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Can a mod fix these website bugs?
There is a problem where if you try to choose an avatar from the list available, it wont work. Clicking on a new avatar will just direct you back to your profile page. It seems that everyone who had an avatar before the new website change, got to keep their old one, but it wont if you change it or if you're a new user. Also, if you create an a new article and you want to delete it, clicking the delete this article takes you to a page where you log in. After you log in, it just says you're already logged in. Thanks guys!
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Decline in website
Over the years I've visited this site several times and even had some interesting adventures spawn from it. Over the last few months I've randomly visited here it appears much less user friendly than I remember it being. Is there any hope in seeing this website bounce back and possibly get some sort of a redesign? Is there another website people have been using they'd recommend? Thanks!
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