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Unknown County    :    384 cities, 509 articles.
Acme:1 Aden:1 Aetna:3
Alberta Beac:1 Alberta Coal Branch:1 Alhambra:3
Amber Valley:1 Andre:1 Anthracite:1
Ardmore:1 Athabasc:7 Aylmer Provincial Rec Area:1
Bankhead:1 Barrhea:1 Basha:2
Bassan:1 Bawl:1 Bear Canyon:1
Beaver Mines:1 Beaver Mines Lake Rec Area:1 Beaverdam Provincial Rec Area:1
Beaverlodg:2 Beiseke:1 Bentley:1
Berwyn:1 Bezanson City:1 Big Berland Provincial Rec Area:1
Black Diamond:1 Blackstone Provincial Rec Area:1 Blairmore:1
Blueberry Mountain:1 Bonnyvill:2 Boulton Creek - Peter Lougheed Provincial Park:1
Bow City:1 Bow Islan:1 Bowde:1
Bragg Creek:9 Brant:1 Brazeau River Provincial Rec Area:1
Breto:1 Brook:3 Brown Creek Provincial Rec Area:1
Brownfiel:1 Brule:1 Buck Creek:2
Buck Lak:1 Buck Lake:1 Buffalo Jump:1
Buffalo Lake Village:1 Byemoor:1 Cache Lake - William A. Switzer Provincial Park:1
Cadoga:1 Cadomin:1 Calais:2
Caldwell:1 Calling Lake:1 Calma:1
Camros:1 Canmore Mines:1 Canyon - Peter Lougheed Provincial Park:1
Carbon:3 Cardsto:1 Carmangay:1
Carolin:1 Caroline:5 Carstair:1
Cartier Creek Provincial Rec Area:1 Caslan:1 Castle Falls Rec Area:1
Castle Mountain:1 Castle Mountain - Banff National Park:1 Castle River Bridge Rec Area:1
Casto:3 Cerea:1 Cessford:1
Chambers Creek Provincial Rec Area:1 Champio:1 Chard:1
Chauvin:2 Cherhil:1 Cherry Grove:2
Clareshol:1 Coalhurs:1 Coalspur:1
Coalspur Provincial Rec Area:1 Cold Lak:3 Columbia Icefield - Jasper National Park:1
Conquerville:1 Consort:1 Coronatio:1
Cremon:1 Crescent Falls Provincial Rec Area:1 Crowsnest Pass:3
Cynthia:1 Cza:1 Dayslan:1
Dead Mans Flats:1 Diamond City:1 Dinant:1
Dixonvill:1 Dixonville:2 Donald:1
Dorothy:2 Drayton Valle:1 Drumheller Valley:1
Dry Haven Provincial Rec Area:1 Duhamel:1 East Canal - Brazeau Reservoir Provincial Rec Area:1
East Coulee:1 Eckvill:1 Edgerton:1
Edso:5 Elk Creek Provincial Rec Area:1 Elk Poin:2
Elk River Provincial Rec Area:1 Elkwater:12 Elkwood - Peter Lougheed Provincial Park:1
Ellscott:1 Elnor:1 Emerson Lakes - Sundance Provincial Park:1
Empres:1 Empress:1 Enchan:1
Ensign:1 Etzikom:1 Fairfax Lake Provincial Rec Area:1
Fairview:1 Falhe:1 Ferintos:2
Fickle Lake Provincial Rec Area:1 Fish Lake Provincial Rec Area:1 Flatbush:1
Foremos:1 Forestburg:1 Fort Dunvegan:1
Fort Edmonton And Fort Augustus:1 Fort Macleod:1 Fort Normandeau:1
Fort Saskatchewa:1 Fort Saskatchewan:1 Fort Vermilio:1
Fort Vermilion:1 Fort Victoria:1 Fox Cree:1
Frank:1 Frog Lake:1 Georgetown:1
Ghost Airstrip Provincial Rec Area:1 Ghost Reservoir Provincial Rec Area:1 Glendon:2
Glenevis:1 Goldeye Lake Provincial Rec Area:1 Goodridge:3
Grande Cach:1 Grande Cache:1 Grande Prairi:2
Grantham:1 Graveyard Lake - William A. Switzer Provincial Par:1 Gregg Lake - William A. Switzer Provincial Park:1
Gregoire Lake Provincial Park:1 Grouard:2 Grovedale:1
Gunderson Meadows - Two Lakes Provincial Park:1 Gwynne:1 Hangingstone Provincial Rec Area:1
Hann:3 Hardist:2 Harlech Provincial Rec Area:1
Hartshorn:1 Hay Lake:1 Hayworth:1
Heinsburg:1 High Leve:1 High Prairie:1
Hild:1 Hill Spring:1 Hinton:2
Holde:1 Hondo:2 Hornbeck Creek Provincial Rec Area:1
Hotchkiss:1 Hyth:1 Iddesleigh:1
Innisfai:2 Interlakes - Peter Lougheed Provincial Park:1 Iosegun Lake Provincial Rec Area:1
Irma:1 Irrican:1 Jackfish Lake Provincial Rec Area:1
James River Bridge:1 James Wilson Provincial Rec Area:1 Jarvis Lake - William A. Switzer Provincial Park:1
Jasper:7 Johnston Canyon - Banff National Park:1 Kakwa River Provincial Rec Area:1
Kananaskis:4 Kehewin:1 Killa:1
Kingman:1 Kinky Lake - Wildhorse Lake Provincial Rec Area:1 Kitscot:1
Kovach:1 La Corey:1 La Cret:1
