cemetary in this condition. If you want to be scared go to louisville or somewhere they put on a production for halloween. Respect the dead and leave them alone.

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THIS PLACE IS NUTS I,VE BEEN THE PAST THREE NIGHTS WE GOT RECODINGS OF WIRED VOICES SAY,N STUFF AND A vedio of an orbs the 1st night I was not really sceard. we hung around from 12 to 3am friday the second night I seen red things in the trees and a shodow people. my friend look at he's phone it read 12:01am my other friend phone say'd 11:01 phone is ran off satilite. last night we went again I stayed in the car this time three of my friends went and got ran off by some thing they can not see there was other things we seen you just got see for your self.

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Last Seen: 9/13/2011 12:27:37 AM  
the same damn thing happend to us one phone would say 1;00am and the other phone would say 12am...sooo true...

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Last Seen: 10/3/2008 8:48:28 PM  
I just got back from going there myself tonight with two fellow investigators, We didnt't even get past the gravel road to get to the actual cemetary, where we were stopped by two state troopers camping out waiting for people. We were advised to turn around and to tell everybody to stay away, Im sure this was mostly because it is private property. But if anybody knows exactly how to get permission, please let me know!

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i went there with a friend of mine and it was not scary.

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this is to inform everyone that the cemetery on st johns road IS on private property and YOU ARE TRESPASSING if you are there after dark. There is a state trooper that has given me the right to hold everyone until he gets there if i catch you back there. I am there almost every night and my cellphone does work there and i can get out to call him on his personnal phone. As far as you saying you have permission you are lying, I lease the propety from the owner and him and the state trooper are working in part with us to keep people from being back there.

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annonymous user, could I please have your permission to visit kasey cemetery? I am studying criminal justice in college and I'm in my own paranormal society.. By the way if it helps.. I want to be a state trooper one day..

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Mr, Anonymous User who wants to study criinal justice in college...Go to school and forget this cemetery. My family is buried here and the only haunting here is bad vibes that unwanted visitors like you bring. If you don't have family here to PAY YOUR RESPECTS to, then FORGET YOUR PLANNED VISIT lest you want to visit the courts when the iwantabe state trooper meets the real deal.

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me an my friends went last night an the night b4 last night my flash light flickred an i saw 2 green lights i wasnt scared i wanted to see more but the rest of them was the night b4 we hurd growling an we wasnt there but 2 min an we left we want to go back but durin the day so we can find the trails to find the witch but i do blive its haunted

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I've been out there a few times over the past year... each time... never made it that far.. or stayed in there very long... I went out there this past saturday night mm 10/18/08 and we stayed there for about 20-30 minutes but one of my buddies who was with me started being stupid and taking away the "moment" / experience or w/e so we decided to leave... i've yet to hear or see anything freaky but I do want to

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My sister-in-law, neighbor and I went on the 11th of October and the photos we got are phenomenal!!! I have sent two of them in for analysis. In one, there appears to be a little boy sitting on the path, a man hanging (yes you can even see the rope around his neck) from a tree with the face and the shoulders of a man above him, and then two girls sitting on a branch looking towards the dirt road. In the top left of the photo in the night sky, there seems to be a fog, that was not there in the photo taken a few seconds earlier (then again, none of them were in the prior photo) if you step away from the photo, you see what appears to be a face with a hood. In the second photo, there are orbs everywhere, no big deal, they were coming and going through our time there, but then I noticed one of the gravestones had gotten bigger from one photo to the next, so I zoomed in. Clear as day there is a little girl with her right arm in the air, as if she was waving goodbye to us. This was the last picture I took before getting in the car. While there we heard walking, something was dropped next to me and my neighbor saw a light dart across the road. It seems as if they were playing with us, because everytime I went to take a picture where there was sound, the sound would move. We caught mostly children, which is sad, I don't understand why they would stay behind. I am awaiting the results of the analysis of the two best photos that we have and will post it when I hear.

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could i get a copy of 1 one of the pictures please email it to skylar.a.truong@gmail.com

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I live a few miles from this cemetary. The correct name for it is Grandview Cemetary. I have been there hundreds of times over the years. I was there one night and the 3 deputy sheriff cars came. I knew one of them and was told we could look around all we wanted that there was no law against it, since it was public. My uncle is a city police officer. My cousin is a Kentucky State Trooper, another cousin was the hardin county sheriff for many years and I am friends with several other police officers. If you go out there and vandalize or party is the only way you are going to get in trouble.

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i need directions! from bowling green, kentucky, thanks

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I visited the cemetary 25 years ago with some friends - about 11 pm. There was something glowing white in one corner moaning. When we investigated it, the "apparition" was some Charlais steers in an adjacent field. We did act with respect, being cautious to not bump into any tombstones. Nothing happened while we were there. On the way out - the driver of the car in the rear passed the other two in the procession. When we caught up with the driver, he was scared to death; claiming to have seen "the Devil". Hey, anonymous (10/23): Which Sheriff? I had an uncle who was Hardin County Sheriff a few years back.

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The man who owns the house on the left side of the St John's road right after you turn onto it... DOES PAY ATTENTION if people are down there. WILL come down there to bust you. I had never heard of the place til yesterday. I have a friend that is a Kasey. He and one of my other friends were telling stories of the place... but my sole fascination was the tree where the witches were hung or what have you. Sad to hear that people have torn the place apart, broken many of the headstones, and started fires and drawn pentagrams, and spray painted the place. I understand it's a place of interest, and of unexplainable things and history... but there's no need for such disrespect and vandalism. There'd be a higher chance of people being allowed back there if everyone respect for the place.

