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Akasha n: is believed by some mystical doctrines to be a mystical, spiritual substance where "memories" are stored since the beginning of time. It is one of the five elements in Hindu philosophy and is often described as a form of atmosphere or ether. The Akasha is thought by some to contain a record of everything that has ever happened, but also everything that will ever come to pass in the future. Theosophists believe that persons with special psychic powers can tap into the Akasha or "Astral Light". They achieve this by using their astral bodies or "astral senses" to search for spiritual insights which have been stored for all eternity.
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Akashic Record
Akashic Record n: a memory bank or storage place for all happenings and experiences since the beginning of time. The Akashic Record supposedly holds records of all thoughts, feelings, events and actions. These are not just things which have come to pass but also things that will ever happen in the future. The "Akasha" or "Astral Light" is believed by Theosophists to contain records that persons such as clairvoyants or spiritual beings can tap into. They do this by using their "astral bodies" or "astral senses" to gain access to these stored spiritual insights.
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