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SAR Clothing

Created By: matt.montana on 8/4/2017 1:48:00 PM

SAR Clothing

Polypropylene Clothing – Wool – Gore-Tex ( No Cotton)

Shirts – Team Shirt - Wicking (optional under layer wicking personal choice)

Pants – Nylon/Wicking or (Gore-Tex type) Weather Appropriate

Rain Pants – Gore-Tex Type (light and/or heavy)  (No Rubber)

Boots – Water Proof (Gore-Tex type) with lugs

Socks – Smart Wool  optional with light weight wicking liner (extra pair)

Jacket – Water Proof/Breathable/ wind resistant (Gore-Tex type)

Jacket Liner – Fleece - use seasonal appropriate weight and denier

Gloves – 2 pair-  Leather and Weather Appropriate

Gaiters – (Gore-Tex type)

Thermal under garments – Wicking and weather appropriate (light/heavy)

Hat – Gore-Tex type/wicking or weather Appropriate Wool, Polyester


Pack and Helmet

• Pack and vest: It is best to have two size packs — one large enough for a potential 24-hour situation and a smaller day pack or vest for situations where you need less equipment and clothing. A duffel bag or tote is handy for extra, specialized, and seasonal equipment.

• Helmet: venting with 3 point chin straps with head lamp slots

      • Headlamp for Helmet



 24-HOUR PACK — Field

• Compass: clear base plate with adjustable bezel for declination.

• Eye protection (safety glasses, sun glasses, winter goggles plus retainer)


• Food, snacks, and water

• Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries ( carry two light sources)

• Knife: folding or fixed blade, at least three inches. Multi tool

• First aid kit: Should be clearly marked and visible from the outside of your pack.

• Work gloves (leather, wool, equivalent)

• Emergency shelter (poncho, tube tent, trash bags, etc.)

• Fire starter and matches (wind/waterproof, wooden)

• Ear protection: disposable foam type

• Radio: your own SAR-capable VHF radio or  HAM

• GPS unit

• Pencil/pen and waterproof paper

• Grid tape:  


PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

• Locking carabineer (one)

• “Figure - 8” descending device (one)

• 25’ of 1” tubular webbing, any color

• Climbing rope: 80 to 100 feet of 8mm,  


Comfort and specialized items: Optional

• Sun screen

• Insect repellent

• Toilet paper (in plastic bag)

• Parachute cord: 50 feet minimum. Has a variety of uses from making an emergency shelter to a replacement shoelace.

• Duct tape (3ft minimum)

• Binoculars

• Machete or saw

• Backpack stove

• Snow Shoes

• FRS/GMRS radio

• Large plastic garbage trash bags, 33 gal.

• Water filter

• Candle or fuel tablets (trioxane)

• Space blanket

• Zip lock bags (gal & qt)

• Metal cup or small pot

• Cotton handkerchief

• Cyalume light sticks

• Water container(s) (two Qts)

• Food and snacks (36 hr supply)

• Additional First Aid

o Adhesive tape

o Mole skin

o Lip balm

o Super glue

o Heat packs

o Cold packs

o 2–3 Trauma dressings

o Sam splint

o 2–5 compress bandages

o 4×4 Pads

o Triangular bandages

o 1 trauma scissors

o 2+ butterfly bandages

o 1+ pair surgical gloves


 The Best Tool you  have is between your EARS


Created by [matt.montana] on 8/4/2017