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Old Torrance state mental Hospital
torrance rd
Torrance, PA 15779 - USA

County: Westmoreland County
GPS: 40.4157293, -79.2322927
WebSite: None

Location Description:     
Important items repeated an endless number of times.
Its right across from the military desalination plant.
*The first building on the gated road, abandoned with no windows or doors, it the nurse's quarters. Keep walking it's on the left side down the road further. Google maps will show you. Zoom on the current hospital follow the road to the east. On the inside bend theres an odd road t948 and in the woods you can see the building from google maps.

*State Police are taking aggressive measures with the owner, and it's been passed a misdemeanor if you trespass here. Also, from my understanding the place has been gated up by an electric fence, possibly set with motion detectors. For all intensive purposes, don't go. It's worth the fine, but not the charge.
Unless you and your buds are all commando'd out and ready to infiltrate into this place in the dead and dark of night, it's been made nearly impossible. Try Google for wire cutters, insulated gloves, army surplus for camo. Nice camcorders have night vision. A bud of mine has the goggles, pretty sweet. Have a way in and out, have a plan for all expected and unexpected situations. Be prepared. For god's sake send me your pictures people or don't even bothering posting about them.

If you don`t know the story I will fill you in. This was an insane asylum built in 1919 and founded by Mrs Torrance the wife of the founder of the town. This place grew with its number of patients as time went on but by the the 1960`s the Pennsylvania department of health finally said that it was unsafe for patients there anymore and it closed its doors in 1967. The real reasons were due to the amount of escapes, deaths, and blatant torture. Its rumored that they freely used electroshock therapy, hydrotherapy, lobotomies, as well as many satanic things like hanging victims on hooks where they were tortured and left for weeks on end.

This place is straight outta the scariest haunted movie you ever saw. There are also solitary confinement rooms in the basement where no doubt countless died. Neglect and torture are very obvious presences you can feel from the moment you look at the building. Don`t even bother with going up stairs, it looks like a few people have fallen through the ceiling. So the entire inside is vandalized with the most ignorant evil graffiti about satanism and what not. Definitely adds to your mood. The furnace room is said to have the most activity if you can find it.

I know that this has been said to be disproved by teams, but you know what, they conducted there tests in the day, and then brought all that equipment and got little results. Well i would def recommend going there at about 11 or 12 and see if you believe that the old Torrance state mental hospital is not haunted.

Watch first,

They're really cracking down from all the adventurers out there. Thanks Channel 4 for blowing it wide open. Jerks.

So we left. But just as we were about to walk the road back to the parking lot, a car came down that closed road. So we had to run through the field and when we got back to our cars a cop drove through the field with a spot light, just as we were leaving. Watch for Torrance Security. Its very patrolled they call the real cops. State Cops = RUN - 2006

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Username: angel_in_hell Posted: 7/2/2007            
Comment: Seems to be a very spooky place.... But I have a question. If there are 5 good spirits, 7 want to hurt you and there is a total of 9 spirits.. How does that work?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/27/2007            
Comment: Went there last night.
I was messing around because there were 2 drunk guys there, we kept driving back and fourth and I screamed out of the car window to scare the guys...

I had an asthma attack and we went back to the car where my brother repedidly had his hand on horn.

No cops came, I don`t think it`s haunted or very patrolled.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/31/2007            
Comment: went there last weekend, saw a 4 ft. tall shadow vaporize into a doorway at the far end also heard footsteps and a light flickering at the other end of the basement. this place is has a very weird feeling about it, but no need to watch out for police....we didnt see any bears

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/11/2008            
Comment: There is a movie being made about this place. You can actually vote for this movie here (new trailer):

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/12/2008            
Comment: I have never been to Torrance... I have heard many stories about the building and have read alot of articles about the hauntings. My one friend claims he had an old gurney pushed at him from across a room and almost hit him. He ran out the building and refused to go back in. He is a 6'6 270 pound man, and not a whimp at all. Just a sugestion...... I have been to Livermore though. I would highly recommend going there. Go all the way to the end of Livermore road and park there. Once you make your way past the gate and to the trail make a left, and at the next bridge I have personally experienced alot of paranormal activity on many visits. The best time to go is late at night (midnight or later), stand in the middle of the bridge scanning the lake/banks with a flashlight and listening around you. We usually go with a decient size group of people and stay in that spot for about 30 minutes. Most of the activity happens right when your about to leave. I have experienced Orbs, pillers of light with something standing in the middle of them on the lake itself moving, unexplained noises, shadow figures (also could be known as shadow demons, shadow people) that follow you even when your in your car the whole way back to route 22. I last went there in September of last year, and all 6 of us seen a full body apparition of a woman(aleast we think it was a woman) about 200 yards away her eyes would change color from white to red to blue and she was floating on top of the water standing up! All six people I was with seen this, and most of them refuse to go back now. It was not a fisherman, or a person because the was no boat engine noise and no boat on the water. It was too far from the bank for it to be someone fishing from the bank. There is no explaination for it. Two people that were with us, were so curious about it that they went back the next evening and there was nothing there that could have been mistaken for the sighting at all. No reflectors, no logs, trash or anything. I would say about 60% of the time we have experienced some activity. I would reccomend being careful police do patrol the parking area, but will not confront you as long as you do not go up in the cemetary. It is no trespassing and the locals also patrol that. Also bring multiple flashlights.. batteries tend to die on the bridge.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/14/2008            
Comment: For your information, Torrance State Hospital (in its correct spelling) is currently in operation and has not closed its doors yet. While some of the buildings are no longer in use, the hospital itself is open with patients occupying. While I won't deny that I think it's haunted, it's still open for business!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/15/2008            
Comment: I agree with the last comment. There are buildings on the grounds that are closed, just like any other State hospital. The photos of the place I've seen are of a building that's right next to one that is in use, and the stairways to the upper floors have been removed.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/16/2008            
Comment: i was there just last night, YES the NEW torrance mental hospital is in use, across the road... we are talking about the OLD mental hospital, right side of the road, it was build in the early 1900s closed in the 1960s

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/17/2008            
Comment: Ok so first off. The OLD Torrance state hospital. IS NOT gaurded by the cops.AT ALL. to get there you have to walk through a cornfrield which is picked every season. And the only place to park really is across the street at a military place. Ive been there three times. Park same place and walked the same place. its not hard to get there. Ok firs things first. That guy did not get chases away by a gurney. Theres noting in that building but wood and glass from it falling apart. You can get to the top floor but be carful. bc its falling apart. I more people you go with the less scary it is. and Nothing Happens the third time i Went was with 4 people walked through ehh. Then just me and my friend went in. A move is being made about it and other stuff. if you find the boiler room. Turn off your flash lights and dont move. Swear to god.You hear fucked up shit. Thats where the most activity is at int he building. when we left. My friend looked down the hall and seen a 4 ft. figure go down the stairs on the outside. I didnt but I believe it. I know the place like the back of my hand I can draw you a damn Map of it. its crazy and some wierd things do happen. If you want info on it or anything IM me at StayxSYGxUnited or get my myspace at

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/21/2008            
Comment: The building that you are all talking about was used to house the tuberculosis/syphillis patients...It is freaky..I hope you all washed your hands.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/5/2008            
Comment: me and my 2 friends went in.. well i didnt go in b.c im scared but they are hard asses and they walked into the back door, and was taking pictures and in one of them there is a red light and the next one its gone. so they continued to walk thru. and went out onto the patio out front and some mans voice came out of no where and said what the F**K are you doing here, they both leaped off the edge and my friend annie fell and lost her flashlight and they were running up that side road yelling start the f**king truck, repeatidly so i started it and they jumped in like dukes of hazzard style and we took of. they were out of breath and were so scared, and i had no idea what happened. and kept aking them but they almost had a heart attack and couldnt even speak. So i dunno if someone was screwing with us that night or if something was really there but whatever it was, was REALLY scary!!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/27/2008            
Comment: Actually...i've been there. A security gaurd caught us and all he said was be careful. They gave up trying to stop people.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/14/2008            
Comment: i have been to the old torrance state mental hospital there is a new hospital but the one we are talking about is the old one accross the road from the new one. i have pictures of my trip there and have many ghosts or spirits in my photos along with more orbs than i can count. i was also escorted out of this place and that was is may of 07 the hospital patrol for the new hospital is what escorted us out. we ran into them as we were leaving. we were told if we are caught there again we would be arrested. so there is patrol. and there are apparitions to see.

Username: hunter23 Posted: 5/19/2008            
Comment: If you do have pictures, why don't you make an account and share them?  They would be interesting to see, and also to help prove that this place is haunted.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/23/2008            
Comment: i want to go but i need directions... Does the place have an address so i can find it better or am i just shit out of luck?

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 5/23/2008            
Comment: theres no address, its been closed for 50 years! your best bet is to look at the google maps

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/14/2008            
Comment: First off the building you guys are talking about across from the military depot is not the old hospital. It is the old staff quarters, cafeteria, locker rooms and offices for employees of the old hospital. Second the old hospital was part of self sustaining community, most of the buildings including the real hospital are no longer used. To find the actual hospital go up the road a little further and take a left, you'll follow it to an old group of fenced in buildings, you'll have to park and walk from there. I am a local and I'm amazed that it seems to be a secret. Everyone ends up at the staff quarters instead of at the actual hospital. The quarters arent even big enough to house patients.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/17/2008            
Comment: i went this morning and im goin again roomate took pics the day before and reviewed the pics with me last night...he took one pic and then took the same pic 19 seconds later and there was a little girl inthe bottom left freaked me out....

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 6/18/2008            
Comment: whoa!, is this is serious then as soon as i get back back from florida we are making a b-line for blairsville. Anon, please contact me about exactly how to get there so i can update when i get back from the real place.
AIM kockyhardrockr.
GOOGLE kockyhardrockr
YAHOO kockyguitarrockr

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 6/18/2008            
Comment: The place isn't patrolled by police. Its like this, ALL the grounds are patrolled by Torrance security guards. They aren't looking for kids trying to find the old hospital but if they see you they're gonna investigate. Common sense.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/27/2008            
Comment: i went to the place next to the military base from that building where is the actuall torrance do i go past new torrance

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/29/2008            
Comment: I currently work at Torrance State Hospital. The building you are talking about is no longer owned by the state. The farmer that lives near by owns it. Torrance security watches it but they cannot do anything to you. But the road that is right beside it that is gated is owned by the hospital and if you park on it they can probably bust you for that.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/14/2008            
Comment: I went to Torrance last night and all of you people are crazy! Nothing happened, its just an old building with lots of stories to go with it! I also took my digital camera and took numerous pictures, and guess what! No Orbs!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/17/2008            
Comment: You didnt see any orbs because orbs can only be captured on a poleroid camra not digital! and when I visited Torrance it was a hot day and before I even entered the building I had a cold chill come over me! Before i even went there i knew nothing about it my bf just told me get in the car we are going for a ride. we went in and had a paranormal detector and it lit up bright red when we went in the basement! We found the room where all the bad things went on and I chickened out and ran out. We also found a flashlight that was still lit in the window pain. There was alot of freaky stuff that happened that night AND ALL I KNEW WAS THAT IT WAS AN OLD HOSPITAL!i will probley return in the future but at the presant time I am too scared to go back! Oh and by the way we parked right on the side of the road and nobody bothered us.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/17/2008            
Comment: My boyfriend just called me and told me he was there and him and his bro got scared and left there freinds to do more searching and when he went to his car to wait for them a cop came and asked what they were doing the cop said if you were in there we would have a problem.SO EVERYONE BE CARFUL YOU DNT GET CAUGHT!

