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Intro to APRS

Created By: matt.montana on 8/2/2017 4:17:00 PM

How to setup for APRS (Cheaply) (Less than $40)

  • Connect audio cable to cell phone on one end, and the baofeng on the other.
  • Setup APRSdroid on Cell, get your free APRS-IS key, enter it in when asked
  • On radio, enable VOX. Suggested value = 3

How it works:
The vox setting on the baofeng makes it audio activated for broadcasting (keep this in mind if you unplug and talk near it, or have cell phone audio alerts)
Every x minutes, the aprsdroid app will make an audio output of your current GPS position
The audio is captured by the baofeng, and auto broadcasted (due to vox setting)
If in range of a compatable tower, your transmission is heard and relayed to other towers, until it eventually hits an internet gateway.
THe internet gateway will upload your transmission and distribute it amongst servers in your region.

Your location (with Call Sign) is now visible to anyone that goes here: Aprs.FI

Created by [matt.montana] on 8/2/2017
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