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To anyone who has thought about or has vandalized this cemetery in anyway just been warned that spirits follow and that your not human for the lack of respect. Anyways I'm one of the founders of a new ghost hunting group called Paranormal Supernatural Investigators of Kentucky or PSI KY. My group would love to investigated this Cemetery and we will be contacting the correct people for permission to investigate this site. I have read all the comments here and there is a problem there seems to be a problem with the correct name of this Cemetery. There are names like Kasey or Grandview or Kaset and Helm Cemetery so the question is which is right? My group is professional and that is our force and respect is the highest degree. For someone that owns a property and you let a group into your property to investigate for the paranormal, well you hold a degree of honor in my book. My group looks for the evidence to prove or dis-prove and that is only what we show. Stories are good but they can be mis-leading, just to prove my point tell one person something and have that person tell 6 more people in a row. Then ask that 6th person what was said and it will be different then what you started. If you know of the contact that PSI KY can reach to investigate this site please e-mail troy@psiky.com

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me, my boyfriend and one of our friends went here on halloween night. It scared the heck out of me but mainly bc its in the middle of no where!!! you drive down st. johns road till you get to the verrrryyyy ennnnddd!! the road starts off new then you get to a stop sign and the roads not marked and more then the next stop sign the road turns into a gravel/ really bummpy rd. you pass a house on the left then you see a corn field... when we first pulled up we didnt even get outa the car. we saw another car parked there with no lights on and when our car light shown on it we saw this guy, he was standing next to his car.. then we turned around and when the lights were on his car again he was dunked down and we could see him thru his car window. he had the freakiest looking eyes and our friends said "lets get out and talk to him" and me n my bf were like "dude are you crazy?" and we left.. but we came back a little later w/ a camera and got out and walked thru the cemetary a little.. we were mostly reading the grave stones and stuff but then our friend freaked out and we left.. i really wanna go back and actually see something.. my bf called me earlier this morning and told me him and a couple of his friends went back and they heard a growlin noise.. and my bf swears he'll never go back but ill make him!! good luck to everyone and like everyone else says it would really be a shame if ppl continues to destroy this place, so if you plan on going please remember to be respectful of the ppl burried there and imagin how you would feel if someone destroyed ur family members grave or urs one day.. i bet ud prolly come back and haunt those mother fuckers... sooo be careful

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There are so many contradictory statements on the legality of visiting this place. Some said it's illegal after dark, some say it's public property that can be visited anytime by anyone. I've never heard of anybody being arrested or shot for being there, but I'm not one to take chances. Can anybody tell me FOR CERTAIN if it is legal to visit after dark or not? I would like to see a photo of a document or some other kind of credible proof to back it up.

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I visited this place about six years ago when I was stationed at Fort Knox. Like most of you, I'm not sure of the legality in visiting. At the time, I assumed it was public property. I really found that visiting during the daytime was spookier than at night. For some reason, it seems stuck in it's own little world out there. There was an dead,gnarly looking tree out there, the weeds were overgrowing the tombstones. What I found odd and sorta spooky were the woods beyond the cemetary. If I recall correctly, there was very little underbrush in the woods and there were several trails going off in different directions.

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PSI Parnormal Investigators of KY have been to Hells Gate. Our website has pictures of the site please visit www.psiky.com PSI did not enter the site due to the NO TRESPASSING sigh posted there (PSI respects the law). We do plan on going back with permission. You can contact PSI off of our website.

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The name of the cemetery is "Kasey Cemetery," their is a modern marker at the entrence of it (I believe to the right of the trail as you are looking at it) that says it. As for the NICKNAME "the Gates of Hell," it comes from when there use to be a gate at the entrence to the cemetery, but it has been torn down. On January first (1st), 2009 (yesterday, New Years Day), myself, and four of my relatives went to the cemetery during the day. We experienced nothing while we were there. We then decided that we would return when it was dark, at around 9:00. Another car was there, with three teenagers in the car. We got out of our car, while the other people stayed in their's. We preceded to ender the cemetery, WHILE REMAINING ON THE PATH. We experienced nothing, aside from that creepy feeling due to being in a cemetery at night (when it is pitch black), which is normal. We took pictures, and did capture "orbs," but any "orb" can be written off as dust. When we left, two more vehicles were comming the opposide direction, presumably heading for the cemetery. Regarding the legality of visiting the cemetery, all I can say is that AT NO TIME did we encounter any type of gate on the road, nor did we encounter any law enforcement officers there, nor anyone warning us not to proceed to the cemetery. The cemetery and road leading to it have fences around them, meaning that on the other side of the fence is private property. But, the entrence to the cemetery is not fenced in; it is open to the rough road, which is in turn open to the main, paved, modern road (Saint John's Road). As for the different times on the different clocks, the time zone does change in that area. Also, regarding the only house on the rough road leading to the cemetery, THEY ARE NOT THE OWNERS OF THE PROPERTY AROUND THE CEMETERY, NOR THE CEMETERY ITSELF! Please do not bother the occupants of that house about the cemetery. I am a relative of the former owners of that house, who now rent their house to the new occupant. I do not know who owns the cemetery, or if anyone actually does own it. Please, if you MUST visit the cemetery, do so with respect. Their is no reason to disgrace a cemetery like this one has been. People do still go out to that cemetery to honor the dead; flowers are left at the graves.

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I can't believe all you people who want to go back there and tear the place up, or walk to some 'witches vault.' These are real people buried back there, let them rest in peace. Drink your beer and smoke your meth somewhere else. I hunt the land that the cemetary is on, and we see cars pulling back there every night. The next day, all we find are empty beer boxes lining the road, and WE have to pick up your trash. Have some damn respect. We do get phone service there, and will call law enforcement. The road is open to public, but the cemetary is nothing to see, as over the years, disrespectful a**holes have defaced the entire cemetary. And the land surrounding the small lot, IS private, and I dont advise you go looking for some witch. You will walk across ours, and other peoples private land. Thats highly frowned upon, and I cant guarantee you that if your'e spotted, you won't be shot at. The only thing spooky about the cemetary is the wirdo's that go there. We chased some off one night, and found parts of a chicken hung from several tree limbs. Get a life. They also vandalize the road and gates along St. Johns. This year some drunk a** drove all through our corn field. I pay to hunt here, and a farmer makes his money from that corn. Please have respect, for those in the cemetary, the landowner, the hunters who lease it, and the farmer who makes his living from this farm. And yes, there are frequently State troopers and Game wardens back there

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ok this is whats up i went there last night. we didnt make it to grave sites cause the roads where covered in snow we decided to turn around. as we turned around my girl got a call on her phone from an unknown number asking me who i was and something about gore.. i dont know what the hell it was has this happened to ne one else the weird thing is i didnt come up a number it just said "P" is calling. but she didnt have ne body stored in her phone by the name of "P" and the voice wouldnt talk to her. it would only say things to me tell me thats not f**cked up!!!!