Username: angel_in_hell Posted: 7/18/2008            
Comment: Actually, you can capture "orbs" on any type of camera, Digital or not. Regardless of what you're using, you'll most likely capture dust instead of actual orbs. Even though I prefer my 32 mm camera that uses film, I've used my digital for ghost hunting and have caught the strange things. When it comes down to it, it just depends on the activity of the place that you are ghost hunting in.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/24/2008            
Comment: i was just there last night about 3:30 am and me and about three friends of mine were all sitting in front of the old furnace in the basement, we turned out all the lights for about ten minutes and just sat therre in total silence, i recommend NEVER to do this, because at about ten minutes later the whole place seemed to just change, we started hearing footsteps in the hallway upstairs and then we seriously heard like light crying coming from the hallway outside the boiler room. we were freaking out, it seriously seemed like the whole place was like breathing. and no there were no drugs or alcohol involved in our trip. so we bolted outta that place and as soon as we started out the little path this truck with so big lights came hauling azz behind us so we took off running through the corn field and we stopped and looked back and the truck just like dissappeared, we went back and looked and the main gate was still locked. this place is freakin weird but if you really want to see what torrance is about go there at like 3-4 am and you will become a believer

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/24/2008            
Comment: Can someone please give me directions to this place? I know where the new torrance hospital is but I have noooooo idea where to go from there!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/29/2008            
Comment: me and my friends went there the other night. we didn't know where to go to find the hospital but we found a smaller building that you can see from torrance road...not sure what that was. do you have to walk through the corn field to get there or can you walk down that road thats there?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/30/2008            
Comment: We were looking for the place last night, but went down the gated road instead. It was so dark, we completely passed the Graff building (the one that is supposedly haunted) on the right side. But as we continued down the road, we saw what looked to be a flashlight or a car coming, so we hit the hills. After furthur investigation, we found the light was coming from some strange street lamp or flood light down the road into a gated area. We gave up looking for the place and are going back late tonight. Ironically, while we were in the hills, my friend said he heard a prolonged scream from a woman, as if she was just stabbed in the heart - faint, but prolonged. I didn't hear it, however, this kid would not lie to me. I take his word for it. At first I was skeptical, but I was convinced when he pinpointed the scream coming from the direction of the old building that night. Terrifying? I will find out tonight, once I do, I'll be sure to post a full story on my myspace about it if anything happens, including detailed instructions on how to get to the place. Wish me the worst; you know you want good footage of things happening ;)

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/31/2008            
Comment: this whole thing really makes me want to vomit and i never even got out of the car eehh

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/1/2008            
Comment: i was there like 3 times...nothing ever happens!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/6/2008            
Comment: I was there last night with 3 other friends hoping to actually find ghosts or paranormal activity, but didn't really find too much. As we were turning off the highway to the location we saw another car full of teenagers turn off right before us (I knew this would happen since there's so many websites on Old Torrance and it seems so well-known), well that basically ruined our trip 'cuz as we walked through the building all we heard were 6 teenage kids giggling. But, the building itself is creepy in appearance but what building at night isn't? The part that really pissed me off was all the weird grafitti literally everywhere, there's not one square foot of wall that hasn't been painted. That definitely ruins the mood. However I will admit that once we went into the basement I lost total control of all my muscles in my arms immediately and got extremely cold and nausious, almost to the point where I wanted to vomit. I am 6'1 and 200 pounds and lift weights 6 days a week, nothing has EVER made me feel the loss of muscle that I felt upon entering that furnace room in the basement. It's worth checking out but just be aware you'll probably see other people there. As for it being patroled, I highly doubt it -- we parked right on the highway for an hour without getting caught.

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 8/7/2008            
Comment: ok all you ANON. get a hold of me if you have evidence. Would someone mind posting some Exact directions from the point of turning onto Torrance Rd. to stepping in the front door, Please

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/11/2008            
Comment: EDIT in the above, i said 'if you turn right' twice, the first 'right' is supposed to say left. There is also a creek that you cross, don't follow it, there is nothing down there, niether. It just gets deeper and your shoes will get soaked

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/12/2008            
Comment: do you have a less of a chance to get caught if you just park across the street at the military place instead of parking at the side of the road ? that road by the corn field is kinda iffy because isnt there a farmer that lives up there? i saw a truck come down that road whenever me and my friend went to check it out one night

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/12/2008            
Comment: Went there the other night. Heard a few noises but were greeted by other teenagers as we entered the building. Took pictures, mostly just "orbs" or dust particles. No cops to be seen. The building is right across from the new hospital...maybe a few hundred feet before it. It is right behind a corn field, but you will see a dirt road, which is gated, turn there and hide your car behind the corn, most likley youll see other cars parked there as well. Walk past the gate and a few feet down the road, shine your lights to the right and you'll see the red building. Good luck, have fun, be safe.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/12/2008            
Comment: Parking an unauthorized vehicle at a military base doesn't sound like too good of an idea. If you wanted to, you could probably park in the lot of the New Torrence hospital. But I'm sure they see alot of carfuls of kids parking there then walking away, you might get towed. The farmer i beleive lives in a house that is maybe 1/4 -1/2 a mile up the road (if you come from the direction of the abandoned BP station) You can see where some assholes ran down some corn, but I'm sure they're used to kids parking there all the time. There is a place where you could park off the farm road if you wanted, so you don't get in anyones way. This place is hit up all the time, i'm pretty sure no one gives a sh1t anymore.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/12/2008            
Comment: & to the person who commented above the one i jsut made, if you saw a group of about 6 Wyotechers and two chicks, i was probably one of them

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/13/2008            
Comment: i went there last night with my boyfriend and we parking on the road to the right of the gate and no one bothered us. as soon as we got out of the truck we both heard a man's voice come from the corn but we looked through there and heard no footsteps and we didnt see anyone. we tried going there a few days ago but we heard a scream and got real freaked out and we werent sure that if that building to the right was the hospital because it looked too small to be it from the outside but when we went there last night and went in it was huge. i got a few orbs on my digital but thats about it. in one of the rooms i got real scared for some reason and i dont know why. but nothing really happened, we didnt see anything. the only thing that i saw that scared me was a bat that kept flying back and forth in one of the hallways and it kept going right above my head. haha. but it was fun, it was real cold in there, you could see your breath. its probably not a good idea to go on the second floor though because most of the second floor looks like has no floor so unless you wanna die, thats probably not a good idea. haha.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/15/2008            
Comment: we (my cousin and I) use to plan hide and seek as kids in the old hospital. i moved to florida and started a life with kids and husband of course and i just moved back three years ago. my cousin and I are planing a trip just to go play hide and seek like back in the day. we'll keep you guys posted....

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/17/2008            
Comment: i went tonight with some friends and it was the scariest stuff ever.. as soon as we got right infront of the building i got chills and got real cold... then i was standing in the doorway and walked in and saw a white figure moving straight ahead of the entrance.. then i turned to the left and the first thing i saw was my name on the wall in big red bold lettering.. needless to say i got the eff out of there

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/18/2008            
Comment: i just went there last night, it's scary as hell. and we got chased by the cops. but i'd definately go back..

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/20/2008            
Comment: really u got chased i been there atleast 3 times and never even seen or heard of any cops.. although i did get some pics with a lot of orbs and a picture of what looks like a bloody handprint on the wall... but i dunno it may be paint but i can post the picture somewhere if any1 wants to view it and ive had a few strange happenings there that i cant explain but nothing so jurastic i had to run scared or anything

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/26/2008            
Comment: I've been here 3 times now... saw a post before that this was just the staff quarters and not the actual hospital... are you sure there's nothing past the water treatment place behind the fence... the road goes on a long way... does anyone know for sure if the real hospital isn't down there?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/31/2008            
Comment: me and a bunch of ppl went there last night and 3 of us went in and the other 3 stayed outside cause they got soon as we walked up the steps we could all of a sudden see our breath and if you walked away like 5 feet you couldnt anymore...once we walked in all the of the ppl that were standing outside said that they saw 2 white figures standing on the proch right behind us....after we walked in me and another kid heard footsteps and then saw somthing in the corrner...and he felt someone touch him on the back of the neck...itt was freakie...i would so go back

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/3/2008            
Comment: Orbs have nothing to do with paranormal activity. If you haven't noticed the place is kind of dusty,when you walk you kick up dust which when u take a picture shows up as a glowing light. You may think u have an orb on ur photo but what you have is nothing more than dust. Me and my team went through the real Torrance State Mental Hospital, not the staff quarters, and ran thermal scans, EVP recorders and had no personal experiences or video evidence. Old Torrance State Mental Hospital is a myth.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/3/2008            
Comment: Wait, so the "Old Torrance Mental Hospital" on the little dirt road by the corn field IS NOT actually a mental hospital at all? It's just staff quarters? But why would there be such tiny rooms, some of which have fireplaces? And why would there be staff located in a seperate building? Does anyone have any hard facts or proof that Old Torrance was just for the workers and didn't actually house mentally ill patients?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/4/2008            
Comment: I'm a paranormal investigator. I really want to check this place out. If anyone else is interested please let me know :) Maybe this weekend would be possible. email me:

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/15/2008            
Comment: This will be the comment to end comments. After 2 weeks of immense research and studying, and even talking to some Blairsville locals, I finaly have the truth about where the Old Torrance Hospital is, and some interesting facts/rumors about it... First, how to get there. After going through the town of Blairsville you will come up on a closed BP station to your left. Turn Left. you are now traveling down Torrance Road. You will pass corn fields, and eventually come up to a US Military Reserve on your left. Directly across from their parking lot is a large metal gate closing off the road. (Don't worry about trespassing, just read the signs: No Trespassing to Motor Vehicles. unless your plowing the gate down with your car, you're fine. Torrance Security may stop you and question you, but they can't make arrests so don't worry.) Shortly down that gravel path is what is believed to be the "Old Torrance Hospital." FALSE. The 2 buildings indeed were once owned by Torrance and were used as employee quarters, however THESE BUILDINGS ARE NOT THE HOSPITAL. After talking to locals, we found out that the building is now privately owned (yes, someone currently owns that garbage heap) and pretty much as long as you don't burn it down, you're fine going in and giving yourself a scare (just be very careful because the building itself is falling apart.) And don't bother going down the gravel path any further: about 1/2 mile down the road forks- water treatment plant to right, and to the left, about a mile down it leads into corn fields and barns (yes, the same ones you pass on Torrance Rd.) Now the answer everyone's been waiting for...Where To Find the REAL Old Torrance Hospital. Just before the Army Reserve driveway there is a big, green sign marked "TORRANCE STATE HOSPITAL ENTRANCE 1." Turn LEFT onto the road with the sign. As you continue to venture up through the grounds where the NEW Torrance Hospital is located, you will stumble across a series of "older" looking buildings, and among them is indeed THE OLD TORRANCE HOSPITAL. I know this because 1.)the photos are identical to those found on the PA Dpt. of Public Welfare website, 2.)the website states nothing about the Old Hospital being shut down, rather "new facilities were built to better suit and house patients," and 3.)its marked TORRANCE STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL above the front entrance!! From talking to locals, I learned that the buildings are closed and used merely as storage for the new hospital, but you might be able to set up a tour or viewing session if you call the Hospital directly. Lastly, here are some interesting facts/rumors i've heard regarding the local legend: There were more buildings set up in the woods along the road at one time, but were knocked down when farmers bought the land to plant/build, you guessed it: corn fields and barns. Another rumor talks about "underground tunnels" that ran under the road, connecting the Old Hospital and the Employee quarters, but as one local told me "We never found anything. Whether they were filled in or what, nothing was ever found." I also learned that most of the rumors involving "patients escaping, patients being hung, patients being burned, patients suffocating" and what not are true. But lets look at the time period...The hospital was open from 1901 to the 1960s. In the early stages of the hospital's existance no one really knew better when it came to the mentally insane. Medical knowledge was poor and technology was even worse, So hearing that a "patient escaped and got hanged" really wouldn't surprise me. To conclude, I would like to say to anyone interested in exploring Torrance- keep searching! Have fun with this urban legend, especially as the Halloween season is approaching.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/23/2008            
Comment: Hello, I'm planning to go there soon. I'd like to enter the building legally, so I need to know: What proper authorities would I contact?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/23/2008            
Comment: And the person who mentioned the farmer that owns the building. Is there any way you could find some contact information for him and get it to me?? Thanks

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/5/2008            
Comment: Hello, I was at the building tonight. The minute we parked and started walking down the road Torance Security opened the gate and drove back and questioned us. They said they couldnt do anything because it wasnt their property, but to be careful and it was owned by a farmer. We drove from Johnstown to Blairsville which was about 35 min. we heard a bunch of stories and decided to go. When we entered it was cold but it was only about in the 50's but much colder inside. We explored for about 10 min. but some people chickened out. More scared of some crazy homeless guy there. We turned our lights out and nothing happened. As we were leaving we heard dogs barking and we peaced thinking it was the farmer coming. Some people claimed they heard screams but I didn't and neither did a few others. When we left we saw a PA state cop driving toward the place but never really saw if he stopped or not. As I read I believe that it wansnt the real hospital but the employee quarters. It was old and alot of spray painting. I was creepy dont get me wrong. We would really like to go back and see the real deal and stay a little longer, the security kinda made it a short trip cause we didnt want to get the cops called. I am interested in learning more please inform thanks