Lac Des Arcs - Bow Valley Provincial Park:1 Lac La Bich:2 Lac La Biche:2
Lac La Nonn:1 Lacombe:1 Lake Louise Tent - Banff National Park:1
Lake Louise Trailer - Banff National Park:1 Lake Saskatoon:1 Lamerton:1
Ledu:1 Leo:1 Lille:1
Linden:1 Little Chicago/New York:1 Little Sundance Creek Provincial Rec Area:1
Lloydminste:1 Lomond:1 Longview:6
Lovett River Provincial Rec Area:1 Lower Lake - Peter Lougheed Provincial Park:1 Lundbreck:2
Lynx Creek Rec Area:1 Machesis Lake Provincial Rec Area:1 Manning:2
Mayerthorp:1 Mcleod River Provincial Rec Area:1 Medicine Ha:3
Mercoal:1 Milk Rive:1 Millarville:3
Milo:1 Minnewanka:1 Mirror:1
Mitford:1 Moberly Flats - Two Lakes Provincial Park:1 Morris:2
Mosquito Creek - Banff National Park:1 Mossleigh:1 Mount Sarrail - Peter Lougheed Provincial Park:1
Mountain Mill:1 Mountain Park:1 Mountain View:2
Mulhurst Bay:1 Musreau Lake Campground:1 Nacmine:1
Nampa:1 Nanton:1 New Norwa:1
New Sarept:1 Newbrook:1 Newcastle:1
Nojac:1 Nordegg:1 North Ghost Provincial Rec Area:1
Obed Lake Provincial Park:1 Oil City:1 Old Fort Macleod:1
Orion:1 Oye:1 Paradise Valley:1
Peace Rive:2 Peer:2 Pembina Forks Provincial Rec Area:1
Peppers Lake Provincial Rec Area:1 Pierre Greys Lakes Provincial Rec Area:1 Pincher Cree:1
Pincher Creek:1 Pine Hollow - Two Lakes Provincial Park:1 Pine Lake Campground - Wood Buffalo National Park:1
Pocahontas:1 Pocahontas - Jasper National Park:1 Pollockville:1
Port Vermillion:1 Prairie Creek Provincial Rec Area:1 Protection Mountain - Banff National Park:1
Rainier:1 Ram Falls Provincial Rec Area:1 Rampart Creek - Banff National Park:1
Ranchland No. 66:2 Red Deer County:1 Red Deer River Rec Area:1
Reservoir - Brazeau Reservoir Provincial Rec Area:1 Retlaw:1 Rimbe:1
Rimbey:1 Rochon Sands:2 Rock Lake Provincial Park:1
Rocky Mountain Hous:2 Rocky Mountain House:1 Rockyfor:1
Rosedale:1 Rowley:1 Rycroft:1
Sangud:1 Saunders Provincial Rec Area:1 Scandia:1
Sexsmit:1 Sheerness:1 Silver City:1
Skunk Hollow:1 Smith:1 Smith Mills:1
Smoke Lake Campground:1 Smoky Lake Count:3 Spedden:1
Spirit Rive:1 Spray Lakes West - Spray Valley Provincial Park:1 Spring Coulee:2
Spruce View:5 St Pau:6 Standar:1
Stauffer:1 Stavel:1 Stavely:2
Stettle:1 Steveville:1 Strachan Provincial Rec Area:1
Sulphur Gates Provincial Rec Area:1 Sundr:1 Sunnynook:1
Swan Hill:1 Swan Hills:1 Tabe:1
Tail Creek:1 Tangen:1 Thompson Creek Provincial Rec Area:1
Three Hill:3 Tiger Lily:1 Tilley:1
Tofiel:1 Torrington:1 Trapper Leas Rec Area:1
Travers:1 Troch:1 Trochu:2
Tunnel Mt Trailer - Banff National Park:1 Tunnel Mt Village I - Banff National Park:1 Tunnel Mt Village Ii - Banff National Park:1
Turner Valle:1 Twin Lakes Provincial Rec Area:1 Two Hill:1
Two Jack Lakeside - Banff National Park:1 Two Jack Main - Banff National Park:1 Two Oclock Creek - Kootenay Plains Provincial Rec :1
Vauxhal:1 Vermilion:1 Vetera:1
Vikin:2 Vulcan:2 Wabamun:1
Wabasc:1 Wainwrigh:3 Waiparous Creek Provincial Rec Area:1
Wardlow:1 Warner:1 Waskahigan River Provincial Rec Area:1
Water Valley:3 Waterfowl Lakes - Banff National Park:1 Waterton Park:3
Waterton Park Gat:1 Watson Creek Provincial Rec Area:1 Wayne:1
Wemble:1 Wembley:1 West Canal - Brazeau Reservoir Provincial Rec Area:1
Westloc:2 Wetaskiwi:3 Wetaskiwin County:1
Whitehorse Creek Prov Rec Area:1 Whitla:1 Widewater:1
Wilcox Creek - Jasper National Park:1 Wildhorse Lake - Wildhorse Lake Provincial Rec Are:1 Wildwood:1
William Watson - Peter Lougheed Provincial Park:1 Winfield:1 Winnifred:1
Woodlands County:1 Wrentham:1 Youngstown:1

Ab County    :    1 cities, 1 articles.

Division No. 6 County    :    1 cities, 1 articles.

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