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Recommended Equipment:
Night Vision
Using night vision.
There are 2 main types of consumer grade night vision.
Passive - This reads the infrared light available, and converts it to a color that the human eye can see, as well as amplifies available light.
Active - This Does the same as passive, but also floods the area with infrared light, kind of like a flash light that your eye can't see.

Typically you would look in the eye piece, and push the button.... this activates the light amplification/conversion. Be carefull not to point this at a light source as you can and will damage your eye, and likely your nightvision.

There is thermal night vision... But this out of most peoples price range. This uses heat to create images, allowing you to see through walls, and see cold/hot spots.
EMF Meter
Electromagnetic Field Meter. Common sources for household EM readings include such objects as computer monitors, cell phones, clock radios and televisions. It has been suggested by some that spirits may disrupt the EMF within a location or emit their own EMF although there is little scientific evidence for this.

There is research being conducted in Canada, and in haunted locations in the UK (e.g. Investigation report), that particular levels or miniscule fluctuations of EMF can mildly stimulate a part of our brain which then, in turn, may evoke a physiological reaction and even a sensory hallucination in some individuals.

While the EMF meter can't possibly be a definitive answer for wether a spirit is present or not, it is a must have tool.
Walky Talkies
Push the button, and your partner magically hears your voice...
Infrared Thermometer
These are laser based, it will bounce a laser onto a surface, and give you a temperature reading. Very usefull for taking temperatures at places you cant reach... Consumer grade ones have a range of about 20 feet with perfect accuracy.
Probe Thermometer
These are pretty nice as they almost always have an internal and external probe. This lets you take temperature readings at 2 places at once. Good if you suspect a cold spot in a room.
Portable Motion Detector
Some believe that motion detectors can be triggered by spirits.

The 2 main consumer types Sound (using ultrasonic sound), and Radar based.

Both will bounce a signal around a room, and read how long it takes to get the signal back. If the time changes, then there is move ment in the room, as something is changing how the signal bounces.

There are also infrared based motion detectors which function differently, but these are typically out of the price range.
Climbing Rope:
Great if you get stuck, or fall into something, or need to get to an otherwise unaccesible area. Putting a knot in the rope every 2 foot or so makes it easier to climb up or down.
Push the button and the room magically fills with spirits that will light your path...
Tape Recorder
Many believe that spirits can be heard on recordings, that the human ear may otherwise not hear.

Typically you would want 2 seperate recorders. 1 - tape, and 1 digital. Start them both at the same time, state the time, where your at, what your doing, etc. set them down in a place where they wont be bumped, or have wind interferance.

Some claim to have success with asking questions of the spirits and getting answers that can only be heard using this method.
First Aid Kit
I don't really think im qualified to give advice on first aid. So, learn some basic first aid, and grab a kit before going to dangerous areas.
Cameras (Digital and Film)
Some people claim that film cameras can capture ghosts, some claim that digitals can. Ideally, you would want both, if your capable of building devices, you would want to make a stand/platform, that allows you to snap pics on both cameras, at the same time, facing the same area.

Ideally, you should keep notes on every picture you take, time place, etc... but that isn't practical. I would simple take clear pics of a watch/gps coordinate every time I change location. This allows a hard record of where each pic came from.
Camcorders (Digital and Film)
Record motion, great for time syncing and capturing events you might miss in person.
You can read your 500+ page manuel on HOW to use it... but I can't recommend this enough, I would be lost without mine. You can store locations, accurate down to a few feet, as well as get to where your going. When/if your lost, you can get home, when your low on gas, you can find a gas station... What else needs to be said?

Area/Season based requirements:
Proper Clothing
Dont wear shorts in an area known to be 10 degrees and covered in snow...
Dont wear all black, nor dress like a ninja or burglar... cops will freak out.
Dont wear clothing with strings/cloth dangling off it... Dont want it to get caught on anything.
Wildlife If theres rattlesnakes, bring a bite kit, if theres bears, bring bear mace, etc. But only do so if its allowed in your area.

If theres woods, wear tick repellant, and tuck your pants into your socks... Basic common knowledge stuff... just think it through.
Vehicle Ideally a 4x4 with good clearance is a great idea... but sometimes this isn't possible.

If theres gonna be snow, bring snow chains, if theres mud, bring a 'come a long' (its a mini hand winch, that can pull out a car).
Have an emergency kit, flares, air compressor, fix a flat, spare tire, etc.
Company If you have a 'trouble maker' friend, leave them at their home, the ghost hunting community has enough issues with 'bad apples' we dont need any more.

Good things to keep in the car 'just in case'.
Getting unstuck
  • Shovel (Incase you get stuck)
  • plywood sheets (if you get stuck in sand, this is good for traction)
  • Kitty litter (put on snow for traction)
  • General Emergency Supplies
  • Water, LOTS of water.
  • Cell phone
  • Food/Snacks
  • Cheap air compressor (Letting some air out of your tires, gives you better traction in the sand & snow, but you need to re-inflate for roads).
  • Warm clothing/blankets... Yes even in the dessert it can get very cold at night.
  • White or reflective Tarp (put this over your windsheild/roof/rear window to reduce the temperature.)
  • Black Tarp (put this over your windsheild/roof/rear window to increase the temperature.)
  • Knife/Axe, something to cut firewood incase of an emergency
  • Magnesium striker set (Shave off some magnesium, then strike the flint to start a fire, nearly water proof, and thousands of lights).
  • pop up tent
  • non-perishable food like MRE's

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