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/7/2008            
Comment: I seen this old lady hanging from a hook that was up through her vertical taco and came out her mouth.. im not sure if she was a ghost or real.. i ran as fast as i could. it was crazy!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/9/2008            
Comment: I personally was at torrance and nothing really weird happened, but it was a little freaky and if you are trying to find it just go to the new insane asylum and there is a dirt road directly across the street from it. just follow that dirt road on foot and about 150 yards down it on the right you will see it and the pigs do watch it so be careful

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/10/2008            
Comment: ok u can't exactly say that it's myth just because ur team didn't find anything...i've never been there no, and in fact don't even live in the state, but this is an old property and u never know what may or maynot of happened there, there's no telling, unless of course u were a patient irks me when ppl make accusations that they don't know for sure...once again just because U didn't get anything doesn't mean it's NOT.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/11/2008            
Comment: there is still a Torrence Hospital. It used more for a juvinal detention facility and part of it is run by the State Correctional Facilities. Plus there is a very limited amount of mentally challenged people located there.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/13/2008            
Comment: I was just there today...My friend and his parents went with us. i have been up there numorus times and always thought the real hospital was the one that was across from the military base...well thats false we decided to explore a little and decided to walk up the road right before the military base and we passed a bunch of old buildings. there is a maintnece building at the end of the road well behind this building is where the real hospital is. I was pissed because I didnt get to go in because when we were about 100 yards from the actual hospital this red explorer with a security sticker came flying down the road and said this is priv. property and you can not go back there. And we asked him were the real hospital was located and it is the one behind the maitnence building he said that this is the place where all all the electrical shock happened... he said nobody can get passed him unless your real sneeky. He said the one that is across the street was a doctors home then it got turned into a birthing center for woman. then he proceded to tell us about what they did with the bodys when they passed away... and where the big red barn is down the street there are woods and a opened field he said they dug holes for the bodies and the still births from across the street he told us that he has been in the building himself and there is really no activity...but he did say that the land behind that barn may be haunted but be careful if you go there...he also said your allowed to go to the building across from the military base all you want and creep yourselves out as much as you want. also we were told that the real hospital is going to be demolished in december. so if you really want to see it you better go soon!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/19/2008            
Comment: anybody know how to get in to the old hospital without being caught

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/20/2008            
Comment: i was just there the other night and the building accross the road is not torrence. old torrence is actually surrounded by new torrence we made the mistake of driving through the parking lot to find it and got caught by security and it a 350$ fine per person. so if any one has been up to the actually torrence and not gotton caught could you please let me know. old torrence is 4 storys as were the building across the road is only 2

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/26/2008            
Comment: Sorry to burst everyones bubble but the old building on the right side of the road was not part of the hispital at all it was to house doctors and staff members. If you want to see the real one there are 7 diffrent buildings and u have to go in to the up and running hospital there are a few diffrent building up there some of the original buildings are still in use. There are security gaurds that stop by from time to time but if u dont park in front of their gate they dont care that ur ack there. Its not haunted at all ive been there many times i am a local ten minutes from there all the shock therapy stuff is true but nothing crazy. up inside the main up and running buildings walking down the road i did see a person who was enrolled there very nice man actually if u want a real haunt go to the actual hospital. the windows are lined with bars most doors are nailed shut but its pretty creepy in the daylight

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/27/2008            
Comment: Could you possibly do some tour or the REAL, up-and-running Torrance? After my friends and I realized that the old building to the right WAS NOT at-all a part of the Torrance State mental hospital and no patients could have possibly been housed there (that building is TINY), we drove around the NEW one for a while and damn that was wayyyy creepier than anything I EVER expected!! There's tons of barbed wire, tons of boards on windows and doors, and barred windows and security like crazy. It's creepy to imagine the loonies that are housed there. But I would definitely want a tour without being hassled by the popo or security, is that possible?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/1/2008            
Comment: Ive been to the buildiing on th eright side of the road and got some great black and white photos,very eerie to say the least .Ilove taking pictures of abandoned buildings! I WENT TO THE main property on the other side of the road in broad daylight with my camera and before I knew it A guard came drove down to me and asked for my film and saild I wasnt allowed to take pictures, I told him that my lense cap was on and it actually was , lol and I DIDNT GET ANYTHING ON FILM . feeling unwelcome I got back into my car took the lense cap off and Accidentally took a picture of the old abandoned buildings and I must say they were of postcard quality lol. I want to get into the properties and look around anyone everdone that ? how can i get in unnoticed whensthe best time to go etc. which building did they do the shock therapy in ?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/1/2008            
Comment: Okk so how about me and a few buddies of mine went tonight at like 7 and we couldn't find this place...we parked in the actual new places parking lot and we actually walked the campus of the new hospital and couldn't find this place...can somebody help me out? my email is Thank youu.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/10/2008            

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/12/2008            
Comment: I went there a couple nights ago for my first time with 2 friends that have explored the place many times and truely believe that it's haunted. It's a creepy old building. When I went inside I didn't feel right at all (kinda unwanted). If you go definently hit up the BASEMENT! We went into the furnance room for a couple minutes and a warm feeling came over my body. Talk about werid cause it was a cold night. My buddy could feel it too. The next thing I know i was starting to have trouble breathing then my buddy looks over at me and says he can't breath without knowing that i felt the same way. We both completely lost our breath in that room. No bullshit. It was pretty freaky. We both felt the samething in that room that night and it wasn't right. Although we didn't see anything that was enough for us to leave. we'll be goin back to explore more to find the real hospital and not just the staff buildin. But even the staff building is def a spooky place. There's some kinda energy there. Check out it out for yourself. PARKING: If you drive past the building a little bit there are barns on the right side of the road that you can park behind. Pull as far down as you ccan. then you can take the woods or the road. just watch out for cars.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/6/2008            
Comment: I'm a local. I live on 217, 10 min. from the hospital.There is a methadone clinic on the grounds there too. I know for a fact that if you plan to go onto the property to try to nose around,there is a new rule in place for being there.If your there and security stops you, you better have a workers I.D. or a SPSH clinic I.D. The guards are sick to death of peolple cruising the place with no reason to be there.Trust me I know,I go to the SPHS clinic and was given the memo on this 2 weeks ago.They can and do give fines. And they like to lay low and watch from behind the little buildings just off the road.Be careful.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/15/2008            
Comment: Went to Torrance today with a couple friends. Gate was locked so we decided to turn around, until we saw a small dirt road off to the side of the gate. we took that, which led us to the back of the old torrance hospital. once we got back there, we took a short walk to the front. hearing things, we headed back to the car. Then Our guy friends thought that they wouldd be so kick azz if they went inside. So they didd...On their way there, they came to a complete stop, called my cell, (me and my friend were in the car) andd told us that they have found a grave site just right along side the tree line behind the old hospital, freakyy mann. My friends went in for a closer look then I heard what it sounded like them yelling for each other they came running back to the car where my friend and I walked back to after being scared from the things we heard. But anyway my guys friends came running back jumped in the car no questions asked and we were gone. I can personally say I was scared from the "growling" to the scratching on the back windshield of the car (while we waited for the guys to get back)was enough for me. Going back tomorrow to get some clips maybe i can spook something into giving me evidence of my findings. WIll re-post tomorrow with my results....p.s. if i dont right back the ghosts either got me or Im in jail for tresspassing lol!!!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/21/2008            
Comment: well. I have personally never been there. but my boyfriend would go there all the time. He lived pretty close to it. He has told me a lot of stories about being there and showed me some crazy pictures. If you want to see some footage that it pretty good and it gives you a general idea about what it looks like, find Under a Nightmare-Cemetery Getaway. It is filmed there.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/18/2009            
Comment: Me and a few friends went in the October 2008. We parked a little bit a way on a turn off and walked through the Picked corn field on the right of the road leading to the old Torrance Hospital. We didn't see police, but we did see A security van parked out front the Old Torrance hospital. That is why we walked through the field. We stayed for a few hours with out any hassle from cops or security. The Place was very creepy. We split into 2 teams of 4. One team sat in the cellar trying to comunicate with spirits. The other team walked around. We didn't see anything i could prove as a haunting, however it peeked my intrest to go back this spring when it warms up. If u have any questions i would love to help you. My IM is mstayduhar1 Email =

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/26/2009            
Comment: Looking to go to Torrance at the beginning of next month. I have been reading and researching where it is and all that has happen there. I am looking for someone who lives close to Greensburg, Pa to contact me that has experience in being there and where to park to come with us that night. Address the email "Torrance" SO I know who and what you want.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/2/2009            
Comment: this place is NOT and was NOT ever a mental hospital!! patients were never in that's tiny!

Username: Dreamreaper08 Posted: 2/2/2009            
Comment: Me and a few friends went in the October 2008. We parked a little bit a way on a turn off and walked through the Picked corn field on the right of the road leading to the old Torrance Hospital. We didn't see police, but we did see A security van parked out front the Old Torrance hospital. That is why we walked through the field. We stayed for a few hours with out any hassle from cops or security. The Place was very creepy. We split into 2 teams of 4. One team sat in the cellar trying to comunicate with spirits. The other team walked around. We didn't see anything i could prove as a haunting, however it peeked my intrest to go back this spring when it warms up. If u have any questions i would love to help you. My IM is mstayduhar1 Email =

Username: Tonybruni Posted: 2/7/2009            
Comment: For all you who believe anything you read above. The Staffing Quarter's off Torrance road by the Cornfield is not Old torrance hospital, come on jesus. I decide to call the NEW Torrance hospital located about 1/2 mile from the staffing quarter's which is directly across from a Military Depot. So there now your facts can be set right on that place. Second while on the phone with the Lady they said they give Free Tour's of the old hospital And went on to tell me that the Real Old Torrance hospital is actually on the New Ones Property and some of the old buildings are used for Storage. So there you have it that place you all think is a hospital is BY FAR not big enough and by far NOT Old Torrance. I got pictures though of some orbs and ghost on digital camera while I did ivestigate it that night. It is Patrolled guys. We almost got caught we are lucky. They seem to patroll is after 11pm. As we left to go where we hid our car we came back by Torrance road to head back home and as we drove past there was a security truck there. BE CAREFUL. Do not go up stairs unless you plan on them seeing the light's your shinging very easy across the street or Your gonna fall through I tried everything in my power to go across it but too risky and not intelligent move so don't be a hero. If you want to see my pictures or contact me about possibly going to the REAL Old Torrance and are over 18. Emial me at , ADDRESS it as "TORRANCE" or I will delete your email. Thank you and Good Luck ghost hunting. P.S. We also visited livermore Cementary that night got photos as well.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/8/2009            
Comment: i investigated Livermore and Livermore cemetary however was there during the day. where exactly is the old town of Livermore? after i get to the gate and go down the hill do i go left until i get to the bridge? contact me at