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Hello! I live three minutes from the Kasey Cemetery, as I live on South Grandview Church Road. I have been to this cemetery dozens of times, even before I lived out this way. I have always been respectful of the land and the dead that are lain there. I am a genealogist, and cemeteries are pretty important for a person like myself. Let me begin by stating that while there MAY be people calling the police out there from time to time, there is NO state trooper or any other foolishness waiting for you when you get there. There ARE, however, hordes of morons who are out there on a frequent basis who enjoy tearing up the cemetery, for example, tearing up the headstones, defacing them with spray paint, setting fires, etc. If you are one of those people who plans to act Goth out there, stay home and watch Buffy reruns whilst trying to contact Kurt Cobain on your Parker Brothers Ouija Board. Write down all of your feelings of "no one gets me...Hail Satan, I only feel blackness...Hot Topic is the only store where I buy my clothes, I must have been a vampire in one of my former, less-retarded lives, etc." The reason I want all you kids out there to write down how stupid you are right now is because you can read it one day, when you are older, and have maybe gotten some sense, and fondly recall what a pathetic, prepubescent f***tard you were when you were a snot-nosed punk. Moving on... If you are a paranormal investigator, and will respect the sanctity of the land and such, as you guys always do, then you are perfectly within your rights to visit. Yes, the lands surrounding the cemetery ARE privately owned, but according to Kentucky statue KR13475, no cemetery can be made private. Period. If you have any questions, ask Sheriff Charlie Williams, or go to the Hardin County Sheriff's Department in Elizabethtown, and they can access the aforementioned statute for you. The reason that Kentucky cemeteries CANNOT be made private, banning the public from them, is because cemeteries belong to everyone. No one sits back there waiting for anyone. That is foolishness. Who in the Hell would sit back there and wait for people, and who would be f***ing stupid enough to pay someone to sit back there with a shotgun? I can picture this man of justice protecting the cemetery now, wearing overalls and a Red Man cap, waiting to "git him sum trezzpazzers"? Get a life. You can go back there at anytime DURING THE DAY. Kentucky Statute KR17284 states that it is unlawful to enter ANY cemetery after dusk. Depending upon the respective cemetery, rules and regulations posted at each one can dictate how this statute is enforced. Daytime visits, however, CANNOT be prohibited. Period. I know a lot of fat-headed idiots will get on here claiming to be Sheriff Dumb F*** or Trooper F*** Nut, and what have you, but they are all blowing smoke up your ass. Cemeteries are PUBLIC lands, no matter who owns the land around them. LOOK IT UP!!!!

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i live in radcliff ive been several times and im soo sorry to tell you guys its very haunted..me, family, friends we have heard voices, whispers, little girls talking and yelling for help, and in the back one time we heard this evil growl sounded like nothing human and not very nice what so ever, ive also seen dark like beings shaped of people there..either ghost or spirits, they must like me or something or either im trippin off nothing, but every haunted place ive been too i always hear and see things, stay open minded keep your eyes up an look through the sides of your eyes..you will see what im talking about, one time i heard drum beats coming from inside of the ground also and im not the only one to attest to this several people could tell you the same...there is a cabin deep in the woods and a cave...rumors to believe witches have been killed there

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I was just there 2 days ago.there was a sign in the front that read"Kasey Cemetery"I got there when it was still light and walked around the whole graveyard which wasnt't very big.Just about all the tombstones were knocked over or broken.It didn't feel creepy to me at all,it actually felt kinda peaceful.but when it got dark the atmosphere sorta changed.it really did feel kinda creepy but i think my imagination was working overtime by then.i started hearing sounds on both sides of the cemetery that sounded like someone walking.i looked around but saw nothing.I thought i heard someone talking and stopped to listen for a couple minutes and i think it was just a cow or something.Iwas there for about an hour and a half walking around by myself but I had 2 female freinds sitting in the car facing the cemetery.they said it was to cold,but I think they were just being sissies.when I got back to the car to leave they said excitedly"something is out there".they said where the light was coming through the trees that something was moving around blocking the light.I watched for awhile but saw nothing.no hillbilly rednecks chased us out and no state trooper locked us up.there was no one around.there are signs on the road that said"Posted and Patroled"I took 77 pictures with a digital camera but found nothing out of the ordinary.I didn't see anyone to ask permission but no one botherd us.I saw no signs of any satanic rituals or any bones.But I did not vandilize or desecrate anything.I was very respectful!My name is Pat and my email is cherylclark1@LIVE.COM

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The cemetery started out as the Kasey family cemetery and was later called Grandview. The county archives have records listed as the second name. It is private property but the person that we tracked down through the deed room denied ownership. The "gates of hell" legend seems to be imported from a legend in PA (see the following: http://czarism.com/the-seven-gates-of-hell ) and is fiction. The witches grave legend is unfounded. The "animal sacrifices" that I have seen evidence of were more of a mixture of several pagan rites and were obviously done by wannbes. These stories were likely invented by kids trying to scare their girlfriends so they could "be brave" for them and "get some". The people burried there were simple country folk. Farmers and their children. And their descendents (who are very nice people)deserve to be able to go visit their ancestors without having to step over beer cans and used condoms. And anyone who would break monuments that are a century or more old are worth less then the trash they leave laying along the road. The state police DO come out to the cemetery. Not every hour, maybe not even every night, but I have seen them out there plenty of times. I have always notified them when I was going and when I had left, as well as letting them know if I saw anything wrong to include providing licence plate info of suspicious vehicles. I have also spoken with some of the neighbors who told me that they watch the cemetery and call the police if they feel it is needed. If you are a paranormal investigator, please have the integrity to research the true story and refer to the cemetery by one of it's REAL names. Don't disrespect it by calling it "hellsgate" or "gates of hell", you should be better then the campfire ghost story telling brats who frequent the place. To the hunter who posted earlier, I hope that one day they decide to sell tags to hunt some of these animals on two legs who are the ones who REALLY "haunt" the area.

