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When performing the investigation, you WILL fail to find anything nearly every time you go out. If you have a 'success rate' of finding evidence of paranormal activity, that is over 1%, you are doing it wrong. This isn't some made up tv show where every investigater has a 'spooky experience' on every single trip... This is reality.
When you arrive on scene, you contacted everyone that needs to be contacted, etc.
You should plan to be here ALL day and Night. You want to run atleast 2 thorough checks. Once in day light, once at night. Make sure to have someone that you check in with, that is not in your group. If you fail to check in, they should call the police if they can't contact you.

So now the fun, get out of your car(s), do an equipment check, make sure everything is properly working, and everything has at least 1 spare set of batteries.
Make sure your lens's are clean, make sure the walky talkies work, etc.

hand out the walky talkies, hand out the voice recorders, and any other equipment you have.

Have everyone plan to check in via walky talkie at least every half hour.

have this at a standardized time, for example, 12:00, 12:30, 1:00. This way if there is interferance with the voice recorders, you know where it came from.

Once you enter a building, you should have 2 people per room.

Set the voice recorder in a spot that won't get any interference with wind/electricity/outside noise, etc.

Start recording, and say the following:
This is (your name) the time is now (time), I am at the location (address), investigating this building.

Do Not carry the voice recorder while its recording, you will get tons of random noises that will ruin any results you get.

Setup your probe thermometer (if you have one) and keep checking the temperatures every few minutes, and read them out loud for the voice record: 'The time is (time) and the current temp on probe 1 is (temp) probe 2 is (temp).

Now walk around the room with the EMF meter, look for wierd spikes. Keep in mind that most consumer level EMF meters are sensitive to movement more than EMF. If you shake or move your EMF too much, it will give false positives. If you get a spike, STOP MOVING. See if it is still a spike. If it is in fact a spike, Say so, so the voice recorder can hear you. Also state about where you are in the room, the time, and the reading it gave, and for how long it lasted.

If the spike is still there, slowly move around in a circular pattern, trying to find if it is coming from a specific direction.

If you experience anything on the EMF, your partner should take pictures. If yor camera is capable of it, have it put the date/time on each picture. Have them take 15 to 30 pictures per EMF spike, more if you can. You should expect to blow through 20 rolls of film, or 10 - 1 gig memory cards per trip, ideally both.

Your partner should also be randomly taking pictures of anything/everything from all angles. If there is a lot of dust in the room, make a comment about that. If you feel anything odd, make a comment.

The goal is to come up with 2 to 3 weeks worth of data, from 1 single trip, that you will parse through later, looking for results.

Some people try to communicate with spirits during this time. For example you would say out loud 'I am (name) what is your name?', 'Are you ok with us being here', 'Do you need help?' You should have a list of 100+ questions that you plan to ask, that is based on the legend you heard, as well as 'controll questions'.

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