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/10/2009            
Comment: My husband is currently a patient at Torrance State Hospital. There are several buildings still in use. There are cameras in the security room, focused on the outside, patients are allowed to walk around, if deemed trustworthy enough. Just be respectful while there, please.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/17/2009            
Comment: So I am planing on investigting this site with me and a couple of my friends. I am a skeptic; and I feel that day or night, rain or shine; if this mental hospital is turly haunted then we are bound to get something whenever we go. Ive been on the turnoff road before and saw NO private property sighns, and no No trespassing sighns so I dont know why people are worried for cops or security cars.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/21/2009            
Comment: I was there today and really felt the eerieness of the place. The old part of the hospital (not the staff quarters) looks unbelievably scary and I drove right up to the front of it - no one was around. On the way out and across from entrance 1 I saw the old staff quarters. Why haven't they torn these old buildings down ?? Why are they left there like that ?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/27/2009            
Comment: REPOST: no need to listen to anything above. After 4 weeks of immense research and studying, and even talking to Blairsville locals, I finally have the truth about where the Old Torrance Hospital is, and some interesting facts/rumors about it... First, how to get there. After going through the town of Blairsville you will come up on a closed BP station to your left. Turn Left. you are now traveling down Torrance Road. You will pass corn fields, and eventually come up to a US Military Reserve on your left. Directly across from their parking lot is a large metal gate closing off the road. (Don't worry about trespassing, just read the signs: No Trespassing to Motor Vehicles. unless your plowing the gate down with your car, you're fine. Torrance Security may stop you and question you, but they can't make arrests so don't worry.) Shortly down that gravel path is what is believed to be the "Old Torrance Hospital." FALSE. The 2 buildings indeed were once owned by Torrance and were used as employee quarters, however THESE BUILDINGS ARE NOT THE HOSPITAL. After talking to locals, we found out that the building is now privately owned (yes, someone currently owns that garbage heap) and pretty much as long as you don't burn it down, you're fine going in and giving yourself a scare (just be very careful because the building itself is falling apart, and accidents do happen.) And don't bother going down the gravel path any further: about 1/2 mile down the road forks- water treatment plant to right, and to the left, about a mile down it leads into corn fields and barns (yes, the same ones you pass on Torrance Rd.) Now the answer everyone's been waiting for...Where To Find the REAL Old Torrance Hospital. Just before the Army Reserve driveway there is a big, green sign marked "TORRANCE STATE HOSPITAL ENTRANCE 1." Turn LEFT onto the road with the sign. As you continue to venture up through the grounds where the NEW Torrance Hospital is located, you will stumble across a series of "older" looking buildings, and among them is indeed THE OLD TORRANCE HOSPITAL. I know this because 1.)the photos are identical to those found on the PA Dpt. of Public Welfare website, 2.)the website states nothing about the Old Hospital being shut down, rather "new facilities were built to better suit and house patients," and 3.)its marked TORRANCE STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL above the front entrance!! From talking to locals, I learned that the buildings are closed and used merely as storage for the new hospital, but you might be able to set up a tour or viewing session if you call the Hospital directly. Lastly, here are some interesting facts/rumors i've heard regarding the local legend: There were more buildings set up in the woods along the road at one time, but were knocked down when farmers bought the land to plant/build, you guessed it: corn fields and barns. Another rumor talks about "underground tunnels" that ran under the road, connecting the Old Hospital and the Employee quarters, but as one local told me "We never found anything. Whether they were filled in or what, nothing was ever found." I also learned that most of the rumors involving "patients escaping, patients being hung, patients being burned, patients suffocating" and what not are true. But lets look at the time period...The hospital was open from 1901 to the 1960s. In the early stages of the hospital's existence no one really knew better when it came to the mentally insane. Medical knowledge was poor and technology was even worse, So hearing that a "patient escaped and got hanged" really wouldn't surprise me. To conclude, I would like to say to anyone interested in exploring Torrance- keep searching! Have fun with this urban legend, but be safe.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/1/2009            
Comment: does anyone have the documentary of "daman4469" ?? Or does anybody have the "true history" that happened there? Some very good picutreS? It's so exciting.. !! Thx

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/1/2009            
Comment: Try this link Some old photos of Torrance from the 1930's when a renovation was done.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/2/2009            
Comment: and what's the true story about it?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/3/2009            
Comment: LOL I was that crazy homeless guy living there. I wasn't actually homeless my fiancee was committed across the road and I live all the way in Butler so I was camping there . The building seemed to be kind of cozy to me but then again live was at a low for me so ghost where kinda the least of my worries. So to all the people I freaked out. One guy an his son even brought me food. I'm still cracken up about that thank you for the laugh.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/4/2009            
Comment: i can't wait to go im so excited. this stuff better scare the hell ouy of me cuz thats what im hoping for

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/9/2009            
Comment: ...???

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/10/2009            
Comment: I have been to the staffing quarters.I have investigated there and it is sure interesting. I took two pictures and we definately got orbs and a figure moving in both. We are going back tonight to see what we can catch. it is atleast a great place to visit.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/14/2009            
Comment: A small group of us went and took digital cameras and flashlights. We went during the night. The darkness and thickness of the air is ominous. One of my buddy's had a digital camera and said the battery started to going dead within about ten minutes of us being there. I figured it was just cuz he hadn't charged his battery well enough. I new that mine was full and continued to take random pics. Then my camera light for my battery went on saying my battery was going to die soon. We were only there for about thirty minutes or so. There's no reason for my battery to die. When I showed it to my boyfriend, his flashlight was getting dimmer. We left within a few minutes of that cuz it was getting too cold out there. As soon as we got in our cars and left, his flashlight wasn't dimming anymore and both of our camera batteries were back to the original full strength. There is a powerful presence there. Caution and respect should be exerted when exploring. And be careful not to get lost in that basement.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/24/2009            
Comment: My friends and i are going to be taking a trip to torrance, some time soon, we are exctied but freaked out by the stories, we are going just as nite falls.

Username: judedaman Posted: 3/29/2009            
Comment: i went to this place for the first time last nite. we went with 8 people which i thought was gay but very unusual things happened. i felt like this place picked on my. its def eerie as hell. u can tell the temperature difference in some rooms. its not drastic but u can tell. the basement is the most haunted part of that building. i saw a child in white down there. i freaked out. i told everyone turn your lights off and be quite. 3 mins we heard footsteps. it gets worse, when we went to the boiler room, i held on to the handle. my buddy went last time and couldnt let go. the 1st time i had a loose grip and i suddlney felt it tighten and 2 people helped pull me off, i did it again and nothing happend. so we left the room and walked around the basement after we split up. me and my buddy ryan checked out where they had the cage room. we were both on the stairs and something brushed him when he was completly still, i was yanked off the stair and almost fell flat on my back. we went back to the boiler room, all of us and i held on to the opisite handle and it happend again, only this time my body was still and my arm was wobbaling so bad and my elbow was bending in weird ways. me and 3 of my buddies tried to pull me off. im not that strong so theres def no way i can fake this. for 30 seconds we tried as hard as we could with each of us, we had one foot on the boiler and they were preying my fingers off. thats when things got bad. the second floor is creepy but not like people say it is. you should take lots of pictures because when you get home and look at them, for the most part you see very weird beings and bright orbs. i think if you go to this place go in very small groups like 4 or less. but when things start happening stay calm because the pharanormal activity rises when your calm!!! at least it did for us. if any one wants proof i got pictures of my hand being cut by holding the boiler.......................... 

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/30/2009            
Comment: I agree with many of you the boiler room is where to be. But i had the the most amazing thing happen. Two of our ppl waited outside while me and my buddy went into the boiler room. I was just getting ready to take a picture of the boiler when we heard four female screams that sounded only thirty feet away. My buddys who were outside said they heard something but didnt know what it was. They also saw NO ONE go in and out. This was the second time we heard screams. The first time we were in the main entrance doing EVP work. There was a distant scream and a super loud bang. My friends freaked out and ran when i wanted 2 stay. U can even hear my one buddy saying "BYE" on the audio. Unfourtunataly neither time could we get the scream. The first time the scream was too distant for an old cassete recorder and the second time i was trying to take a picture. The screams sounded so close and so human that second time. When we manned up enough to go back into the basement, we heard movement. I was thinking crap those might be ppl that made those screams, so i charged down into the boiler room again and ran around the basement. Heard no running footsteps and saw no one. I always try to debunk before i say something was supernatural and i have no explanation for those screams. Needless to say that was enough for one night. Till the next time i go and hopefully hear it again. NOTE: both times we heard the screams was after 1:00am and b4 2:00am ive had nothing rly ever happen before 1am and never had the cajones to stay past 2am after the screams and we had no females in our group and people on watch outside to let no one come and contaminate evidence. So who the hell was screaming 30 feet away? :) It's worth a trip

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/1/2009            
Comment: I'm 23 years old, I'm roughly 6'2'', weigh 200 lbs, and lift 5 days a week...and the one night I went with a couple friends about five months ago, I experienced absolutely nothing until I walked down the steps into the Basement, when I swear, I could NOT move my arms or hands, and felt so weak I almost threw up. Coming into the night, I was completely convinced this place was NOT haunted AT ALL, because I've read-up on the history and how it's just used for staffing. But, something horrendous may have happened there, either a murder or torture or what have you, because something was there, some entity made me feel completely weak as to where I couldn't clinch my fingers. I have NEVER in my life felt so weak and helpless. I am not the world's strongest man, but can Bench-Press a great amount and must say I am a big guy strength-wise, I have lifted hundreds of times and no matter how hard or crazy my workout, have NEVER felt so weak, drained, helpless, or overtaken as I did the second I descended those steps to the Boiler Room. My overall opinion, NOT haunted, especially to the point everyone claims. Like some have said, any abandoned building with that much hype is going to seem haunted. Good luck and keep posting!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/15/2009            
Comment: I went there a week after halloween with 3 of my other friends, i didnt really seem to believe anything until i went into the basement, it was absolutley chilling and had an odd feeling to it. We all finally went into the boiler room or the incineration room and thats where it got soo cold and so bone chilling that it was hard to stay down there, we finally decided to leave that room and move down the hall of the basement where we came to another room, we were all standing there so quiet we heard movement upstairs above us. we finally decided to leave the basement when our flashlight was starting to dim(we put new batteries in it b4 we went in) so we decided to ditch and leave bc we wouldnt have been able to see. once we were out on the road we heard these loud screams light girls or people crying and screaming so loud it was the scariest thing i have ever i mean ever expirenced in my life, I totally believe to this day that there was something in there..

Username: palumni Posted: 4/17/2009            
Comment:  am wyotech alumni. i have visted torrance many times with friends but only had one experience. i have had many paranormal experiences but this is prolly top 5. 3 friends and i went there on a saturday night around 2:00 am we were never bothered by security or cops by the way. when we walked in the front door i instantly got cold chills.. mind you it was around 60 that night. we investigated the main floor an nothing happend, i dint really feel creeped out or anything. when we approached the stairs toward the basement i felt like someone was standing behind me, yet nothing was there. Now we were told that ppl were burned alive and creamated in the furnace. dont know if thats true or not but it deffinetly adds to the creepiness when your in the basemant. when we saw the furnace we turned out the lights an took 360 photos of the entire room. when we got home we pulled the photos up on the computer an in one of them we found a man or womens face in the top corner with its mouth open.. CREEPY!!.. that really shook my socks man.. lol but will we were still in torrances basement went wne tdown the basement hallway and investigated the rooms that were said to be solitary confinment. No doubt this hallway is long an seems endless and also seems to be very haunted.. after ten minutes of roaming we heard footsteps from down the hallway. we stood in silance to see if it would happen again. sure enough we heard it again. my friend went down to see if anyone was there and nothing was there.. i walked halfway down the hallway and looked to my right and saw an old dool leaning against the wall. that was enough to scare me so we all decided to leave.. i would love to go back with some real equipment.  

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/17/2009            
Comment: I know this is kind of off topic but there is a village called Hillside, which is about 5 minutes way from Torrence. I have heard stories that strange things have occurred there and was curious about any stories? I drove past Torrence today but didn't really see much besides the's not very impressive from the road.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/28/2009            
Comment: I am from Vermont, and was recently in the Greensburg area visiting my sister. Her fiance, a state trooper, had informed my husband and I of Torrance State Hospital, knowing that I am a medium, and frequently investigate properties that are thought to be occupied by the departed. He gave me and my husand directions on how to get there, which led us to the building on the opposite side of the main hospital. When we entered the building, I immediately felt other entities besides me and my significant other. However, they were not of the insane. All of the entities that were present were feminine, but the strongest presense was not found in the basement, but on the top floor. She was a very stong being, for spirits are very hard to see fully formed with the naked eye. Both my husband and I saw her, and my husband is third-eye-blind. I could feel sadness from her, and could sense an overall feeling of wanting to be left alone. Her sadness, however, is not from being "insane", but from being in nursing for so long, and witnessing the tragities that come with the grate burden of being a healthcare professional. There were entities in the basement as well, but their energy was not as stong as the woman in white on the top floor. They also did not seem to mind visitors, though the woman on the top floor clearly does, though she is not harmful.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/7/2009            
Comment: from what i understand the build you are talking about was used to house p regent women and if they died they were buried down the road where the barn is in the fields

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 5/8/2009            
Comment: I'm just blown away by the interest in this location. I created this thread 2 years ago and I' glad to see so many people's responses. If anyone going can document the entire thing by taking important photos of turns and where to look, I'll put them up so people can finally have some easy to follow directions.