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Last Seen: 5/19/2009 7:55:08 AM  
I have been on that long road of pich black gravle ... i have videos... and other things but nothing is verry clear but our pictures.  me and the crew went thrugh and recorded it 3 difrent times and the olney thing i can tell you is there is defently something there... or elce my own touch eyes and ears have tricked me into beleaveing what i felt.

under the hanging trees i heard and seen 2 large people looking things walking one was all white sorta like the kkk and one was all black like a grim reaper or angel of death.

we also found a bone a bloody glove and bloody sock all together in one spot over by the kacy cematary stone.

if you seen something like that plz post back i am looking to find the ownner so i can pay to stay up there for a night or something. post back if you may know the ownner

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Last Seen: 5/24/2009 10:25:23 PM  
     OK i just now got finished reading all the blogs on this page, I have also been to the "gates of hell" so to say, about 4 times..  The first time i was there was just to see it. Nothing happened, but yes it does give you chills.  The second third and forth time i was there is a very very different story and is the motivation to me being online so long tonight..  Let me start from the beginning!
     The second time i went out there i was with 3 of my Very good friends who are the type of people that don't dance unless they hear music and don't laugh unless something is funny, which means they wouldn't fake anything that happened out there at the Kacey cemetery!
 I'm not sure on the exact date we went but i do know it was in Aug-Oct of 2003. Just like all the other blogs the trip down the road to the cemetery is very creepy, but we were all very stoked to go back after the first time, because what if this time we actually seen something! we all walked around for a while in the cemetery, {not damaging anything just looking at some of the VERY old dates on the graves, but one of my friends Steve which was the oldest of all of us was 36, i was 14 almost 15 and my other friends where 17-19. but Steve was standing next to the big three in the center of the cemetery and said that the tree or him, was getting colder as he walked around it. Seeing how there is still marks on the limbs where i guess u can say people where hung. Im not gonna specify who or what for i do not know exactly so no need for no 6th person party of this experience.  

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Last Seen: 5/24/2009 10:25:23 PM  
       Steve also said that something was communicating with him but not in a bad manner, he said that he could see through the eyes of a little boy that he kept speaking of all night!! Steve said that the little boy was scared, it seemed but only wanted peace from the OTHERS, whatever that meant!  (weather from people or other spirits, NOT SURE} so after hearing that from Steve we all got pretty spooked out of our minds and wanted to leave, but before we left we all explored just a little bit more JUST TO SEE if maybe we could experience    something like Steve had. Well i did expierence something that night and will never in the rest of my life forget because i live with this now everyday! {Thats why i can follow up on when you or if you go out there DO NOT break anything or take anything with you from that place.} but i felt as if i was emotionally connected with someone, i cant explain what or who or how many. but it felt so phenomenal. like someone wanted to communicate with me but didn't know how or something. but anyway on our way out the old school 87 Monti Carlo SS  wouldn't start right away, {like something wanted us to explore more of the place and find something else! Maybe a key to something that needed to be found, or maybe stay for something that we shouldn't have been there for!  i don't know because we did not stay!
      We ended up putting the Monti carlo in neutral and pushing it out of the old cemetery gravel circle parking lot back onto the gravel road where the old 87 finally kicked over after we got it out of the cemetery completely!!    On our way back down the road we all was discussing out feelings and own opinions of our experiences i didn't say too much about mine due to the fact that i thought i was crazy myself, for what i had felt there. but as of tonight i understand why and will explain more in detail in which i need to talk to someone who has a lot of knowledge with demons or evil spirits that talk to you but anyway, {on with my experience}  on the ride out not even 3 yards coming out of the cemetery i felt something telling me to "please come back!", then when i told everyone to turn around my uncle Jereme told me no that we needed to get home!  then we all heard a LOUD BAMMMM!!  like something literately smacked the back of the trunk or window of the car, and everyone just got VERY VERY VERY quiet and never spoke of the noise ever again until now.
     The next time and last time i went out there i was with my uncle, aunt and a friend named Carrie, that i was interested in, it was about 3 and a half to 4 years ago, and i know for a fact that the time was around 11:45 almost 12:00 at night.  we walked around as usual and inspected the cemetery since it had been so long since we had been there, except for Carrie, it was her first time there.  At the end of the cemetery we seen some dead re manes of what looked like to be a Sheep i want to say. not sure though it was dark and we only had a old military flash light on us that was running on a low battery and was weak. but the re manes looked fresh, but the smell was so horrid!  then we looked up into the sky and seen something that none of us will never forget and will NEVER be able to explain!  the moon was directly above us in the cemetery and seemed as if the moon had lit the cemetery perfectly with this amazing glow over it, but as we looked at the moon we all notices that the moon was Literately CIRCLED BY A SINGLE STREAM OF CLOUD.

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Last Seen: 5/24/2009 10:25:23 PM  

     Like a circle around the moon but in a cloud form, and none of us could take our eyes off of it or even stop to think of why or what was going on. after the moon experience and the dead {thing} we decided to leave, when once again i felt the presents of that spirit,demon,ghost, {whatever u want to say it was!} telling me to stay please! it really freaked me out, so me being on crutches and having a cast on my foot. I was gone, Off to the car as fast as i could because now i knew that the first time wasn't me just being crazy. This was real! And it scared me soo badly, that 2 years after that i had a bald spot on the back of my head after that night,  but anyway, on my way rushing back to the car i knocked over a grave stone that had a eye on it.  it didn't break just tipped over from my crutches. but i remember seeing that eye in my head as it fell in slow motion it seemed because of my adrenalin.  we all got into the car and high tailed out of there, and yes the car started right away this time, but once again i had that feeling of please don't leave me feeling.  WHY WHY WHY, but that's not even the main subject of this blog nor is anything else i have wrote about, these are only facts that i think are leading to the experiences that i am having to this day in time and this date is um i think 5/23/09.  
     I am having encounters from evil spirits, demons, ghost, i don't know as of yet but i know they are associated with the devil and have a lot to do with the end of the world coming soon in Dec, 2012. my first experience was 6-9 months after knocking over the grave stone at Kacey cemetery. and have become more fluent with tease demons, spirits, ghost, whatever! but i was in my aunts room on the internet when all of a sudden i could think on my own or like talk to myself in my head like i usually can unno, like speak in your mind and hear your voice, all i could hear was a voice of something else telling me  {"better call your mom and say goodbye before its too late!, your gonna die your gonna die!"}  and i couldn't go back into a state if mind where i had con troll for at least 30 min, only heard and thought what they wanted to ask or say to me. Finally after repeating to myself with all the focus i had in my body to be able to say this over the mental voices, i said "i love god and he loves me, I love god and he is my father in heaven!"  i kept repeating that and then the cross i have on my left arm started to burn slightly, then i heard a voice that said i was strong and a fighter, and that they would get me next time! then it was gone.

