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K9 Mission Checklist

Created By: matt.montana on 8/4/2017 1:50:00 PM

Mission Checklist - K9
    Pack all gear in vehicle.
    powder, reward, first aid kits, packs, camelbaks, etc
    At least 1 set of spare clothes (socks, shoes, underwear, pants, shirt, etc)   
    Print map of mission area
    Print directions to and from mission location
    Walk/water K9, put in vehicle
    Print weather report for area
    Head out
On scene check list
    Sign in, write down mission number
    Make sure K9 has been walked, watered, fed, etc. Placed in ventilated container (car, crate, etc)
    Turn on GPS, reset tracks, clear route, make sure you have spare batteries for GPS

    Verify you have 3 sources of light, spare batteries for each.
    Check wind direction, write on map.
    Radio Check, make sure it has a full charge, spare battery.
    K9 & Human first aid kits.
    Scent article collection kit (gloves, bags, cotton pads)
    Mission briefing
    Pack check, make sure you have mission appropriate items.
        Ie: hot day, extra water for you and k9
        Long travel: extra food
        Cold & Wet: towel, spare clothes
    Food & water check both for human and K9, make sure you have plenty for the mission + extra.

    Properly dressed for weather both at base and where you are heading
    Prep k9 reward (toy/Treat), make sure it is readily accesible
    Plan your grid.
    Head out.
On mission
    Mark k9 signals on gps/map/notebook, with time, direction, wind direction.
    Break the dog at regular intervals. Set a reminder interval on cell if applicable.
After mission
    Save Route\Tracks, Turn off gps

    If no find occured, place an item for K9 to find. Inform Sheriff before doing so.
    Check yourself for injuries

    Check your k9 for injuries, make sure to carefully check pads

    Check K9 for ticks

    Walk/water K9, place in ventialed container.

    Check your gear for damage.
    Debrief/ gps dump
    Sign out
At home
    Remove garbage/food/disposable items from pack.
    Put all maps, print outs, etc, into a folder with the date, mission number, location, etc.
    Write a brief report of what happened, place in folder.

Created by [matt.montana] on 8/4/2017