Great job

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/28/2009            
Comment: I have been to Torrance once about a month ago with my best friend and my pap we heard footsteps behind us and we heard a voice we couldent makeout what it said but you could tell it did not want us there, in my opion the basement is the scarest place. to get the full experince you have to stay over night from sun upp to sun down. we also saw a shadow that looked like shoulders and a head,i know many people say that it aint even the real hospital and its not haunted but i think most people would agree that there is too much strange stuff going on there for it not to be haunted,im going ther this weekend to do a more advanced investagation. im excited to see what we find.ill keep you guys posted on what i find.i recomend this plac to any one who wants a good scare. so if you have any advice for me i would more than happy

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/28/2009            
Comment: well in my personally opinon its haunted its a rly creepy place and u just cant disprove something many people have seen

Username: britneytheused Posted: 6/1/2009            

I just went there yesterday on my way back to pittsburg. Yes there is a building that is still in use but close to it is an old asylum that kept the patents there. My friends and eye went to check it out (there was a no trepassing sign) when a security cop came up to us. I said that we were heard about it and just wanted to take some pictures. He said we were not allowed to take any pictures and to delete them right away. ( I think because it was so close to the building running) However he did say there are some other buildings where the patents were put to burn and he quoted "people think are haunted" The old security guard was nice enough to show us where it was at and said that people stay the night there and that they dont care! We went in and it was amazing! Very big, just as neat as the building we weren't allowed to go into. We found where the furnace room was which was neat. Defin. worth the trip! Advice just don't get confused of where its at and what people say. Becuase some get confused of where its patrolled. The one is obviously not and the other one is

Username: ghoster elton pa Posted: 6/4/2009            
Comment: so is torrence patrolled or not....bc im going to do some work there this weekend i kinda need to know thesee things

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/6/2009            
Comment: take the 66 to blairsville im guessin then 217 i remember parts of it but i dont drive and was jus lookin at the signs...a lil creepy but really its all just stories..i was a lil scared but its mostly cause of the dumb fucks i was with. lol 'professional ghost hunters' lol...jus cept screamin n sayin aww i got an orb! but its very cool n if your lookin for sumthin to do at beats watchin tv...also...we parked way farther then we should have...its rite in the woods across the street from the new hospital

Username: bbayer466 Posted: 6/14/2009            
Comment: i just want to informe people that the staffing quaters are not the hospital the hospital sits on property behind gate if u google map then sattaelite image it is i shaped building by the water treatment plant or go to photos at

Username: bbayer466 Posted: 6/14/2009            
Comment: but i tried sneeking in last night guards do patrol 1100 at n ight so be careful are 2 buildingsby water treater 1 is admin building the big I shaped building is hospital.going to go back need to be sneeky the woods look the safest way. so i would love to hear actual stories of people who got in the big hospital not staff quatres

Username: bbayer466 Posted: 6/14/2009            
Comment: best way is past last gate on torrance rd take go to right of last gate take tree line about 300 yards whala there the old hospital.the building right next to it is abonded

Username: ccarr2515 Posted: 6/17/2009            

uhh for the anomous visitor that said that torrance mental hospital is still open it isnt

there is an old one in blairsville and there is a new one that is in torrence pa

and how do i know this is cause my moms friend works there so shut up!!!!!

if u would like to discuss it my sn on aim is ccarr2515......

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/20/2009            
Comment: I went there last night. it wasnt even scary. it just looks like a place to party and trash. its so destroyed and i went to the second floor and the steps almost gave out. idk if its haunted but im gonna go again later at night

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 6/22/2009            
Comment: I used to work at Torrance State Mental Hospital in 1956-1957. There were many buildings. Most with 2 or 3 floors with a screened in porch on each floor. There were tunnels connecting several of the buildings. I don't know if they connected to every building or not. The tunnels were used to walk or transport patients from one building to another and to the cafeteria and to the Main Building. The staff also used these tunnels to get from one building to another. The tunnels did exist. They did give electric shock treatments to some patients. I never saw anyone really mistreated but they didn't seem to get the best medical/psychiatric care. Most patients were put there by their families and forgotten about. I suppose the families were ashamed of their mental disease in those days or many were too hard to handle at home. The treatments and medicines available today, didn't exist then. They did have solitaire confinement rooms that were used from time to time when patients got violant and until meds kick in and they became calm again. Then they were taken out again. It was for their safety and the safety of other patients and staff. I never saw anyone tortured or beaten or hanged on a hook for hours, like someone stated in a previous comment. You had to feel sorry for them because no one came to visit them, most of the time. They were put their and forgotten about. If their families signed them into the facility then the patients couldn't get out unless the families signed them out. And most families never signed them out again even if they had improved. Many of those patients became helpers of the staff at Torrance, without pay. But those patients seemed glad to help and feel productive.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/14/2009            

Hey guys, we are the folks behind the promo you linked to.

I did want to give a little insight on the place, the film, photos, and documentary.

First I should tell you that before we filmed anything, we discussed it with the gentleman (the farmer) who now owns the property.  He was NOT very accomodating.

However, we were on location getting footage for our documentary, and footage for the movie trailer for about 7 hours.  We weren't bothered by anyone.  We parked our vehicles in front of the gate and carried our equipment from there.  We were there to film, but given the stories, we weren't passing up the opportunity to do a little paranormal investigating.  So we brought that equipment as well.  Fully equipped as we walked down the dirt road that runs along side the building, the small entrance way was an effective mask for the way the building's size opened up to us, and just became massive.  It was about then, that entire crew got a chill.

Now, I will tell you that inside the building you will find a lot of graffiti as mentioned, but most of it is nothing more than typical adolecent graffiti.  The graffiti that we found interesting appeared a lot older, in regards to when it was put there.  It was much more intellectual than some pentagrams, etc.  Many of them weren't even complete thoughts, but were psychotic in nature.

During our initial walk through the building, we took that opportunity to do the investigative and documentary portion of our visit, because we had to take interior and exterior shots anyway.  We took plenty of shots inside and a few outside, and we filmed the doumentary with a little Handy Cam.  In the promo you've linked to, you'll notice that there are some photos there.  The photo of the outside of the building was taken for a promotional shot, but as it was bronzed a few things stood out to us....which are now highlighted in that photo on the promo site.  The shot of the hallway was actually a still taken from the video we took.  It appears to have something in the image standing at the end of the hall.  Due to it appearing to be a female, this actually inspired the final rewritten plot of the movie and inspired the character Sarah.  All of the footage in the trailer was filmed on location.  So what you're seeing is the actual place.  The shot of the small cottage like entrance is the portion that people see from the road and it's misleading as to what sits behind it.

Make no mistake, this place is creepy as hell, and is not for the weak hearted.  Afterall, there was a reason we chose the location as the basis for our film.  It's not only because of the stories, but also partially because the place, as stated by the thread starter....looks like something out of the scariest movie you've ever seen.

Now one thing the thread starter got wrong is about Torrance not being a real movie.  The truth is the project is still very much alive.  During the Massify competition, we ran off personal budget and resources, and experienced some minor personal issues that created a set back.  However, the movie and script are still very much in process.  So keep your eyes open for it.

If anyone wants to get up and personal and keep in touch and up to date with what is goin on with the project, feel free to email me at mkc7 [at]

Username: Darkangel_588 Posted: 7/15/2009            
Comment: I have been there many times. I live about a half hour away and believe it or not the cemetery that Night of the living dead was filmed at is about 2 miles up the road. But anyway.... Torrance isn't haunted...from what I have experienced. I have had one experience there: the people I was with and I were walkin around inside by the window and we saw headlights coming towards the building from the road. But the road they would have been on to come towards the building has a chained gate in the way. So please tell me how that was possible. It was a very interesting reaction that we all had.We took off running into the corn field behind the building and my bro lost his shoe so he turned around to go get it. If I thought I was goin to jail screw the shoe ha. But anyway thats the only experience i had and I've been there at least 10 times. I have some pics up in my myspace, im with my friends but you can get a feel for what the place looks like anyway. Im supposed to be doing a photoshoot there soon ima go all out and have a nurse costume. I cant wait! But Torrance is a fun place to go to and have some fun with ur friends so enjoy if you plan on goin but dont expect to be scared shitless or anything. BTW, I've been up the stairs and there are more rooms up there. Just gotta walk on the beams and stuff. and the furnace room is pretty cool too. There is also a lil shed type thing on the side of the building.....go check that out too

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/15/2009            
Comment: ok, after finding an old Torrance Hospital Cookbook which has a history of Torrance as it's appendix, I offer the following info I've gathered so far: *"The patients were first housed in a remodeled Dairy Farm" -this means the ORIGINAL Torrance 'Hospital' was most likely torn down *the building that is across from the Guard shack is called the 'Graff Building' - "In 1921 the Graff Cottage was completed and became the first permanent structure"- it goes on to say that as late as '1973, the Graff Cottage was being used as an Evaluation Center for patients, and that the Print Shop was also located there. -Driving unto the property, I did not see any other abandoned buildings except for the old Kitchen/Dining Room. -Can anyone help me find the abandoned building where the electroshock took place?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/22/2009            
Comment: I went there today during the middle of the day and nothing happened, there is a guy who patrols it and almost called the cops on us. Its a 500 dollar fine if they catch you. So someone does acutally watch it, i would so try and go thought it is so cool.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/25/2009            
Comment: We went to Torrence last Halloween and just to inform everyone. YES it is patrolled by police. We had to hide in the basement with no lights on until the cops went away. The place is very creepy and is definitely a good place to go to if you wanna be freaked out.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/10/2009            
Comment: i dont understan y every one is calling it a mental hospital. Torrance Hospital was a Tuberculosis treatmant hospital for criminals. it was not an insane asylum. I do not doubt that it was haunted or the patiants wer mistreated but i thought it should be known that it was NOT an insane asylum.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/10/2009            
Comment: is this place still standing?? can someone plz let me know.


thank you so much.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/11/2009            
Comment: My friends and I go to IUP and we went a few times a few months ago to do some amateur investigating. The first time, we were stopped by this guy in a red truck who told us we were tresspassing and had to leave. We drove away for a half hour, then went back and the coast was clear. Our friend was so scared and crying so much by this point, we couldn't stay long, but we got some really eerie photos. A couple weeks later we took a second trip one afternoon and took our first tour of the basement, where we found the boiler and decided to go back later that night. We did about an hours worth of work upstairs, then spent about ten minutes in the boiler room, but had a very bad feeling standing in that room and so decided to leave. We headed out single file due to a couple gutters in the floor, we didn't want to trip into. I was second to last in line and my friend (last) ran into me after being given a very violent shove. Needless to say, we got our asses out of there! We haven't had a third trip yet, mainly because school's been out.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/11/2009            
Comment: You know what, the cops are bullshit. I have been all around the outside of that property in the daylight and they don't have one No Trespassing Sign.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/12/2009            
Comment: i have been wanting to go explore there. been past it once but i am wanting to take pics and see if anything unusual happens. my friends are all chickened out so if anyone wants to give me info or join hit me up on email ...just put torrance in the subj so i know what it's about.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/16/2009            
Comment: for you people who dont think this place is patrolled, it is! theres a huge tree blocking the path with tons of no trespassing signs. went there last night..drove past the first time and there was a truck there so we drove back down the main road and the truck left. we parked on the side of the main road and walked up. The five of us were in there for atleast a half hr when i looked out the one windown and saw the truck with its highbeams looking into the building so we all tried to bolt out the rear side. 2 other cars showed up by the truck and like cornered the place so that we couldnt run anywhere. we all tried creeping down at the bottom of the hill towards the beginning of the crops and the guy that was in the truck took his huge flashlight and started walking through the building so we all tried to run for the road but somehow that psycho farmer got out of the building within like a split second. got caught. he supposibly called the state troopers..then 10 minutes later told us it was our lucky night, supposib. the state troopers were to busy..but my one friend did get a 500 dollar fine for criminal trespassing for her car even tho it was parked down the road! not anywhere near his joke..hes a psycho farmer.. p.s whatever you do dont walk through his soybeans! lol

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/19/2009            

Just remember that is private property and the owners are watching the place closely. They even set up survelience cameras. I heard the cops are catching kids every night now.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/21/2009            
Comment: For those of you who have gone where this crazy farmer lives. STOP cause all that is or was a staffing quarter for the people who worked at the old hospital. There is nothing there to find. What you want is the ORGINAL boiler room and hospital. They actually sit abandoned on the property. YOu can get a free tour of the property if you call the hospital there and ask. I am going on a tour of the place next week. I myself have been studying this so called hospital for over 2 years. I also am studying livermore as well.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/22/2009            
Comment: Does anyone know if the Torrance Mental Hospital is still standing i am going to see if i could investigate the place when i come back to Pennsylvania i am from the area where its located i never knew it was in Blairsville.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/24/2009            
Comment: Above comment #38005 is true, the friend did get a fine, it was on Channel 11's website today....just be careful. 

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/31/2009            
Comment: i need to know something. My ex wife's father used to work there. sure hes an older man but theres no way he could've been old enough to work there when it closed. plus, i talked to him3 weeks ago and he said he went back to work there. can anybody help me with this? e mail me at H RedWolf

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/1/2009            
Comment: So what I'm getting out of the most recent posts is that the Actual Hospital with the Boiler Room is OK but the Quarters were the crazy farmer lives are off limits.