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Last Seen: 5/24/2009 10:25:23 PM  
     Anyway i would love to go on and tell you about more experiences i have had but i want to talk with someone with some knowledge about demons and or spirits communicating with me, but i will say this.. i have these experiences VERY VERY often and now it seems that they are getting closer to getting me to do something stupid, either its agree to sign my soul over to Lucifer and join them, kill myself of harm someone. Even on one occasion recently, i was holding someones had and then got a HIT from the demons again and they wanted me to break her hand, i feel them controlling my hand as it tightened around hers, then i started to smile, but it wasn't me, it was someone else like controlling me i guess, but with every ounce of mental and emotional strength i had in me, i pulled my hand away from hers and rubbed the felling of someone else out of my hand.   And one more thing before i go, when i have these occurrences it seems like they make me say things but i can only seen to say what they want me to say and its the same thing every time and takes everything in me to jump out of this state of mind,  and usually its that, " i am gonna die, or I'm going to kill myself, its hard to explain completely over this forum but if anyone wants more insight about whats going on with me or has any insight that will help me or knows someone who knows someone that can help me please send them my way.  i am 21 years old and don't want to keep having these very scary VERY REAL recurrences. Let me be free..      
    That's the reason i posted this. maybe i have to go back to the Kacey cemetery and finish something, put the gravestone back up, find something and set these demons in me free.. i don't know!! i don't know what to do or if anyone on this planet earth has the same experiences but if u do don't feel crazy to share them because im done thinking im crazy and know that they are real and something demented and spiritual. i am also posting this on a lot of other places and going to make my own video on you tube about it hoping to get some insight and hopefully find some answers.  one other place you will find this is a site called WWW.city-data.com its a local forum, the name i made tonight is Shawn_needs_help_badd if u see my blog on there comment me or send something to my emails please and i will go in depth more and would love to be studied and asked questions about this for knowledge basis and research studies.  my email is shawn_rishkofski@yahoo.com  and my MSN is shawnadams_420@yahoo.com   plese feel free to write me and ask me questions or help me, like any of you paranormal studies people!  PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE......      
     Wait, omg that's what the kid was saying to me in the Kacey cemetery!  damn!   If you go there please use caution for i don't want anyone else to go through what i have been going through for years..  maybe that's another reason why the families don't want people up there.  maybe they know what lies up there and don't want people hurt, and getting revenged on by these spirits but i don't care what anyone says.  that place is very very very phenomenally active, so if anyone else has seen things or experienced the feelings of connection or emotional connection then you know what i am talking about.... Thank you and i am sorry for this long blog but all this had to be said so i can get some help and insight and i plan on going back after talking to the land owners or trying to find out how i can get legal permission to go back and finish whatever it is i or me and my friends started 6 years ago... thank you and i hope this helped some people understand the severity  of the cemetery!!! good luck and be safe please!!

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hey shawn this is p@h pernamal investergater

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Something weird happens every time I visit this cemetery. I've been three times this week, just out of curiosity. 1.) As SOON as it got dark out a bird started chirping. It wasn't just a chirp though, it was really loud and it sounded like the bird was warning us. It was flying around the cemetery in a circle and it didn't stop until we left. 2.) There are freezing cold spots in this cemetery!! But, the cold spots only exist in the middle back part, towards the woods. There was no wind, it was about 85 degrees, and very humid. We took a step into one cold spot and it felt like ice. Every hair on our arms and neck stood straight up. 3.) My boyfriend and I made a video about a week ago. In the video we were just walking around the cemetery. There were no lights coming from his trucks headlights or anything. It was pitch black. I turned the camera towards my boyfriend and he said that he felt weird, so I turned off the camera and we got in the truck. We weren't afraid, and by that point we just thought the graveyard was stupid. But then we got in the truck we watched the tape. As soon as my boyfriend said that he felt weird there was a white figure behind his head. It looked just like a skeleton and it made this awful breathing noise. This cemetery is haunted...no doubt.

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When my mother and I lived in Kentucky this was our favourite place to visit.
Both of us are very interested in the paranormal and although this cemetery does have it's creepy factor (old, isolated...) we never experienced anything unusual. To be honest, when we would visit, we weren't even looking for ghosts. We walked around, plucked weeds and picked up all the garbage other people had dumped there. If there are spirits residing there, I reckon they'd rather talk to people actually doing something productive rather than doing seances! Maybe when you guys decide to visit you should bring some trash bags with you! Anyways, could someone please tell me if a certain grave is still intact? I cannot remember the name on the grave but it was a female child's and on the stone it read "'Twas but a flower too good for Earth, transplated into Heaven" - I use to take special care to the area around this grave because it touched my heart in a way.

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ive been out there befor only to find so much disrespect for the people so rest there. people moved the head stones around. they didnt match the bases or the cracks (from how they were broken) so much trash everywhere beer bottles condoms you name it. i started picking up the bottles and cans and setting the tomb stones up right. i mean come on how would you feel if someone did this to your loved ones. if you all go out there please so some respect karma is a b**ch and you wouldnt want it to come back to you! and please do not invoke the spirits to touch you. you may not get something human.

