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The Buford House
113 E Saffard St
Tombstone, AZ 85638

County: Cochise County
GPS: 31.7152490, -110.0688330
WebSite: None

This is a VERY Charming bed and breakfast that has great history and has played host to many peopl eincluding John Wayne.

On my visit the owners told me the story of an 1880`s border named George who lived with his father at the Buford house had fallen in love with the girl acrossed the street named Cleopatra, Petra for short. George left to mine in Casa Grande to save for her betrothed and upon his return trips from mining, he accompanied Petra and some other friends as they went visiting. During the course of that evening, Petra decided to accompany another gentleman on the walk home.

No one knows if there was an argument or disagreement but this is the course of events. George became enraged and despondent. Petra was promised to him and now she has gone against that promise. George became more and more angry. His father became concerned for him and began checking on him regularly to make sure that he was all right.

One evening though, George was visited by Petra but before she could leave the Buford gate, George had shot her twice, mortally wounding her. He then shot himself and died right there in front of the Buford House. Petra found her way back across the street and was sapred from death by a local surgeon.

The owners of the Buford say that George still haunts the Buford House. He has been seen in the house many times by guests and by themselves. They say he will touch the women`s hair or stroke the back of their neck.

The owners have also been interviewed by the History Channel over a story of an old woman who occupies and upstairs room and tells visitors this is my room and you need to leave.

My experience has been in the downstairs living room when my good friends was attacked and was left with red blotchey marks on her arms after sitting in a chair that belonged to the former owners of the house.

It is a beautiful home and the owners (THE ALLENS!!) are delightful people.

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Last Seen: 6/9/2008 2:53:33 PM  
A woman that says this is her room and tells you to leave? I cant tell you how many times this has happened to me!

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I seen a show that said osmehting about a woman in white that runs around that area too.

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I grew up in Tombstone, and the story I heard was if you take a picture in the bedroom, your picture will show a face in the mirror.




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