If I'm wrong please let me know because I really don't want a fine.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/21/2009            

i was there with my father who was there 20 years.i went to the infimery were he was dying.ther were as many as 40 dying patients.all crying screaming and laying. i was taken with my dad to a single room were he could dye ,with me at his side.there was two care takers in a open room a few doors up. rats were running along the benches and the floors. the workers had bats and were swinging at them, as they rocked. in the morning the patients that could walk kept coming up to me.some asking if my dad wanted to spit.some were peaing on the floors and walls.rats and roaches everywhere.this was in 1966. my dad died there 04/04/69.he had been there 20 years.i have much more info if interested linda.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/21/2009            
Comment: your wrong. my dad was a patient 20 years 46/66 was there many times.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/6/2009            
Comment: Okay, first thing is first, they DO patrol now! This was on the news not to long ago, so be careful. The Old Hospital is on the right side of the street and there is a little dirt path that leads into a cornfield that you can pull into. Or the military buliding across the street, either will work. The old building is very very very delapidated and run down with terrible graffi all over. Kids just destroyed the place. Be carefull on the upper levels the floors are not altogther. Make your way into the boiler room area in the basement and here you will see/hear interesting things. As for the new Hospital, um they dont like you snooping around up there. All my friends ran, I stopped and talked to the sercurity guy, he was cool. All he said was, "it's time to get going now", I said alright considering they had been watching us on the cameras for a good while lol! Just be careful now, it sucks they are patroling it now and thats due to private owners of the land now. Anything else

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/7/2009            
Comment: Your right about patrolling it, Second there is NOT ONE SINGLE Power line connected on this place THEREFORE they must be using some sick camera's cause the closest place is the Military depot for power and i doubt they spent high dollar to get those kind of cameras to watch that place. once again them trying to sell that is not going on there. Innoccent people were murdered and i will uncover the truth and I am gonna change the fact you don't find info on this place at all and expose the truth behind this place. I went to Jeanette, Pa libary and tried to check out weird, pa. So I call in advance all the sudden I get there and it's gone, I think they hid it from us. Second the lady leaving that worked there said there is somethings you should not be uncovering and left. Talk about giving away that something happen there. Well if you want Proof I have been there look at my myspace, I been to livermore and The Staffing Quarter's everyone keeps trying to claim to be a hopsital. LOL man people need to learn to reseach before running there mouth see I can prove everything i have said Can you????????? Even better you wanna call me or talk to me through email, Go ahead, Cops News people anyone interested in the info I have uncovered but I got so much more to learn in this something new everyday. Anyways I have been going and reseaching this place for 2 years, and not once did i ever get caught ever. . Now Second FOR THE LAST TIME, that IS NOT THE HOSPITAL it's the Staffing quarter's. Jesus christ how hard is that to understand it's been said on here serval times on this list of people who explain there happening's. The news even thinks it is the hospital not hard to find that info out. Novemver 25, 1919 that place was made (Staffing Quarter's that everyone thinks is the hospital ROFL). The furnance in bottom of the basement was made in 1906. The Real hospital is on the Property ACROSS The street no not the white bulidng's the Redbrick old building that they USE FOR STorage now. Call the hospital book a Tour to go through there they will take you. See for yourself. I read the news thing on this and if you look at Comments underneath it all look for OUJIA those are my comments to the Owner the Cops and anyone else who gets in my way. Hey cops got a problem with my message email me we can talk anytime you want :).

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/10/2009            
Comment: I went today and checked out Torrance to see who was lieing on here and who isn't. First of all there is no fence around it I looked. As I said above there is also no power lines leading to it. But they have it well kepted so you would be seen very easy at night using a flashlight. I reccomended going during the day but don't get seen by the patrol.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/17/2009            
Comment: I am planning a trip to Livermore, and plan on camping there that night and use the Ouija board to see what happens in this sunken city and the cementary near by with Haunts of it's own.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/19/2009            
Comment: how do you get permission to go on the grounds.  I was allowed to tour dixmont whenever I wanted?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/19/2009            
Comment: If the actual old hospital is still on the grounds, is it the building with the smoke stack as you come up the first road, right before the Guard base (Cannery Rd)?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/20/2009            
Comment: NO that is the boiler room, the actual hospital is set right in the middle of it all. it has u shape driveway with a cover over it. You can tell abumlance's went through there. It is a felony if your caught on the property.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/26/2009            
Comment: Hey, Its not haunted. They do WWII reeanctments on the property every fall and spring. I will be there in November for a reenactment.  They do battle scenrios and use the old hospital. If I see anything scary I'll post it, but most likely its just rumors that spread like in high school. We have spent the night in it and guess what???? NOT ONE DAMN THING HAPPENED!!!!!. It is heavily patroled by State and Military police so if you want to risk getting arrested be my guess.  I'm telling you I Spent the whole night in the old Hospital and I took pictures, not one orb, no floating mist, no ghost girl, not weird nosies. its a WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/26/2009            
Comment: YOUR LIEING cause you can not take camera's in the hospital I know people personally who work there and i have been there many times and no reenactments would ever gone there liar.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/27/2009            

Here yah go !!!! No reenactment events huh???

Torrance State Hospital/Torrance Tactical Spring 2008

Torrance Tactical Spring 2007 132 by Major Big Joe.

Torrance Tactical Spring 2007 128 by Major Big Joe.

Torrance Tactical Spring 2007 069 by Major Big Joe.

Torrance Tactical Spring 2007 068 by Major Big Joe.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/27/2009            
Comment: I would have to agree with the militsry guys. For additional "insight" think about it, thee is still a state mental instiution in the area. I was a "patient" there ten years ago. The institution houses everything from murderers to people that were the result of their parents incest, and there are simply kids that are emotionally messed up. Electroshock thereapy and Psychosurhery, as it IS called(lobotomy) is fair game, (the mental health laws in the state of Pennsylvania protect the hospital's rights, not the patients on this). There are murderers on the premises, do you think that it is not wise for there to be precautionary measures taken? Obviously you are discussing a really good place for a psychopath that has murdered before to hide, and if they get cornered....... You belive in your cell phones, you believe in movie theaters and you believe in ghosts, but it doesn't occur to you to believe in Star War's r2-d2, "Help me obi wan you're my only hope" ? That was in the 70's for christ sake. How do they get these arial view photographs of locations online anyway? Jackasses.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/28/2009            
Comment: the NEW one is open. the OLD one isnt. they built a new one because of the old one closing...FOR YOUR INFORMATION

Username: racegirl708 Posted: 10/31/2009            
Comment: i was there tonight. Somebody just bought the land. there are plenty no trespassing signs posted. We got to the front of the building in and the game commsion had there lights on us. They also put a electric fence around the building and it works. I am going to receive a 75 dollar fine in the mail. The cops were just doing there job. They told me the building is falling apart and they don't want anybody to get hurt. They also told me I was like the fifteenth person he caught this week. So if u don't want to get a fine don't go. But I need to tell u this the building is very scary and when we got close to it the wind kicked up. I would of loved to made it inside. it is very well partrolled. If u want to give it a go go for it.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/2/2009            
Comment: Weve been there for about 2 hours and didnt see anything. we got there around 12 and left around 2 in the mourning. it was kind of errie and i thought it was neat being there, especially the furnace room and the hooks hanging there

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/7/2009            
Comment: I was kind of mad that they used my video on the news and also thought it was kind of kool lol. i shoot that like 5 years ago and posted the video on you tube like 2 years ago. I am just kind of mad that they used my video is that i had permission and that just made me look bad. my friend knew someone.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/14/2009            
Comment: I was at Torrance today to visit someone. I did see the closed building across from the new forensic unit. I asked a guard about hauntings and she insisted that the forensic unit was haunted but that it's quieted down quite a bit. She also mentioned a haunted building she said was down on the road that leads out of complex. I personally didn't see anything but I trust the guard was telling the truth. There were security guards patrolling the grounds in cars. There are evening visiting hours, but I purposely chose the afternoon hours. I wouldn't be caught on that property after dark.....

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/27/2009            
Comment: amen someone finally knows the truth about the old dining hall at torrance and its under new ownership by the guy that has the farm next to it just across the feild and hes pressing charges against anyone caught there

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/6/2009            
Comment: im a reenactor and i was there this year, the place is real fucked up down stairs there is a satanic shrine as soon as walk in there you know something happed in there, and its a really eire fealling in there

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/18/2009            
Comment: i went there twice now...its the first time, there was like 15 of us so it wasnt scary..i sat in the furnace room for like a half an hour in dead silence...but the second time we went...we didnt even make it down there because something ran at us so we left SPPPOOOOOOOOKY

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/27/2009            
Comment: Went there today and took about 75 pictures before the owner came and busted us, called the cops, and got us a citation. The owner was unreasonable about letting us go but after talking to him I can see why; it seems like kids trespass here to vandalize the place and ruin it for everyone who just wants to explore. The cop was a total d*ck and I'm not sure how much we're being charged for trespassing, but as my first real urban exploration experience, it was probably worth it.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/8/2010            
Comment: i spent a couple nights in that building because my wife was committed and we were from butler the scariest thing about that place is deff the locals . But the state cops did put a gun in my face and kicked me off the property....If any one from torrance still reads these please tell Danialle D. i love her she and please let her go she hasn't done anything to be locked up that long. People the way the hospital obviscates around the reports to the insurance companys is a real crime. They run that place like a bussiness and try to keep beds full, shes been on the highest level (thats a good thing) for a while now and still won't give her phone privledges to her.....If anyone knows how to find an advicate that isn't on there payroll please help me out.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/9/2010            
Comment: First of all I want to know how all of you got over the electric fence they put up around the building. I was up there in Nov. for a reenactment and they installed a electric fence around the building for tresspassers. Now they turned it of for us beacuse the owner allows us to do our reenactment on his property, but the rest of you how did you get inside. You  know what....................... you didn't so quit posting bull sh!t how you spent the night in the boiler room etc.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/24/2010            
Comment: Hey my name is Michael Irons and i have been to torrance a total of 4 times in the past year and i heard about the no tresspassing signs and me and a couple of my friends where wondering how we could get a hold of the owner so we could shoot a documentary about the old hospital and maybe shoot an investigation and i have already wrote a book about the strugle of patients living in the hospital. My goal to try to raise money because i heard the owner wants to restore the old building and i wanna help him out cause i feel that this building is a testament to the people who suffer from mental illness and that it should stand the test of time. All i wanna do is to let people know what went on in this place. And what kind of reactments do u do? thanks 4 reading this.   If anyone has any info 4 me my email is

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/26/2010            
Comment: I am in the same boat. Does anyone know where to get the contact information of the owner? Two friends and I were looking to make a film about Torrance.

Username: Redrum Posted: 2/5/2010            
Comment: I have lived around there all my life. I went to Livermore when the houses were still there. I used to date the student nurses at Torrance. In the late 60s I worked out there for a few days for an outside contractor building a new mortuary Cooler. Some of the stories are true and some aren't. At one time years ago it was a community ran and worked by the patients it housed. They farmed grew their own food and beef and made their own power. The place was was self sufficient.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/3/2010            
Hey guys. My name is Mike and i was one of the guys that did the trailer that was on Massify. I haven't been there in awhile, but yes they did put up an electric fence. It is privately owned and is being patrolled to a point. The building that is up is the old administration building, not the actually hospital. Their may be some other things in the works when it comes to the movie. Google around in a few months, it won't be hard to find if everything works out. 

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/25/2010            
Comment: Me and my friends got busted to back in like august i think? the cops were on a call so they didnt come but my friend did get a 200 dollar citation for her car being parked down the road they got it for trespassing..your fine will be anywhere from 100 to i believe 300

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/19/2010            
Comment: I'm interested in visiting the old Torrance buildingss for urban exploration purposes. Is it true that there is an electric fence up and all? Is it completely inaccessible now or is there still a way in?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/17/2010            
Comment: yes its true we went a few weeks ago and its electric fence all around it

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/15/2010            

I have never been to old torrance but it does seem very spooky and a place were i would never go to and i think that it is great they closed it down because when people are in places were someone died in and the spirit is still there and weird things happen obiously they dont want you there and that when a spirit dies somewhere that its consiterd there home and thats all i have to say bc im not waisten mY time


Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/15/2010            

I have never been to old torrance but it does seem very spooky and a place were i would never go to and i think that it is great they closed it down because when people are in places were someone died in and the spirit is still there and weird things happen obiously they dont want you there and that when a spirit dies somewhere that its consiterd there home and thats all i have to say bc im not waisten mY time


Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/15/2010            
Comment: i went to torrance last night with three other friends. we parked across the road on the side near the military place. we got to the building and there was an electric fence that did not work. as soon as we all got through the fence where some of it was cut down. we seen lights as if a car was coming down. we ran into the corn field and hid. there was also another car at the entrance by the gate. we stood in the field for a little and walked straight out of the corn field to the road. ha wowww

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/30/2010            
Comment: I didn't read all the comments because there are so many, but I did read a few that list some incorrect information about TSH. 