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I went out there the last two night in a row, with some serious equipment I had 2 digital camcorders Sony with the night vision, I had 4 Digital Voice recorders, 2 Digital cameras 7.0 mega pixel, digital Temp Gauge, EMF detector, 6 Mag lite flashlights with the Red Filters, we were ou there until the batteries died which was a good 3 hours each night. We found absolutely nothing, no EVPs, no digital video, no cold spots, no "orbs." There were some creepy looking eyes in the woods but that very well could have been some kind of animal. I say leave the Kasey Cemetary alone, we cleaned trash both times we went. Only thing I got from the investigation was a screwed up car, the rough terrain of the road caught my transmission an has all but killed the car. Not worth the long drive and hit on the gas tank....stay home watch a movie....

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I went out their when I was 21 yrs old the graves were still intacted it was creepy we shot pictures in every pic we took their were orbs i stood beside a tree and took pictures right above my head was a blue heart orb a random women was standing by the same tree and we snaped a picture of her in the back ground there was a image that appears to be a person hanging from a tree but givin it could just be lights off the camra but ill never foget my experince I do think that people should not disrespect their resting ground if your going to visit you should respect the dead

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I plan on visiting the cemetary very soon. If I see anyone vandalizing or trashing it I will take your license plate numbers AND your pictures and give them to the police. To visit or even investgate is tolerable but to have punks and hillbilly methheads out there disrespecting something like a cemetary is disgusting and if I have to I'll kick your ass.

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I have been to Kasey Cemetary several times. The first time I went in broad daylight which was the only time I saw anything remotely scary. Which the only thing I saw was a huge green ball of light lingering over the back of the cemetary. The second and third time wasn't scary. The fourth time, our car doors shut on their own so we booked it out of there, then we found a HUGE handprint going across our car door, which was too big to be ours. The fourth time we got to scared to stay. Then last night my friends and I went expecting to be scared senseless. But it wasn't scary at all. We walked around and took pictures, and there was nothing scary about it. The scariest thing last night was just strange noises that you would here in any field. My LCD screen on my camera is broken so we had to wait til we got back home to see how they turned out. There was nothing particularly scary about them, just a few orbs. I wish I could figure out how to post them on here.. but the first one I took was when we first got there of just the cemetary, and there are just hundreds of orbs just hanging around. And then in another, my friend is walking and theres a really creepy mist all around her. Which the only reason I find any of that weird is because there are hardly any orbs in any of the other pictures, and there is NO mist or fog in any of the pictures except for that one. Other than that, it's just a good place to go for an adrenoline rush. Scary, but really nothing to be afraid of.


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Like the person above I have a picture of someone hanging from a tree, though it is from the back and the white mist looks like it is wrapped around the branch like a rope. Just above him is a face of someone with a hood on. On the same tree are two girls looking out in the distance and a little boy sitting on the path. I have not figured out how to put a picture on this page so you can see them at myspace, Kathy Cermak though they are harder to see since you cannot zoom in. I have sent the above described picture and the one of the little girl waving goodbye in for analysis, but have not received any answers yet. I have been back to try and catch some of the same entities but other than evp's I have not gotten as good of pictures again. Though when I took a picture of my cousin she had a green orb next to her face so I took another picture and her eyes were not only glowing (brightly!) but she looked to have a mask of some sort on. This happened again ten minutes later. This time the green orb was in her path and the next picture (same glowing eyes, slightly different type of mask) she is where the orb had been in the previous picture. I found this interesting but have not posted it since she was really freaked out about it and she hasn't given me permission to add it. I would love to hear if anyone has captured some of the same people I caught on camera.

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Okay so just thinking of this really creeps me out. It is something that has happend to me and a few friends. it was about two or three years ago but it still happen. i was born and raised in Kentucky, Rineyville to be exact not there any more :( Anyways so when u hit that road to go down to the grave yard there used to be a big old house looks like maybe early 1800's but anyways there was a guy out there raking leaves up. (it was day time) so we stopped to talk to him and ask if we could go back there. so the guy was really nice and invited us in gave us some freashly brew sweet tea, whitch was great by the way. so we meet pretty much the whole family, introduced our selfs and took pics with them and told them how awsome the house was and how keept up they have kept it. anyways so there is a balcony where from the second floor you can get to it. my friends and the big family (about 8 of them i think) all gatherd up there so i could go back out side and take a pic from the ground. I did. it was prob like 4-5 months later when i got the film devolped. This really gives me some big goose bumps. M friends where there in the pic but the family was not. there were gaps all over the pic. my friends arms not touching anything at all. i sent the pic in to see if i could get some money for it but havent got anything back yet. im thinking prob cause they think it is just some random story a high schooler made up. IT IS NOT!!! it really happend and u dont have to belive it but i know for a fact something crazy is going on there. Thats just one story i have many more, for i have been there ALOT. well if you go just look out and if they offer you sweet tea take it, very disrespectfull if you dont. not a good thing to do.

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Wow. Amazing stories.
Let me know more at: mae.41@hotmail.com

I went there once with my sister and my boyfriend. We heard two male voices in the woods. We thought it was people hunting, then 5-6 months later we found this site and other people said they heard male voices too!

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two male voices, reminds me of an EVP I got there of 2 male voices, it sounded like there was a party going on, glasses clinking and then a male voice distinctly says "it is dead over here' i have also got the names of "emily", "olivia" and a "devon" or "dylan". I took my daughter's little princess wand and placed it where I had captured a picture of a little girl waving goodbye and as I was saying it was my daughter's toy and every little princess should have one, there is little girl's voice that (clear as a bell says) "can i please".

