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All content on this site is either written by the creators of the site based on personal accounts, public knowledge, urban legend, freely available on the internet, or submitted by a user of the site..  We take a large amount of precautions to guarantee  accuracy of information, but we can not possibly take a road trip to all the corners of the country weekly to verify postings.

Further, any information you get from this site (or any site on the internet for that matter) should be taken with a grain of salt.  Use your brain, respect 'No trespassing' signs, Don't put yourself in a dangerous situation. Ghost towns, abandonded buildings, caves, mines, etc are known for dangerous settings (hence why we like them). A lot of stuff can go wrong. Be prepared. Always bring a cell phone, even a cell phone with no service is good to have since it can always dial 911 even if the phone has been de-activated. Also as a secondary precaution, Don't go alone. Always have at least 1 person with you, and be in constant contact using walky talkies.

Keep in mind that dangers exist everywhere, scorpions, rattle snakes, black widows, falling debris, unstable structures, the 'killer bee ghost', etc... And depending where you travel to and how stupid you act, the owner of the land your going on.

Be considerate, don't grafiti, dont make a mess, dont screw with peoplem leave the place as you found it!!! Alot of these places are inhabited still or atleast owned by someone, give them the respect they deserve... More and more places are prosecuting ghost hunters, because of some 'bad apples' that trash places they goto. If you respect the land and property, you will help make sure that other people can go there in the future.

Also, If you are investigating:
You should be nice, professional, and considerate.
Get permission first! Here is a perfect letter to send or fax to the property owners:
Introduction Form

If the property owner approves your request, you should make sure all the proper paperwork is completed BEFORE the investigation takes place. Fully explain what you plan to do, when you will do it, how long you will take, etc. Here is a good standard permission and release of liability form to use: Permission Form

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