I live in the village of Torrance, which is at the end of Torrance road so I happen to know that the TSH security guards travel that road very frequently and will stop you.  My husband was walking along Torrance road with a bad head cold (trying to clear sinuses) and wearing his pajamas and they stopped him, thinking he was a patient!! haha.

Also, the building on the right that everyone thinks is "so scary" is the old nurse's ward.  They used to live there when there were close to 3,000 patients.  They had their own working pig farm and grew their own food.  The patients helped with the farming--in my opinion, this gave them a sense of purpose. 

I work for an agency which receives discharges from Torrance State Hospital so I also happen to know a lot about Mental Health treatments: Did you know that "electroshock therapy" is still practiced, poster of this article?  In many mental hospitals across the state.  But it is called Electro-Convulsive Shock Therapy and it actually is beneficial especially to people with Bipolar.  Also, lobotomies were practiced before good pharmaceutical drugs existed because we, in our ignorance, didn't know how else to help those people.  Remember: now we know better, so we do better.

It would be good for the writers of these articles to do research into the subject before posting their article and making the whole thing sound so terrifying.

I would also like to state that there are places in the world where unspeakable acts are still happening on people.  Maybe you all should focus your energy on HELPING the people who are ALIVE today.

Just remember that there were people living in those buildings, some for their whole lives.  Those of you going to get a cheap thrill, remember that despite their illnesses, they were humans too.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/30/2010            
Comment: Where are you getting your information??  Go to:

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/17/2010            
Comment: i had driven by on torrance road a few mornings ago around 5:00am, infact it was the day of the big 6 car accident on the parkway east. I saw 4 people walking on the side of the road i could only assume where they may have been going.  After seeing them i thought maybe you can get in but i didnt try instead just drove through the campus of torrance.  After reading this it sounds like security knows your there if you go back to that building.  In my thinking there must be a camera or motion sensors in the area.  Has anyone gone there recently and maybe walked the outside of it without anyone showing up?

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 10/13/2010            
Comment: To miss I live in Torrance and proclaim everything you say inferior.

1. Everyone knows electro-shock therapy is still used today. Point being, it was much different back then. Experimentation was the game.

2. I spent hours upon hours, reading and interviewing people about the background of the hospital. I've been there at least a half dozen times. Minus our first attempt. I have sources with cited information. Some college spook crew even wrote up an investigation into the place from pittsburgh.

I disagree that the place shouldn't be regarded as anything less than a horrific scar from history. Being said, its human nature to quest for that "real" experience. The escape from reality into a terrifying experience where you're completely alive is not something a person comes across too many times in their life. For someone to deny us the right to step out of the "matrix" and into the desert of the real, should themselves be questioning when was the last time they lived. It's the terror of the unknown, the fear of life and death situations, the contempt of rebellious behavior.

Why don't you personally visit those terrible places elsewhere, and then we can talk.

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 10/13/2010            
Comment: That would be pictured the Nurses quarters/ office. Not the actual hospital.

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 10/13/2010            
Comment: Hey that's great to hear. You know every few years i log on here and check on things. lol. I figured the project dropped off when the contest didn't pick you guys. I'll repost the link

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 10/13/2010            
Comment: How funny. I think the homeless guy was actually the owner and you kids entered his home. geez that's a crime lol

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 10/13/2010            
Comment: Do you have a link? the popularity of this place kind of exploded all over the internet.

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 10/13/2010            
Comment: It's called get a legal advice. Speak to a lawyer

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 10/13/2010            
Comment: Also as I see it this place has become impossible to visit, so i'll be compiling all experiences into the description. Because it seems like soon enough the place will be torn down. The guy who wants to remodel the place... What are you going to do, regrow the beams and floors. Cost for rebuild would greatly be less than remodel. But it looks like he's down like the economy for now.

Username: GML5011 Posted: 10/13/2010            
Comment: Has anyone ever thought to maybe ask the owner of the place or police for permission to explore? I'm part of a Paranormal Investigation team that does investigations around the Pittsburgh area. Even if the owner says no at least you are being respectful. If the owner says okay make sure you get written permission and tell security/owner names of the people going to be there and carry it with you at all times during your exploration. I went to Torrance probably around 8 years ago. I would say it could be haunted but I wouldn't know I was only young and looking for adventure. If I had a chance to go back here I would love to do an investigation. Also, 8 years ago when I went we went to some railroad tracks nearby/down the road a bit where we got chased out by a truck but when we left there were handprint marks/smears on the back window and they weren't there before. Does anyone know where that could possibly be considering my memory isn't too good? If I happen to get permission to investigate Torrance I will be sure to post some pictures and evidence.

Username: kockyguitarrockr Posted: 10/14/2010            
Comment: It is my understanding previous owners had no problem with giving permission. However, it seems the current owner doesn't give permission to hardly anyone and it's daytime only. The news report stated that the owner wants to fix the place up.

I think the win/win situation here is to offer the owner some money if he doesn't give permission at first. Start low, and if they do give you permission, tell everyone here how much, who to contact. Say $5 a person, no how about $10? 12, 15, 18, 20. If nothing else just ask them how much is it going to take for us to get the crap scared out of us by your building. Don't pay more than $20 a person, just walk away. It seems like they probably need the money anyways. If anything come back after a day or so and see if they haven't changed their mind. They'll take the money, I would.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/17/2010            
Comment: I agree if your trying to explore the place to offer money or ask permission however the liability for if someone would get hurt or something would be on them and this goes with any place really.  If the owner says no im sure they will stick with it.  You would need a signed form or something like that to feel confident that you would be ok with someone on your land in an area that they could get hurt.  If you can get permission then that's great but how do you contact the owner anyway?  Does anyone know his or her name and a number to reach them at?  I have been around there many times recently to see what everyone is talking about however i take caution in what i read.  Ive driven by the area in the morning a few time but haven't tried to see the building personally.  Ive heard a lot about the risks of going there and wonder myself who knows it? and how to contact them? 

Username: GML5011 Posted: 10/19/2010            
Comment: Well...the best way to go about figuring out who to contact is to got to the police/authority figures and ask them. Or you could ask around the community but I'd stick with the first option. That's usually what our team does especially since alot of the places we go to don't really have owners...just abandoned houses/buildings/areas. And if anyone gets information on numbers or anything message me and let me know! Thanks!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/23/2010            
Comment: does anyone know a good place to park that wouldnt be sketchy, somewhere that you can easily sneak onto the premisis. 

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/26/2010            
Comment: We was there tonight....It is very simple to get past the elec.fence...I accally don't think it's on....But there was a truck that drove up the path and out the gate...we parked on the side of the road and had no problems!

Username: GML5011 Posted: 10/26/2010            
Comment: I'm sorry I just have a problem with trespassing that's all...I think it is rude and it is a liability issue for the owner. I won't go unless I get permission so if anyone can get any contact info send me an e-mail.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/26/2010            
Comment: That gate your talking about is the yellow gate.  I find it odd that a truck would drive by and not think anything.  Im think they must know someone is there cause that gate seams like it would be a pain to move open always unless the truck goes up and down there a lot.  I understand its farm land.  It seams like everyone always sees a car come by and for not being traveled much i would think someone knows or sees something.  If anyone has gone there recently and not see a car or truck drive by post a comment.

Username: HazzyRap Posted: 10/31/2010            
Comment: Can anyone tell me if the Nurse's Station is watched now as well? I've been there and loved it, wasn't aware that wasn't the actual hosptial until coming here. I'd had friends that wanted to go there after seeing my pictures. If anyone knows, please contact me!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/4/2010            
Comment: I worked at Torrance. I think a lot of these posts are funny. In 2009 we demolished the orginal building. What I mean is the orginal building that housed patients. The old hospital is a part of the new hospital. I would have to say I believe that building was haunted from working in there at times and I do believe there is in many other buildings. You all need to get your facts straight. The buildings around the outside of the hospital were either part of the farm or staff qaurters. The actual hospital is still apart of the new hospital. They still use many of the orginal buildings. To go along with the trucks driving through the gate. Torrance State Hospital maintains a sewage treatment plant at the bottom of the hill down that path. So during the day you will see the operator going up and down there. Also that gate allows access to the fields for the farmer that lives there. He has a key along with the maintenance workers at Torrance.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/8/2010            
Comment: Thanks for the info, I had thought that the original building that once was the main building to the hospital was torn down.  I believe the building next to it was torn down as well.  There are maybe three buildings today that are not in use, but the rest are still.  There is security around there as well typically a van, that drives around the area.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/20/2010            
Comment: i was just there last night. its so creepy. there's only two buildings left standing. there was four of us. we went into the one with like the rooms where the patients stayed. we had to climb in through on of the basement windows and jump down. the first time we went in we made it to the first floor and the glass door opened by itself. no joke. we all freaked out. and went back to the basement and out the window. we all got the guts to go back in. we made it all the way through without like anything big happening besides the usual noises and such. when we got to the attic alll kinds of noises started and we started freaking out. it was really creepy. but so fun. no cops came and we were being so loud. and there not any electric fences.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/30/2010            
Comment: Thats interesting the buildings you went in were they off the dirt road with the yellow gate in front normally?  Or were they ones located on the grounds near the rest of the complex?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/7/2011            
Comment: has all the info from when the place was built, to when it was closed and what all of the buildings were used for. Hope this helps

Username: kapp1179 Posted: 3/22/2011            

I was there on March of 2011 around 6pm.  Within 6 to 7minutes of crossing the yellow gate i was met by the owner of the land toting a rifle in my face going absolutlety crazy on me and a friend.  (that was the real scare..he was shaking etc.) After he calmed down he informed me that we triggered motion sensors that alert him at his home and thats why he was there so quick.  He called a commision of some type who fined us.  The owner is at his wits end...He claims to have groups of 20 to 30 17 yr olds who frequent there on weekends drunk and doing heroin in the place.  I should have explained to him that nothing is going to keep people from coming unless he tears it down

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/25/2011            
Comment: I believe the heroin use there.  When I went to Wyotech in Blairsville back in 05 we played paintball there several nights out of the week.  The place is creepy but definitely no paranormal activity was present.  Grafiti everywhere and we did see syringes on the floor in one room.  I was afraid to run into a junky carry a gun each night we played there.  It was great we would get out of night classes and go to walmart and get glow sticks and play in the complete dark.  The first floor and basement, furnace room was cool and the lower level had strange rectagular pits that were fun to ambush each other with.  Just be careful not to fall in them.  We never saw anyone else there in 05 and only got told to leave once by torrance hospital security.  My name is Adam, so Andrew, Andrew, and Dan if you see this whats up!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/28/2011            
Comment: So the guy who owns this place seams to be a wack! So no one has talked to this man in person, sounds like he keeps it there for his own entertainment, is there still this fence around it?  How much was the fine? 

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/7/2011            
Comment: Yea I talked to him personally ..face to face with a rifle in between us....he was def goin crazy i truly thought he might pull the trigger with that being said he was just so pissed with the repition of people tresspassing.  (after he calmed down he was pretty cool we shook hands in all) he brings the gun cause he says these young kids tried beating his a*@ and threw rocks at him etc..he said he has to carry a gun now. The fence is still there but easy to get around ( even the owner said so )  he told me the fine was gonna be a couple hundred but the game commision said its the same as a parking ticket....and it was 23.50  well worth the tresspass lol.  if you go  just enter the premises through corn or woods down the road on either side of the entrance if you cross were i did hes gonna get ya by the sensors.  oh and the place you can see from the road is the nurses quarters.  go past there and were the road y's go left thats the crazy im told

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/12/2011            
Comment: i just did the post aove and i wanted to say that i just recieved an additional fine in the mail yesterday .... 168 dollars def not worth it

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/19/2011            
Comment: when i went there there were these two girls who lost there boyfriends and they asked me and my friends if we'd held find them so we did, when we were upstair they were n the basement and we heard them both scream like they were being murdered so we left but i heard that abunch of people saw those girls along with a wierd security guard?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/25/2012            
Comment: read everything on the website its sad my mother was a patient at torrance and confined there in 1950, 51, and finally released in 52. things still bug me about that place but she told me somethings. but even after 60 yrs i still got ahold of her records and what happened when she was there.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/31/2012            

and??? what did the records say

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/9/2012            
Comment: I would like to know how you got the records, My grandfather was a patient there from the 1920's till he passed away in the 50's. It was not really talked about much in the family and I would be curious to know what his treatments were. Any idea who I could contact about his records?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/16/2012            
Comment: Made it out with some friends to the Staff Quarters located across from the Military base and functioning hospital recently. There is a knee-high electric fence surrounding the entire building but it has weak points and can easily be jumped over. Inside the upstairs is completely inaccessible from the deteriorating state of the building, and seems like an unwise choice anyway given the amount of holes and collapsed parts of the ceiling. Lots of graffiti throughout the entire building, most of which is nonsense but there are some interesting pieces and words scattered throughout. There are multiple entrances into the building, and it seems like the rightmost (if looking from the front) is the building that contains the furnace room.