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I just moved into a house on St. John's Road and decided last weekend to just drive to the end of the road with my girlfriend.  I knew it was a long road and I was just curious to find out how long it was and what was down the road.  When we had driven for miles and got to the part where the paved road becomes a narrow, uneven gravel road, my girlfriend wanted to turn around, but I told her that I hadn't driven all that way for nothing.  I honestly didn't know when the road would end, but I was surprised to discover that there was an old cemetery right at the end of the road.  It felt as if St. John Road exists just to lead people to that cemetery.  My girlfriend stayed in the car and honked the horn when I walked far enough that she couldn't see me anymore.  That was the closest the experience came to being scary.  It was mainly just sad.  I've always loved walking through old cemeteries.  I'm a history buff and I enjoy looking at the names and the birth and death dates and imagining what life was like for the people buried there.  Unfortunately, Kasey Cemetery was quite overgrown and most of the headstones were broken off.  It made me sad to see how neglected the cemetery was and it makes me angry to think that some of the damage I saw was intentional.  I didn't see any "no trespassing" signs and no one bothered us when we were there.  (In the end, my girlfriend was almost as intrigued as I was and was glad we followed the road all the way to the end.)  I would encourage anyone reading this blog to visit Kasey Cemetery, but to be respectful and even consider picking up some trash or doing some weeding when you're out there.  I plan to go back there (on purpose this time) and do my part.  What we DON'T need back there are people who think they're cooler than they are and can't be bothered to consider the feelings of others who have family members buried there or to respect the rights of the people who live and own land nearby.  By all means, DO visit Kasey Cemetery, but FIRST, stop and THINK about how you should act and what you should do when you're out there.

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yo i reallly wanna go there but when i get to st. john rd by bethelhem academy rd wich way do i go? will i get in trouble to visit?



               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43354 ReplyTo# 39538     10/30/2009 6:52:00 PM     Edit          

just keep going straight to the very end of St. John Rd. you will cross over (I think it may be Rd 920) and it will still be St. John Road on the other side. It's at the very end.

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Been out there a few times, nothing to crazy paranormal wise, but did see something that disturbed our whole group.  At the back of the cemetery, we found a carcass of a still smoldering dog, hair everywhere as if it was pretty recent.  Even had the remains of it's collar near it. 

Sad to think some satanic worshipers or whatever would do this to someones pet, but it happens.  Be careful if you go, you do not want to run into the people that did this, looks like we just missed them (luckily!) on that night.

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I need directions from St.Paul in Grayson County. Thanks.

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Me and some friends went to the Gates of Hell. We had some wierd things happen to us. The sounds of people talking but no one was there,etc. I have to say it was scary. Then some people chased us off in their car. They chased us for about 30 min til they finally gave up. I couldn't understand what the big deal was.......

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I have done alot of reasearch on this place. Sounds scary and looks scary. Me and 8 people are going tonight and looking for something. If someone does chase us hope they are ready to get shot! Cause we are bringing guns. But if you need directions the road ends to the west of E-town. We will update this tommorow when we get back. For any reason you dont hear back in two days we are lost or have come up missing. GATES OF HELL is in Cecilia, Ky AT THE END OF ST JOHNS RD. We have heard stories about this place and wanted to check it out our self. We will bring camera's flash lights bat's and gun's. Hope tonight will be a good night.


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My boyfriends sister and I went to Hells Gates. She told me before we got there that it was Kasey Cemetery and my name is Kasey. It creeped me out. We were standing by a tree and no-one was behind us. We both felt air on the back of our necks and we both felt it.


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i have seen a lady in a white gown walking around got it on tape. and also got a baby crying on a tape recorder... last  2 times i went it was calm nothing at all

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I went with some friends last night. The road there was the creepiest part for me as it seems that the darkness just swallows the light coming from my headlights even when they were on bright. It was weird.  One of my friends heard something say mommy. I heard a whispered conversation but couldn't make out any of the words.  We got a couple mist photos, and a few "orb" pics as well. It was really cold in some of the areas and the batteries in my camera was getting ate up, had to replace them often. Before we left, i felt winds coming at me in all directions, i told my friends it was time to go and just then we heard some kind of weird squawl.  Other than that, I'm more afraid of how people could show such disrespect to a cemetery.  Its just sick.

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can we get permission to go inside?

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ive never been to gates of hell but i her many storys about haunts and other activity i know i guy who is an amateur paranormal investigator he was doing an investigation at the cemetery one night and didnt really find much other than some orb pictures but he went again another night on a full moon and expirienced many sounds and being grabbed a few times and he also set tape recorders on thr ground by the graves and he heard people screaming please help and get me out of here. there has also been reports of satanic rituals and meetings here and i know i guy who went there one night and saw a group of hooded people circled around a fire and chanting strange things and sacraficing diffrent animals so of course he got out of there as fast as he could but as he was leaving an object was threw at him and hit hit hood

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me and my sisters friends went to the gates of hell some country boy where out there doing some crazy stuff. we were about to leave when a gun went off everyone was scraming we ran to our jeep and got the hell out of there and we called the cops.



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My friends and I went here after leaving Field of Screams. We wanted a "real" scare. And we got it. When we pulled up there was a car full of guys there but after we got out of our car and walked to the back of the cemetery they had done left. And yes we did hear things that we cannot describe. There is also a log cabin in the woods behind the cemetery. And FYI there are NO "no trespassing" signs.=]

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ok couple things ive learned from goin tonight,,,0ct. 30,  1. dont turn ur car lights off on ur truck to see if anything happens. 2. dont go with only 2 people.....i have done alot of research on ghost and they sense 2 people as a challenge. 3. dont waste ur time and ask questions hopefully theyll respond. 4. if u see a figure by a tree way back in the distance let me know im not crazy! i seen him nd he had a brownish white cover all on and looks like he is spinning around......=] hope u have fun andjust keep going straaight till ur car feels   weird u loose service on ur fone and you can just feel ur gettin close  

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43757 ReplyTo# 43363     11/3/2009 12:45:00 AM     Edit          

we seen the exact same thing

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Me and 4 friends went there last night, (11-2-09) and what we witnessed were small lights popping up here and there, there were also loud rustling at different times when we would get quiet. My friend said he seen a black figure moving to the right of the cemetery. My friend would try to talk but got no response so I gave it a shot and said if there is anything here show yourself and next to the tree to the left looked like a person was just hiding behind a really tall grave that we didn't see before. Also lots of cold spots at random moments.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 44764     11/20/2009 3:41:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Okay guys.. I mean seriously obviously NO ONE on here knows the owners or even anything about it for that matter, It is Casey Cemetary, Gates of Hell as the locals named it there maybe some activity there but the majority of it is immature highschoolers that go and trash the place and vandalize it frequently. Everyone should just let those people rest in peace instead of making it a site to get drunk and party!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 44883 ReplyTo# 44764     11/23/2009 10:00:00 AM     Edit          

