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Greenlawn Abbey
Just down the road from the entrance to Greenlawn Cemetery on Greenlawn Ave.
Columbus, oh 43211

County: Franklin County
GPS: 39.9393352, -83.0008539
WebSite: None

Greenlawn Abbey is located just down the road from Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus, OH. It actually has quite a bit of notoriety attached to it for being haunted. However, the paranormal groups in the area tend to rally around it and it has been locked up tight due to vandalism. It is on public grounds though so you are free to walk around the outside and climb the steps. When I was last there, one of the boards over the doors was broken out so that I could see a little inside. I also got LOTS of EVP just recording on the upper stair landing by the broken board. I would suggest contacting a local group if you would like to get in and do an investigation though.

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iv been there and i have 4 words 4 u NEVER GO THERE EVER




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