 I wouldn't say that the building is haunted however there is most certainly an ominous presence about the place, especially in the lower level. The air seems very thick inside of the building, and the lower level is quite noticeably colder than the ground level. There are some sounds about the place but they are very subtle, just enough to creep you out a bit. The downstairs is a labyrinth of identical hallways and is easy to get lost or turned around in, so keep an eye on detail and recognizable surroundings. We were unable to locate the furnace room because we got sketched out by a red SUV that drove down the road adjacent to the building.

There was a red SUV that had entered the property through the gate and disappeared down the road, only to return about 15 minutes later. I've read that this is a common sight, and took place around 1 AM. I looked on Google Maps and found that there is a extension of the desalinization facility at the end of that road and could have just been a routine occurrence. However the presence of that truck coupled with the already edgy and strange vibes we were getting from being in that place made it seem like a good idea to get out of there.  We thought that were were spotted due to the prolonged and unexpected nature of this SUV and decided to bail. Spent about an hour inside and got a lot of great shots. To summarize, there is an undeniably weird vibe and energy to that place. Definitely worth checking out at night if you're looking for an interesting and different experience. Be stealthy, don't shine flashlights outwards on the top floor, watch your step, and be smart about your flashlights and camera flashes. It's very dark in and around that building and any light will be noticeable from the road. Wear dark clothes be smart and don't be stupid.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/23/2012            
Comment: Both of my granparents worked here, I can remeber hearing stories about this place when I was a little girl. I remeber my grandad saying once that you could hear pleople screaming all the time. And not him but, the people who servied food whould put rats in the food. My grandmother stoped working there when she was allmost killed by a patient. Both of my granparents have passed away.

Username: arose Posted: 7/23/2012            
Comment: Both of my grandparents worked here. I can remember hearing all kinds of stories about this place. I remember my grandad telling me how he could hear the screams threw out the place and how once he saw a food server put a dead rat in someone's lunch. My grandmother stoped working there after a patient tried to kill her. My mom could probably tell some scarey stories about this place.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/6/2012            
Comment: I worked at Torrance State Hospital for just about 20 years.  I read what's said about it on this site, and I never before saw such crap and lies.  Most of those creating such bunk could well use the psychiatric services provided at Torrance.
Yes, most of the buildings (about 13) were old, and a couple of them were shut down because renovation was impractical.  More followed.  The tunnels that connected all the buildings but the Nurses Residence and the Greizman Building, were rarely used because they were wet and dirty.  None of the buildings had furnaces.  All were heated by the central steam system, which was connected to the Maintenance Building, as I recall.    Patient mistreatment rarely went beyond seclusion, but it was wrongly and very frequently misused, and was supported by the highest level of Direction and Administration.   No other forms of punishment were committed during my tenure.   On the  whole, the doctors and staff were competent and caring. The  hospital was finally changed to have a combination of psychiatric and disciplinary (prison for minor  offenders).  I had retired before that was accomplished.  There's a lot more I could say,  all of which I can document.  I assumed that there was military interest in the site when I watched army helicopters come  and landed next to one of the buildings.   I went back once to visit, but the fences and other changes  made it too difficult to get around.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/27/2012            
Comment: did you find directions to torrance?

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 10/17/2012            
Comment: 40.419867,-79.238055 for the old hospital and 40.410841-79.246584 for th staff quarters. in text directions the old staff quarters are located off torrance rd and t943 and the old hospital is located at the far rear right hand corner of the new complex near the water or fuel storage tank. use goole maps or google earth to use the gps coordinates to tell you right where it is and from there you can map directions from where you are at. I am planning on going in a couple of weeks on either a sunday or monday night so post up on this forum if you would like to meet up and explore it as a group. 

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/1/2013            
Comment: I'm a nurse, I worked there and it was and still is an insane asylum and also treated patients with TB.  The old TB buliding is still being used.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 2/1/2013            
Comment: You ppl all need to be in that place, you're nuts for roaming around out there.  My parents lived in the town of Torrance (at the end of the road past the hospital) when I was born.  Back then, patients roamed the area freely.  Now days, it's a meth clinic with a smattering of criminally insane housed there.  All the rumors of haunts is just that, rumor. 

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/12/2013            

I too do the WW2  tacticles there, I do and have pictures of the  night that we spent  there, I have pictures  with orbd of faces and a man in a cain back whell chair, a nurse  nurse waving and a  a gut that is  standing in the background with a pipe in his  mouth observing. That night  there were  only 3 of  us and we spent the night with the care taker in the little building  in the back  of the  house that housed the Staff that worked  there I guess,  I xcould  not sleep that night so I got up and just started snapping pictures, not that I though I would  catch a ghost, just  cause the place  was cool looking, when I down loaded the pictures of the ww2 battle and the  pictyresthat I took at night my daughters actually aske  me  who are those people in the window , I swear  all my hair stood up on end, I never  even noticed until  my daughters  noticed it. I have  been  back there several times after that, but never stayed the night, and I see now that the house  has  waire around it  so to keep peole out of it, I did take  snap shots  of the  barns while we were doing battles and have orbs in just about evey photo

 I ran into this site  while surfing  Torrance so I thought I would  just add my experiance with this  place

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/16/2013            
Comment: Yeah and PA state cops don't fuck around.. They'll beat and torture you like you were at the mental hospital as a patient.. As a matter of fact a dentist in this exact town of Blairsville, PA was having an affair with the wife of a PA state cop and was murdered by cop whos state cop buddies helped him cover it up.. Also numerous PA state cops have beaten people senseless

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 5/23/2014            

We tried to get in here the other night... parked the car and started walking....before we go close enough to the building the State Police and Torrance Security were on us. We are now all facing trespassing fines.  They explained that the building is falling in and it is not safe.  Buddies of mine went a few weeks ago and they had the game commission show up due to the guy that bought the place.  (2) different times, everyone busted.  All we have to show for it is money out of our pockets... and it was not worth the trip!


Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 7/29/2014            
Comment: I wanted to check this place out. Anyway of getting in without getting caught?

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 7/29/2014            
Comment: And if this place would happen to be a no go, is there any other cool/creepy places to check out within 50-100 miles from the place? As many of them to be listed would be very much appreciated

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 8/22/2014            
Comment: I stumbled upon this website b/c my husband and his friend wanted to check it out tonight. I told him I had been to Torrance years ago and I thought it was torn down already - google maps shows it's still there...anyways...I'm glad I stumbled upon all of these comments b/c it seems these days you can't go in without getting caught. So not worth the fine and trespassing charges! 

Anyways - thought I'd share my experiences...
My first trip was a good 12 yrs ago - we went to the building in the center of the "new" hospital, on top of the hill. We weren't able to get in b/c it was closed w/a chain and padlock. The most we were able to do was look in the windows - which was creepy enough in itself. I remember seeing a staircase that led to a small tiny door, no bigger than 3 ft tall, with a lock on the outside...weird. I will NEVER forget the blood-curdling scream we heard. It seems unlikely, since all the windows and doors of that place are shut up, that it was a scream from a patient inside...the sound would never have carried that far. We did hear dog barks moments after we heard the scream - so maybe someone got out? I'll never know... All said and done - we got caught by security who took our license plate number and told us not to come back.
My second trip to Torrance was 6 yrs ago. We made it into the building behind the new hospital (near the water facility). While we were making our way downstairs, we heard what sounded like tires on gravel (a pretty unmistakable sound). We thought "oh shit, cops..." and we bolted outta there as fast as we could and jumped into the corn field. We never saw any headlights and after 5 mins figured it was safe to come out. The gate was still closed, and there were no tire marks. Creeped us out enough to get the hell in the car and head home. 
Not a personal experience, but where I used to work, there was a regular customer who would come into the store that lived in Blairsville. She told me she remembers back in the day when the "old" hospital was still operating, that someone had escaped and he was in a straight jacket, sitting in her back yard under a tree! YIKES! 

To the poster above - as for other sites around the area...I know of Livermore, Bushy Run and Hankey Church Cemetery. Also, near Bedford County, there is the Jean Bonnet - it's a Bed and Breakfast that was built during the Revolutionary War. 

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 9/7/2014            
Comment: Thanks for your info. Deffinatly need to look into some of these places. I've always been real big into haunted places just having some trouble trying to find any in the Pennsylvania area. Any more ideas from anyone would be very much appreciated!

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 9/15/2014            
Comment: There is also a place called the Larimer mansion - it's also a bed and breakfast. They do ghost tours - we are going in october - I forget how much my husband said it costs, but he said he wasn't a lot.
I also learned about another place close by, in West Virginia. Called the trans-atlantic lunatic asylum. They also do ghost tours...there's a website for both places to check out the prices! Though, the lunatic asylum has different levels of ghost tours. 

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 12/20/2014            
Comment: Thanks for the ideas! If anyone else may have any other ideas let me know

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 3/11/2015            
Comment: Your comment herebunch of b.s.-I was there in i973-not a horror show-just a place for sick people to try to get well. We need more of these places.

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 12/18/2015            
Most of you guys don't even know the real building were talking about and are mentioning the one across the street which is the graff building. Not the hospital.

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 2/24/2016            
Comment: Wow, these posts are great just amazing. Okay here's the real scoop on Torrance State Hospital. It is patrolled 24 hours a day and the officers cover every inch of the grounds from Gate 1 to Gate 4 which sits right at the edge of the village of Torrance. The "old" hospital being referred to is know as the Graff house or Graff cottage, named for Dr. Graff, the hospital's first doctor. The Graff house is no longer owned by the state but the road running along it is and any trespassing on that road will result in the state police being called. The current owner of the Graff house will also call the state police if you are found in or around it. There is no electric fence or motion detection system, but it is patrolled regularly and any cars seen on the road leading along it are investigated. Photography and the use of any photographic capable devices, including cell phones, is prohibited on the hospital property(this includes the road along the Graff house) and if found using these devices can result in fines and arrest dependent upon your level of cooperation at the time of apprehension. 

Here's the deal with the Graff house, it is falling apart and some areas are not stable to walk on. There are several areas where walls are crumbling and the basement is no longer accessible. In short the place is ready to cave in but won't be torn down due to historical significance so save yourself a hefty rescue bill and fines that will result should it cave while you are in it. There is no paranormal activity in the day and very little at night anymore. The dogs that can be heard at night are packs of coyotes which run the ridges surrounding the area.

I have no doubt that areas of the grounds are haunted as I myself have seen the shadow figures at night both inside and outside of buildings. I have been in every building of the hospital including the Graff house and there are buildings with much heavier activity that can be seen, felt, and heard without the use of any devices. I won't say which ones as again you aren't supposed to be there and wouldn't know the names of the buildings anyway as only some of them are marked.

Sorry to burst your bubble folks, if you want a creepy legal experience check out the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston WV instead. The costs involved with a trip there are far less than a trip to Torrance

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 6/1/2016            
Comment: Hello does anyone know who owned the land before Torrance State hospital was built? I am trying to find out information about an old family estate that my family is supposed to be connected to. And does anyone know if there are Native American burial grounds on the grounds of Old Torrance State hospital?

Username: AnonymousUser Posted: 3/13/2017            
Comment: To Whomever Follows:
  The Old hospital was closed in the mid 1980's, I had an uncle there then, and I visited him often. My grandfather had spent most of his life in there, as well. My grandmother was a cook there until 1968, when I was born. She worked there to help offset the cost of my Grandfathers stay, 
  I used to always cringe when I saw the stacks come into view, then the movie " conspiracy theory" came out with Mel Gibson, and there is a scene of the smoke stacks in the movie that sent chills into my bones. Not the same location, but a severe deja vu moment.
 I remember some of the horrible conditions that my uncle lived in, and I was terrified to go inside. 
 My mother spent a spell in the new hospital, but you can see the old buildings( at least the last time she was there), and it's a depressing drive. Couldn't wait to hit 217.    



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