I agree. The owners work hard to keep this from happening. It is a place of history and is a landmark in Hardin County. All I have heard are rumors from stupid kids who take Quija boards up there. Not yet has one rumor been proved.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 44881     11/23/2009 9:58:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I don't know much about this place... I am interested in hearing stories and finding facts. I have heard many rumors about this cememtery. I do know that for all of you who heard rustlnig and people talking, stupid, immature teenagers follow people to this cemetery and play pranks. We started driving towards it last night and a car full of young kids started following us to the cemetery and they were right on our back bumper. I'm warning people who have interest and RESPECT for a haunting, watch for immature teens! If anyone has facts about this place I am all ears.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 45710     12/15/2009 7:07:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

this place is haunted!!! lol but seriously it is. ive been there like ten times with different people each time and they all say the same thing about the place. we took pics and most times theres orbs or whatever you call it. and it wasnt dust particles cause it was raining. and in one pic there was a clear face of and older man. and one time the radio started messing up and another time we found a phone laying on the ground still lit up. its creepy but fun to go back there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 46237     1/2/2010 11:17:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

This place is definitely haunted. I've been there twice. Once was in the middle of the day and my girl friend and I were walking back towards the trees when we heard the local rednecks in their truck coming up the gravel road. If I hadn't been distracted by the truck and if I would've been more focused on getting affirmation that this place was haunted, I would've said that this was in my head, but I'm sure that what I heard was legit. I heard a woman humming, singing, moaning whatever you want to call it very loudly. My friend confirmed hearing the same thing by looking at me very frightened, and later by telling me that she had too heard this. I even thought after that that I might be going crazy, but just tonight I was researching on it and there have been several other accounts of a woman humming. The second time I went nothing happened, but I still feel like I shouldn't have been there. Something about that place is just wrong.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 46354     1/6/2010 12:22:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Sorry you guys. I grew up in Etown. Graduated from East Hardin in 90 and partied at The Gates of Hell and Taylors bend most of my life. If you ever seen anything at the Gates of Hell it was your imagination. I wish it was otherwise, but its just simply not true. Theres NOTHING to it, Ive woke up at 7:30 the next morning next to tombstones Ive never seen anything that would remotely be considered SUPERNATURAL. Im not a naysayer or don't believe in the Supernatural, it's really quite the oposite. I believe in spirits aliens and bigfoot. BUt the only spirit I EVER encountered there was 100 proof!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 46666     1/14/2010 7:50:00 AM     Edit       Reply    


You don't wanna go messin' round there at Hell's Gate. Strange things happen up in them woods.

That's Micmac Burial Grounds up yonder. Said they stopped buryin' their dead there once the soil went sour.

Sometimes...dead is better.


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whoever referenced south park... please marry me. please.

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I just moved to kentucky and that was the first place I wanted to check out. my friends and I are working on getting our paranormal group back together and thought it would be a great starting point. we spent most of an afternoon there with absolutely no activity, creepy feelings, had voice recorders with us and got nothing at all but our own voices. we hope to go back out and spend the night or at least part of it. if anyone knows weather or not we need to ask permission of a caretaker or local authorities we would love the information. I really don't expect us to find anything. it seemed like one of the most peaceful places we have visited in a long time.


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The best EVP I got at the cemetery is when I took one of my daughter's toys and invited a little girl I had captured in a photo from a previous visit to come and play with it. After I say "every litlle princess deserves a toy like this" a little girl's voice is heard plainly saying "can I please?"

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yeah... we went there feb 6 2010.. a saturday night. there was 4 of us... 2 dudes and 2 chicks.. it took us a while to find the place on this dark and cold night... i was driving a brand new truck i jus bought that day... it had 29 miles on it. Figured with all the stories we would need something that would start and not keep us there too long. We pulled into the little rd around midnight.. creeping down the road about 5 mph telling what stories we had heard about hangings and witch craft and what not. Wouldnt u know bout a mile or so down the road the heat in my truck stopped working.. i was like wtf.. our imagination got the best of us and all the stories we started to believe.. finally seeing the tombstones in the distance through the fogged out windows we started to wig out.. killed the lights and we all got out.. huddled together we startd walking the trail armed with a flashlight and a bic lighter. our arms were entangled with eachother so we couldnt get separated.. while we were walking we saw weird things... smelled weird things and heard weird things.. we were freaked out.. but the troopers we were we kept walking.. after walking 100 yards or so into the woods...WACK.. my girl hit the ground.. F*CK i screamed.. she was screaming and clawing at me... the other two sprinted back towards the truck.. something was pulling my girl off into the dark... being the smart one i am i f'n ran.. hearing screams of my girl for  ten more seconds or so then silence and jus the sound of my feet in the leaves 30 yards of so from the truck i hear screams in front of me.. arriving at the truck i see the body of my buddies  girl cut to shreads and strung out all over the last tombstone... he stood there in shock i said holy sh*t.. what happened.. he said idk man lets git the f*ck outa here.. we quickly got in the truck and balled the tires outa that place... THUMP< SLAM... F*CK... my girls head smashes into my windshield.. i had forgotten about her slipping off in the darkness.. the head jus fell from the sky... omg... we were horrified... i tokyo drifted my truck down that lane as fast as it would go (97) mph... soon as we got to the highway and our hearts slowed.. my buddie pulled out the blunt that we had burned on the way to the cemetary... (the reason we got lost) turned the heat back on (must've turned it off in the confusion) and rolled the windows down (not fogged just smoked out) . and said damn.... this is the funky of the funk.. he fired it up and passed it around... i said hey yall up yet... the girls passed out before we had even got to the cemetary in the back seat from this crunk.. yall missed out i said... some crazy shit.. we bugged out... they yawned and my ole lady giggles and says...mmmmm.. bologna samich...                This is a cool *ss cemetary....sh*ts crazy... u hafta go....

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i need directions to this place im from marion county which is about an hour away,


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